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Vegan Cheese With Sauerkraut & Fairy Tails

Hello newsboys.

I am here to tell you about my latest vegan discovery of how to make ze beste vegan cheese evah.  I tried sauerkraut brine several weeks and I am telling you, it works like a charm.  Vegan cheese needs some sort of fermentation thing to make it taste like cheese, so I tried the brine from my homemade awesome sauerkraut.  It worked great.  Then tonight, I decided to just blend up some of the sauerkraut with the brine and the rest of the ingredients and....Yes!  Yes!  YES!

It's very good.

And, if you haven't noticed the nice interlude, I tried my own milk thistle tincture, well I compared two different kinds of vodka that I used to make it.

I still have my door open, and I was freezing cold before I tried my tincture so I thought, "THIS is why the RUSSIANS drink VODKA."  Oh....revelations!

I still have my door open, and fresh air in, as a wonderful consequence of not feeling cold at all.  However, I'd like to know what other more "au naturale" foods or herbs or vitamins or minerals might help with this.  I guess licorice, for raising blood pressure, but seriously, I am not joking, I was being tortured all of a sudden, if I used licorice. 

It wasn't a health problem--the NASA people were bugging one of my eyes out by torturing me to one side of my head.  I mean, someone more naive might think "problem with blood pressure and ocular pressure" but that's not what it was.  The NASA people have been doing this to my SON, who is 7, when he was 5,6,4, years old.  And I saw when they experimented on my parents too.  So it wasn't that.  It was more like torture for "behavior modification" just like their torture of me when I was trying to learn Persian.

I really like Persian things.  Personally, I like how their language script looks and I have respect for Arabic of course, but I would prefer to learn Farsi, which I was trying to do until this country tortured me.  I honestly think some of that middle eastern art is really beautiful.   I like persian rugs, food, language script, and some of their art. 

I also recently saw some of the art from the Tang Dynasty (China) which I like for how exotic it is, underground and in the caves and very intricate.  Which also leads me to the kind of Japanese art I like, with the woodblocks and the ultra-extra linear format.  I want to find a book for my son of art that is narrative in style.  By this, I mean the kind of ancient art that tells stories from pane or scene to pane or scene.  Where there is a lot of detail in landscape and people, and you sort of wind through following the tale.  It's a tale of course, because a head doesn't move, but a tail does.  Well, you know, a head doesn't wind around, but a tail does, or some tales do.

So while I want to expose my son to good literature I also want him to see art that is interesting to even children...refined, and yet fun for even children's imaginations.  I like some Mexican artists for surrealism too, but some of it is too bloody for kids.

American art doesn't have as much of this kind of story-art except for maybe in colonial or Amish art, which is sort of a patchwork landscape, and some of it is good but it's much more geometric and I like a little more of the flow of lines and the outrageous color they had with some of the ancient paints (which probably killed the artists as they worked on their piece).

I made my vegan cheese and tried a comparison of my milk thistle tinctures and thought of this song:
Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)

I had no idea who sang this, I just knew it was suddenly in my mind.  I would like to have one angel of a lawyer please.  Or law firm.  That is what I want. 

I can't believe this song was only made in 1991.  I was thinking it was an 80s song.  

Toward the end, I could see, minds eye, to the sound of the snare, the double-time, some (Asian I think?) man with a sword and slashing from left and then right and then left and then right, into a V walking forward with both hands on the sword.

Well, I am at least glad to find out this song is from 1991 and not the 70s when I would worry I got "programmed" with some kind of music in the background.

Oh.  Well I am WRONG.  They were around even in the 70s.  This song wasn't, but anyway, who knows.  I wish someone who knew what was done to me would bring around a lawyer.  That would be great.

At 2:32, on that youtube, is where that drum sound starts. I think it's called "snares"? but I'm not sure...the soft clapper sound thing.  That is the "double time" I could see the sword slashing to, in a V and walking at me, like cutting a path through something.  I guess when I think about it, that is really fast, for a sword to move that quickly back and forth, but that's what I saw for a moment.  Probably from a movie someone was watching or just my imagination all of a sudden.


