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Erica Ballinger: FBI Middleton Friend (Hindsight)

I should have known.

I definitely had warning signs and questions about Erica and Lonnie Ballinger, but I had no real reason to doubt she was my friend until I had enough experience and background for looking back and then understanding why she said and did some things she did.

The earliest warning I had about her was in high school, because of her persistence in badgering me to get close and be my friend.  She was GOING to be my friend, no matter what.   I personally didn't feel I had much in common with her and if it had been left to me, we wouldn't have been friends.  I thought she seemed nice, but sort of boring and very badgering.   I look back at it now and think it is not hard to see how it was political, but I had no idea at that time what kind of people were going to that high school.  I sincerely believe, with all of my heart, that my life would have turned out differently if I'd gone to Wilsonville High, which was much larger and had more people to choose from. 

I ended up getting targeted by kids of political parents.  Parents who worked for the government with some of their kids already "in the business" with the government.  It was not who I was, and I got the bad end of the deal because I had zero political machinations.  I had no idea that people were controlling my parents or trying to control me through my parents, and I had zero government-political ambition.  There wasn't a single day in my life at that time, that I thought about having a government job, or contemplated "politics" (what's that?).  I never targeted another person or kid, with the idea that "they'll help me out later, down the road", or "if I stay friends with them, maybe their Dad can get me into an Ivy", or "they have lots of money and it will work out for me to be friends with them"...I never once had a single thought about making a "friend" to benefit my future "career".  I didn't "use" anyone, for anything and I never had any kind of hope for "bad things to happen" to anyone or any thought of revenge.  I wanted great things for everyone and that's the truth.

So to go through so many decades of being hounded into friendships and then thinking people were my "friends", to find out that they were politically motivated all along, and some of them very bad and violent people, is shocking. 

With Erica, the first question I ever had, was "Why is she trying so hard to get close to me?"  I couldn't think of a reason why so I finally accepted an invitation to go to her house, and eat with her at school, and that kind of thing.

When she got pregnant in high school, I supported her decision to keep the baby.  Her mother Lonnie wanted her to have an abortion and so did Christie.  Her mother even had the appointment date arranged.  When she had the baby, she named him "Jordan".  I didn't know why.  She didn't tell me.  The father was James Bond, a guy from school, and she wanted to name her son "Jordan".

Christie, her sister, was already into drug dealing with Robin Bechtold by that time.

When she had a hospital bill she later asked me, "Did YOU pay my hospital bill?" and I said "No" and she said she was asking because "SOMEONE DID." 

I went with her one time to pick up Jordan from Christie's mother Sandy.  I thought Christie seemed nice, in general, but all of them had a mean streak and I didn't realize it until later.  I can say this about Jordan, he was the angriest, most unhappy baby I had ever seen in my life.  He was screaming bloody murder when he was being picked up by Erica, as an infant, and I thought maybe Sandy was doing something weird with him, or ignoring him.  He was never happy.  Every single time I ever saw him, he was screaming and unhappy.  I thought there was something wrong but never gave my opinion.

The next thing Erica said to me, which alarmed me at the time, and which I later disregarded as "Oh, probably just...nothing" was she knew how much my parents tipped when we went out to eat.  She was working at "Sharis" as a single Mom.  She got really mad one day and said in a bitter way, to ME, that she hated working on Sundays the most, because "church people are the stingiest tippers".  She knew I grew up and lived with "church people".  We WERE "church people" and then she went on to name how much she thought was "stingy" and "hypocritical" and she gave the figure for how much my parents tipped.

My thought had been, "Why is she insulting my Dad, and my family, about our religious beliefs and giving the number of what she thought was stingy, when she knew I had told her how much we usually tipped?"  Then, she was asking me if I had paid her hospital bill, in the same approximate conversation, and I said no and she said "I thought maybe it was you.  Well, someone else DID."

I never heard or found out who did.

