Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yulia Tymoshenko's Scars

What I noticed this time, after seeing my own scars, is that she doesn't just have bruises, she has a scar there on her stomach.

There is a white line that shows scarring next to the bruise.  If I relate this photo to myself and not just her, I would say I can relate.  She also had a rectangular eye glass case with letters on it, next to her left arm and I found something showing up on the inside of my left arm that was white and rectangular.  She has some kind of small rectangular style bead on her headband, near her ears, by the temples and it's the same size and shape of the rectangular cut impression scars I have on both of my temples.

The small buttons shape on the inside flap of the wool coat are also something I've been wondering about.  I have some larger round marks on my body, which I traced and photographed, and then in a couple of places I was actually finding what looked to be 3 tinier round holes next to eachother, like these button imprints.  Basically, some kind of circle or object impression and then teeny little holes, 3 of them, just like these button holes, on my arms. 

I haven't even started to look at my stomach aside from my belly button which is obviously scarred.  I have stretch marks on my thighs but not really anywhere else.

I was thinking today, I don't know if the rectangular scars on my temples are maybe from a headband or electrical thing of some kind, but if so, I wouldn't know why one scar is an upright line | and why the other one is horizontal ___.  It almost looks like there are 3 very tiny holes like the button holes, inside even these little scars.  I have no clue then, what kind of an electrical device that might be. 

I have one on my left arm as well.  Something sort of rectangular and with 3 tiny holes into the rectangular scar. So it's like what I see, shown to her left side of her body as well. 

I don't know if Yulia had a c-section or injury or what her stomach scar is from, but it doesn't look like that kind of scar. 

I think some government, U.S. or Canada, or both, also photographed what they did to me as a kid.  Maybe they left my face out of some of them, and probably not all of them because a point was made to cut my face too and do something to my temples, but I think they saved a bunch of photos, probably reclassified them as "criminal evidence" of some kid that had been found tortured or dead, or disguise the fact they were photos taken from a living child that grew up and is now living as a woman, and lied to anyone that could hold them criminally accountable.

I think I was afraid of being photographed at some point because of a photo of me when I was an older baby, with tears in my eyes, and looking upset and worried as I was being photographed.  Probably because I was afraid of what was next.  I would have no reason to be crying for the camera when my personality is extroverted and has always been sociable with others.

Alvaro saw that photo and he didn't want to look at it.  He was 'uncomfortable' with it.  But he had no problem whatsoever, taking a snapshot of a photo of me where I am forced to grin for the camera with my arms out in front of me, at age 3 or 4.  He was excited to take that photo, not the one of me in the blue and white dress with the big tear coming from one my eyes.  That one was of me right before I was age 2 and no one was showing my arms then.  It is the only photo from that time and was a headshot only.

There were photos of me as a baby and after the age of 4 but none of me from age older than 1-4 years old except for one at Granny's house where I am 3 and featured in a short sleeved shirt from a distance.  I was close to age 4 there.  Everything else was missing or never taken or the government took a bunch of evidence.

They have been collecting my personal items from  me as if I am a prisoner of war whose gold teeth they intend to steal one by one and house in a CIA underground museum.  First they stole an entire set of photos of me as a toddler, and wrote about me and documented everything, and then they allowed me to collect personal things and then decided to steal them from me again when they hadn't been able to kill me off or get me to kill myself.

So I notice the blue book she has next to her with white paper and a pen. 

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