What is SORT of strange is I saw an Asian man right off of Ivy street one day whose face sort of, slightly looked like this guy.  He was in an SUV and looked shocked that I was showing up at the same time he was driving by.  I'm not saying I saw him, but suddenly, someone who looked similiar, but in some kind of armor?  which makes me laugh because who wears "armor" these days.

Okay, the other weird part, is this was like, a year ago?  a very long time ago, and I remember it was after I'd blogged something about wise men, and then there was this one Asian man who drove past and I had this idea, "He thinks it's a joke?" or knew I had written about this and was out to see "no sign whatsoever" and then, there I was, and he looked sort of shocked.  I am not saying a sign, but he thought he'd drive past laughing and that was it, and then I showed up.  I am not psychic, so I don't know what it was "about" or what someone was joking about.  All I have, is a very very small amount of intuition.  I know some kind of point was made with him, and he will remember the exact moment I am talking about if he reads this, because of it.  But what is was about, I have no idea.  I'm not saying he "likes me".  I think instead, he felt a little disconcerted, that I was there at all.  It wasn't what he thought or planned.  Whatever it was.  A bet?  I don't know.  He remembers this exact moment though.  I am 100% positive.  He was from out of town because I only saw him maybe twice, in town.  Black hair, very short, all of it, but short, and wider face.   I remembered him because I had just made a post about signs and wise man and then I saw him, disconcerted to see me coming up to Central, which he was driving on, towards 4 Corners Bar, towards the freeway, and I smirked to myself thinking, "Is he the 'Asian' "wise man""?  Hahahahaha.

So, they say you can try beer or fermented things to make vegan sour cream or cheese or whatever.  Because regular cheese is a fermentation process, of course, it helps to find something vegan to mimic this.  I think some people use miso, and I've heard of beer, and then I tried sauerkraut and probably others have tried this.  I used that, a little sugar, sunflower sees, flaxseed, all pureed, and then mixed in a little tapioca starch flour and salt, and a little oil, and it made something decent.

I was thinking, with my milk thistle tincture, it might be good just as a tincture but I wish I could have a distiller to get rid of the alcohol and if I were in a different country where I were free from torture and bank obstruction and could pursue what I wanted, I would make this as a non-alcholic tincture and then just tonight I thought, "This would be very good just for a liquor all on it's own." 

I mean, if men are going to drink vodka, why not drink one (made by me!) that has extracted milk thistle properties and protects your liver and keeps you from getting prostate cancer, or reduces the cancer when you have it?

It would be wildly expensive. 

I mean, you could market it for less but seriously, it would be like making a wine because you have to wait and let it age, and you need decent water and vodka to begin with.  I had used one kind of vodka with one batch and another kind with another batch and they were not the same.  The milk thistle content was slightly different though, so I can't be precise, but one was very "bright" and the other one was more of a liquor.  I don't know exactly the right words to describe it, but one was sort of slighly sharper and 'brighter' and the other one was as powerful but a little more like a liquor and had picked up on more of the milk thistle flavor.  The one that picked up more of the flavor was twice as dark as the other kind, but actually, if I think about it, the milk thistle seed-per alcohol content was close.  I mean, about the same amount of space at the top, percentage wise on the bottle and everything and the darker one had less time to distill too. 

One thing I realized, is my concentration of milk thistle must be very high, of the silymarin, because I didn't realize how much the seeds actually expand!  The seeds take up 3/4 of my bottles, in all of them, and there is only 1/4 of alcohol at the top. 

You know, oh my gosh, this lead singer, Klaus Meine, had TWO vocal cord surgeries and then he could sing again.  That is sort of interesting.  I guess I might be able to sing too, if I had one of those.  One of those vocal cord surgeries I mean, because my voice was ruined by torture in Seattle, that the Seattle FBI mocked me over and PROBABLY had their own employees involved in.