The other thing she said, which was one of the first times I noticed her attitude was different with me, was in 1994, when I got back from New Jersey, after working as a nanny for a year.  I went to her house in a vintage tailored suit and heels, and it was solid dark brown with brown heels, and she looked at me and instead of being happy to see me she looked jealous and said, "You've changed."  I remember noting something was very wrong in that visit, because instead of being happy to see me, she was cautious and jealous.  In hindsight, I believe this may have been because while I was away from my parents for a year, in New Jersey, her Middleton weed drug dealers were trying to torture and harass my parents.

I had a really bad feeling about Erica that day.  It was the first time I felt she was hiding something from me. 

It really doesn't get any better, because to bring it all up-to-date, yesterday when I went for a walk, some police officer in a solid blue police sedan, thought it was hilarious to drive in front of a bus that looked exactly like the one the Ballingers had which they used for some of their "camping" trips. It is a unique looking bus so I didn't miss the joke.  Right there, was evidence to me that law enforcement is involved with Ballingers.  Which is pretty crazy because the same people that have been dealing massive amounts of drugs over the border, have had FBI, police, and DEA on their side.

The day that she said I'd changed, and acted weird, she gave me something in a brown paper lunch bag and I don't remember what it was, maybe some make up she said she didn't want...something like that, and I left wondering what was wrong with Erica.

I guess the other thing that was sort of odd, was that Erica asked Robin Bechtold to Prom one year, the same year I went with Bryan Parker or year before.  Her dress was designed like Kate Middelton's wedding dress, except it was black, if I remember correctly and had lace on the sleeves and neckline.  Sheer black lace on the top and sleeves, and solid black velvet from the torso to the knees or calves.  Erica said to me, "I hope you don't mind but I asked Robin to Prom."  I said it was fine.  He was the only one she had a crush on in high school and they remained friends, even after she got pregnant by James Bond a year or two later.

Honestly, Jordan wouldn't even be alive if I hadn't said something about not aborting him.  No one wanted him.  James wanted to abort him, Erica was thinking of it, Christie wanted him aborted--I was the only person who said not to and later Erica said she decided not to because of what I'd said about it.  As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.  The kid was basically on its way to the gravy train, I mean, as part of the gravy.  Glue train, whatever.

Look at which FBI wretch has her kid, and what she's done to my son.  During this time, she became extremely bitter at James and then eventually they made up.  It changed who she was for a long time.

The only hint I can think of, about what was happening to my parents while I was in New Jersey is through a phone conversation I had with my Mom.  And in general, I shouldn't have gone back there after Thanksgiving break because I had a bad feeling about it.  My mother said to me, one day, how much my Dad missed me and maybe I could just fly back, and said "Your Dad is getting weird" pretty much the way Monica Allen would say this.  I said what do you mean, and she said, "I wanted to move things into boxes and he wouldn't let me and said to keep everything the way it was.  He's going in there and saying "it smells like Cameo" and looking at your stuffed animal with the purple hair."  She also said, "He's getting moony". 

I had different stuffed animals but the one that was brought up was the white one with purple hair that held a purple flower inbetween its hands.  My mother never, ever, used that expression about anyone, "He's getting moony". 

When I got to my house, and was back, my mother had put some of my things in boxes and left some things out, and a bunch of my cassette tapes with song ideas were missing.  It's the only thing that was missing, along with one of my notebooks that had song ideas in it, some of my cassette tapes were gone.  I asked about them and no one knew where they were.  Actually, a few other things were missing.  Some of my shoes were gone and a few articles of clothing as well.  My Mom and Dad said they had not gotten rid of anything.

So basically, someone who started stealing clothes I wore in high school, was still taking my things when I worked as a nanny in New Jersey.

When my Dad got on the phone, he asked me if I remembered the stuffed animal with the purple hair and I said yes.  Both my Mom and Dad brought it up and I had wondered, at that time, why they mentioned this one specifically.  It was one I picked out for all the kids in my age group, girls, for a company picnic that was held at the State Park off of I-90 (it was across the street from the Washington State Patrol).  I'm pretty sure we did the shopping at a large Kirkland store, which was like a Costco back then.  It seems like there was more to choose from though, not just a couple things in large stock, but it was a warehouse idea, and had toys and food and other things.

