Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today: Knife Scar On Mom's Face

I saw my Mom this morning.  She wasn't wea

(someone is messing with the computer and I'm leaving this up to show it posted twice.  However, the first one I posted, was posted with publication of time 1:41 and the second one (this one) posted with 1:42.  The first time you hit "publish" is when you get the time.  So I decided both of these and instead of deleting the first one, which got sent to "draft" so you couldn't see it, I clicked publish again so it was visible.  Someone changed the time of publication for both of these posts then, with the first one at 1:42 and now this one at 1:47.  Neither of these were published at 1:47 at original times given when both showed on my blog).

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