I mean, it was weird enough. Why else would the FBI act that way unless they already knew their employees or daughters of such, were involved?  They were..what? 3 blocks away when it happened?  and I had just sang a song at an open mic in Seattle too, with some guy blowing a horn in a solo which I had thought was nice until I realized it was more like Dinah Blow Your Horn as a sounding call for terrorists to poison me.  CHARGE!  that's what his horn playing was like.

I am listening to Scorpion songs now.  Wind of Change was one I liked a lot as a kid.  I hear the words about "take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night"...and I hate Josh Gatov and ask God to kill him.  He got away with raping me, only because he worked for the U.S. government and I hope he dies.

He deserves to be in prison for a term of premeditated rape and he got off because he is a fucking Jew.  Anyone who says one single word against "Jews" gets accused of "anti-semitism" and yet this Jewish man RAPED me and premeditated what he was doing, and his  entire fucking Jewish community, some like-minded Catholics, and the U.S.. government covered his fucking ass.  They didn't just "cover his ass", Portland Police officer Detective Brian Grose deliberately quit prosecution when I had a case against him and they had already admitted it.  Josh was TIPPED OFF by United States federal government employees, to leave the country until statutes expired for rape and then what?  This country let him back in.

Honestly, some of these "Jews" need to see another holocaust against them for their crimes against non-jews.  What they've done to me, is worse than anything that has been done to ANY of them in the last couple of decades.  They get a little bit of freedom, and they're out premeditating rape.  They did not just premeditate rape, they used people like Donna Titleman to cause problems for me and my son,  and they used Lorraine Rose to degrade me and call me "Cammi" in the same denigration of my name as Patti Otterbach does with my Dad by using the diminuative "Bobby" instead of calling him "Bob".  He never introduced himself to Patti as "Bobby".  That is the same shit Lorraine Rose used in trying to be "alpha dog" and reassign names.

I think it's disgusting and suspicious that Detective Brian Grose (who had a motive to not prosecute rape by Josh Gatov because he knew I already had a case against Robin Bechtold too) kept contacting me over the rape, which he knew my case was solid over, and then deliberately tried to harass me with it.

He used a rape case to try to cause repeated emotional distress, not to actually prosecute a crime as he is required to do, by law.  He even went so far, as to JUSTIFY Josh Gatov, this SICK Jew, who used HATE CRIME against a NON-JEW as his motive for raping me, as "too laid back to rape anyone."

You hear these horrible horrible stories about how Jews were persecuted and accused of seducing and raping our women, and these gross stories and charactures of long-nosed men and women in witch hats, who sit over a table of money and make lecherous looks over at some "blond non-Jew" or whatever, and you think, "That is so wrong.  That is so disgusting. That is horrible propaganda against Jews."

And then what did I get?

I got that.

Josh Gatov proved some of the historians were NOT lying.  As disturbing as the persecution has been against Jews, what HE did to me, and then getting his entire Jewish community to support him, to the level of defaming me with a Jewish Editor-in-Chief, proves the Germans, even the Nazis, must not have been entirely wrong.

Josh Gatov proved Germans were right.  That Jews are filthy, lecherous, immoral persons who sought to rape virgins.

I didn't have one single bad thought against anyone Jewish, my entire life, until realizing, probably tonight, the historians were right.  They were not all wrong.  Some of them told the truth about some of the FUCKING JEWS.

Josh Gatov said, when he raped me:


His religion, his "jewishness" was used against me, in HATE CRIMES against a "non-jew".  So it's just "fine" for any Jew to cry for help and show a wimpy wimpled brow to police and claim someone is "anti-semitic" or that THEY are a victim, but the minute a Jew commits a premeditated hate crime against a non-Jew, they get protected.

Then they worked with some Catholics to incite Catholic hatred against me, to add to their own arsenal. 

Josh Gatov doesn't deserve to live.  The U.S. let him back into the country, after they knew he'd raped me, and he'd been away to stall on his statute of limitations, and he deserves to be tortured, every single day of his life, along with his friends and the Editor-in-Chief for Willamette Week, until he dies.

