Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maryland and FBI Collusion To Torture

The FBI knew all along.

Alvaro, who worked for the FBI, and with Maryland and D.C. cops, had "cut out" his name and my name in the "wedding rings" he was going to give to me.

He had done the "etching" on the inside of the rings, like the etching done to the insides of my arms, and it was scrawling and all over the place.

He worked for the FBI and he was working with cops and in "construction".  He is directly connected to those who tortured me as a child, which means the FBI was part of it.

If he knew about my being tortured as a child, and did not speak up publicly about it, but colluded with others instead, over ways to keep me quiet, he would also be the type to medicate me for the government without my consent. 

He was not only an actual FBI agent (and still is), his cousin who brought him over here, was working in the same building of the U.S. Army in Washington D.C.

He told me he had etched the words into the rings himself, but I don't know where, and he also told me he worked for the FBI.  He said they were for after we were married in a ceremony.  So I got a cheap plastic engagement ring and then after I signed in, I got carved out rings to match what was done to my arms.

I notice how all of a sudden Maryland wants to look like a "good" state and is thinking of "repealing the death penalty".  Right.  Maryland is a state that colluded to conceal torture of a child, attempted entrapment, and has possibly done worse.

So the FBI wanted me to marry "into" them, when they were guilty of conspiracy to conceal torture of a minor, rape of a minor, and the trafficking and rape and torture of my son Oliver.

This was another motive for the FBI to have me held hostage at a "psych ward" in TN and violently assaulted with Haldol before being questioned about the FBI.

Not only did Alvaro, who was FBI, "etch" names into the insides of the rings, there were round diamonds, all the same size, in lines across the band.

Alvaro told me when he was 'working on' the rings.  He didn't say where it was being done, but they were being hand-made.  Either by Canada or the U.S. 

See the next post for motive and events that occured in Maryland.

The other thing Alvaro did was spy on me and my family for someone.  He was taking photos of all of my photos and sending them on to others.  When I was at "work", he spent his time with Mykal Holt, going through all of the photos I had with me and in my hope chest, and taking photo copies of them. I walked in on him one day and caught him doing this.  He jumped.  I remember I first thought he was working for Middleton when I started to see her copying some of the things I was featured wearing, in what she was choosing to wear publicly next. 

Later, more of it came out after my photos were stolen by Shannon Borg and her Canadian partner, or that's when Kate Middleton felt a little more comfortable trying to rub things in my face, as if the photos could have come from anywhere.  But originally, they  were being taken by Alvaro Pardo.

Alvaro Pardo was a Middleton Mutt.

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