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Maiers, FBI, and Torture As A Child

One of the men whose photo I found, with a pocket design like one of the scars on my body, is named James (Jim) Paul.

James' Dad was Henry Paul, who was from Bangor, Maine.  The U.S. Air Force's largest European-shared air base (aside from Pangborn, Moses Lake, Washington) is there.  It is called "Dow".   Bangor is so connected to Halifax, Canada, by a bridge there, that if anything happens to Bangor, it affects Canada's commerce and trade.

Mike Middleton's Dad worked on the Canada side, with Canadians and U.S. military, training pilots.  Someone who knew James Paul then, would have have known about his Dad's connections, especially if they were a "Mason".

Henry Paul was a member of the Masonic Temple, as are The Maiers Family.  Drew Ecklund is connected to Maiers by logging business and going to the same church as James Paul, (Grace Harvest) and also by Stephanie's marriage to an Australian, Campbell.

One of the last things I ever saw at the Maiers house, as a kid, before they did some remodeling, was a camera that showed slides.  Not a Panasonic, but the other kind, where photos are taken and included onto a slide.  They had left me alone to read in this room once and then when I found the camera and was looking at things, someone rushed in and made me go out.  They had a secret room there, basically, but it wasn't there when I later visited with a friend, after I was out of high school.  It is where I first saw the book, a paperback, by Penguin Press, entitled, "Of Human Bondage" by Somerset Maugham. 

I also know the Springers family took a lot of photos of me with a Panasonic Polaroid. I don't know how you abbreviate it?  PP?  They were not the only people taking polaroids of me.  My parents didn't own a polaroid or ever take photos with them and they had an aversion to them that I didn't understand.  I wanted to get one, when I was a kid, because the Springers had one, and my parents looked disgusted by the idea and said no.

The FBI are intertwined with all of it, so torture of me later, was nothing to them.  They had been involved in torture of me as a baby.  It has been no big deal to them, to torture me again.  Middletons were connected to the Maiers before Karine from Canada ever moved next door.  Karines Dad started working for the FBI (or her husband in New York did) and his relative was Dick Whittemore, who worked against me in court and facilitated torture of me again, which was a direct favor to Middleton.  However, it wasn't only in 2001 that Whittemore was working favors, it was back to 1994, after I had worked for Brian and Lisa Thebault.

It's possible, that being French, Brian had a connection to the Middletons through the French-acquainted side, and that from there, the Thebault-Bailey connection at Bullivant Houser Bailey law firm, kicked into play upon my return from the East Coast.

Somehow, someone from Kid Gloves Nannies, "Joan" (Jewish woman I believe) set me up with working for the Thebaults.  There are some Jews who have worked for The Maiers.

I would personally like to know if someone like "Lila Rose" who I saw on the Mike Huckabee show today, who was out of Washington D.C., knows a Jewish man by the name of Daniel.  Because as she sat there talking about how she was against abortion and what a bad thing it was, and then even went so far as to say some people made it look like they weren't criminals by trying to pretend they are on the side of children, it came to my mind that she possibly knew Daniel.

Daniel, the Israeli, and my Muslim Morrocan housemate in Arlington, VA had a "mock fight" which I had thought was staged between them to have me think they weren't actually working together.  And after I met up with Daniel for a second time, I was then being tortured, along with my unborn baby, at that apartment complex.  Later, my unborn was murdered.

How many times have I been told, by Jewish, "The Israelis (or Mossad) have the best intelligence in the world."  If that's so, which one of them stood up for me and exposed my being cut up and raped.  And electrocuted by the way, because it looks to me like I was electrocuted as a kid too, and that's before the gang rape later and electrocuted by military technology later as an adult.

Also, it sounds weird, but possibly Barbara Maiers was a spy of some kind.  Either she was screaming about kids putting their clothes on and for me to put my pants on because of something that was happening to kids around her, or she had overheard something that happened at my parents house and she'd have no way of knowing unless our house was tapped and they had access to it.  If the latter is the case, who then was she saying this out loud for?  the kids? or was she trying to alert another group that she already knew could listen in and had audio because either the van or one of the kids (me?) was bugged.

I think, in her excited state, it was an utterance and flashback to what she'd seen herself, but if not, she was imitating something, a phrase, connected to another person  (the only person I'd ever heard say the same thing was my Mom, to me, Summer, and her brother, or my Grandpa to me and my cousin Rory when we were about 4 and 5 years old), to communicate that to someone she knew was listening.

But also, if she was using an expression that was used by someone connected to me, out loud, when driving off the road into the snow, and if she knew someone could pick it up, and it wasn't the van....if it was me that was "bugged", then she might have known where some of the cutting came from.  Which would basically make me a "mule" for the U.S. government. 

Back to Bangor, Maine, which is where James Paul's Dad is from, I wonder if they had family back there and visited.  His Dad was only in the Washington area for about 29 years.  The rest of his life, with his wife Evelyn, was next to the Air Force Base.  So he moved from one major military airport to another one.  It was most likely a job transfer.

So when I try to think about who was involved in biting off my belly button, when I was a baby-toddler, I think it's strange that Nob Hill in Seattle, WA is named after Bangor area, and that Bangor has a statue of "Hannibal" in their town.

Take a bite out of a belly button.

Oh yeah, then lets get our daughter Katie Fallon, to play "Airplane" for Cameo at her house.
I saw my Dad's legs tonight, bc he wore shorts, and he has scars all over but most are erased.  He still has some kind of residue on his knees where he was forced to be on them, for hours, in torture, with the Red Cross around for some reason, after I contacted the UN and said something about the possibility of Katie Middleton having a gestational surrogate in the U.S. 

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