Anyway, whatever the significance, it's the main conversation I remember while I was on the East Coast.  I got back and found some of my belongings were gone, and I had always felt something was wrong.  There was a horrible sad feeling in my room too, that hadn't been there before.  It was a very depressed, sad, heavy kind of energy or feeling there.  I started looking through some of my boxes, wondering where things were and I noticed a few of the scars on my arms for the first time, in that light and asked about them, but no one said anything.

Erica stopped acting odd, maybe after she tested the grounds, or someone else did, and they figured I didn't know anything.  She wasn't very friendly with me between 1994 and 1995, and 1995 is when I was being hijacked by Mike Nichols, who was born in Canada and lived in Lake Oswego.  She didn't call or send a card after I was back from Utah with a broken neck, for over a year, like Robin.

For whatever reason, police have thought it's really funny to throw my things into boxes over the years, or tell others to do it and toss them to the side.  Several years later, in 2005, it was Washington police in Wenatchee and Cashmere, and possibly FBI next door (Rick Baken) telling my grandparents to put all my things in boxes and throw them out on the porch.

Erica decided to contact me again, about the same time Robin did, sometime in 1996 when I was buying my own house, or after my purchase.  She didn't contact me until after he did.  I went on a camping trip with her family, to Eastern Oregon one time.  I sensed some dislike at the time, but I thought it was discomfort because I was the only one not drinking or smoking anything. 

Part of the revenge against me was by people who smoke, drank, had sex freely, and who thought I thought I was "better" than they were.  Part of degrading me was to bring me to their level.  Mostly, there was a lot of conservation at that trip, about marijuana.  I'm pretty sure, if I remember correctly, the location was Prineville, Oregon, and it was very hot and dry.  They were saying there was a forest fire advisory out because of it.  If it was Prineville, the river there that they wanted to take me on, was called "The Crooked River".  They got inner tubes and we went inner tubing but then at one point, Erica got out and said she was going to find Christie and have her bring the car around or something, and they left me out there alone.  I had no shoes, because we had taken our shoes off, so I was forced to stay in the "Crooked River" and Erica took off for well over an hour.  It was possibly longer than that.  I was told it would be a few minutes but they took off and left me there.  I was out there, by myself, with no shoes, for an extremely long time.

This is, of course, after I got back from New Jersey and discovered someone had stolen most of my shoes from my bedroom, which is something the Ballingers were involved in.  The person who was most likely to have stolen the skirt I wore, that had been my mother's, in high school before this time, was Erica.  The last time I saw it was when I stayed the night at her house.  I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if it was Erica or her mother and I was shocked by it.

I guess, since this happened before she got pregnant, it might give a hint as to why she named her kid "Jordan".

At the camp trip, after leaving me in the river, they picked me up and we went home.

Christie Ballinger was good friends with Bryan Parker.  They were in the same grade and he wasn't interested in me until after Erica had succeeded in befriending me.  She also suggested Bryan to me.  He was in Christie's grade, not mine, and she was always encouraging me to go out with him.  Lonnie, Erica's mother, did my hair and make-up for the dance I went to with him.  Bryan was also very good friends with Tiffany Roos.  Tiffany Roos was Tony Roos' sister and one of the names I heard Bryan mention most, and person he was around, was Tiffany.  It was either Tiffany Roos or Tiffany Harris.  Whichever one it was, she was one of his best friends, in school and outside of school and she was in his grade (one year ahead of me).

Lonnie and her boyfriends were motorcycle people.  They were in a motorcycle gang or club but I don't remember which one.  I remember mention of Hells Angels, but another might have been part of it.  One of the jackets I saw, had a Hell's Angel emblem on it.  They were very active in it.  In this way, they may have had a connection to Judge Dennis Hotchkiss in Wenatchee, Wa, who presided over the fraudulent case about my son, and who was also part of a motorcycle gang.

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