I'm glad that at least a few natural things have happened to some of these Jews who mocked rape of a baby and toddler, of ME.  Lorraine Rose treated me like shit, and she got cancer.  No one did it to her, she just got what she deserved.  Fran Drescher, after mocking me, first got raped and then after going at me again, when I was older, and grown up, she got cancer.  I mean, it's really interesting that these people are still alive, but I think it's because God wants to keep them alive long enough to see something really bad happen to more people they care about.  I mean, at least Lorraine and Fran can think about how fun chemo was and how many times people have raped me and tried to kill me and end up killing themselves instead.

I hope they live just to see what they don't want to happen--my son out of their sick hands and with me again.  I literally, was so dumb that I thought, even after Josh Gatov raped me, that there was no problem with Jews when I had no idea they were there, when I was raped and tortured.  No wonder they didn't feel "comfortable" having me go to their "Jewish" pow-wows.

Chris Rozollo is a fucking Jew and I want his influence out of my son's life.  "Yellow".  My son always looked really happy when he brought up "Lello".  He's one of several Jews who got close to me, to rape me.

November Rain/Guns & Roses

I am taking a class about "Jewish Culture" because it was enough credits to fill my FT schedule, which I'm tortured through regardless.  I have to write a paper about the difference between Israeli and American Jews.  Maybe I'll have to write about they prefer different forms of rape as hate crimes against non-jews.  I could write an entire essay about how Israeli Jews have committed rapes against non-Jews at differing rates than American Jews.

How about that "Jonathan and Helen" team.  God let them get cancer.  Amen.  God let their Majan mother get cancer.  Amen.

I have a major problem with some Catholics, which went back further than I realized and I guess some of them must have been involved in torture of me too or they wouldn't have tried to kill me later.  I know my family worries when I isolate away from both Catholics and Jews, and I don't know what bad thing happened last Christmas because of it--all I know, is they owe me a fucking apology and my son back.

It wasn't just Catholics--they were Jews who made a very hard-fought and hard-won effort to keep my son from me.  I honestly can't think of what their motives were, but then again, I hadn't had any idea that Josh Gatov had a revenge hate crime motive to rape me either.  I would assume the Catholics took my son for revenge, the ones who are corrupt and who even cheated their own parishioners out of compensation for sexually assaulting them.

Some of those sex abuse victims who were Catholic, I think they saw the worst of it, and some left the church and some of them actually believed the same lies I believed so long--like a battered woman, that "they didn't really mean it".  For me, I have had to live in a country that used me and sexually assaulted me and electrocuted and cut me with razors.  And because it's all I've known, I am still here, even if I did try to leave, I was kidnapped back.  So I think some of those Catholics really got defamation about me and probably hated me, like SNAP, that organization that was supposed to "help people" and pretended to be helpful to me and then snubbed me to my face, when their leaders KNEW I had been sexually raped and assaulted before I even knew.

SNAP is corrupt.  Knowing more now than I did then, I think SNAP is probably comprised of mostly undercover employees for the federal government who protect pedopiles and those who agree to have kids in experiments and research.  I had thought, at first, that they were different, but they weren't.  They are corrupt.  They basically knew I was a rape victim, even though I didn't know, and even though it wasn't connected to specific persons I had a lawsuit against.  They still knew, and they kept me on the line, to ask me questions and pretend to be assisting, and then as soon as the FBI scored points against me and stole my car from me, obstructing my travel, they switched.  No more pretense.  They ignored me.

They said I wasn't really raped.  I wasn't "really" a victim of crimes, at all.  The FBI was involved in that case and has been part of every single bankruptcy sex-abuse case that has come into federal courts.

They had a motive for obstructing my travel and using Judges to fabricate false citations against me.

Of course they don't have a problem with Katie Middleton.  They never tortured her to start with.  The U.S. is motivated, from the very beginning, to work against any child that they've had a role in torturing or raping.  The U.S. knows there is a chance that child will discover, or find out, what was done to them, by members of their own government.

The U.S. knows there is a chance that that child, who discovers this, as an adult, will want revenge, to retaliate against the country, or will want to flee the country and escape further torture.

If you are someone reading this, and, to your knowledge at this point in your life, you haven't been abused by federal or government employees, imagine you found out you were and that your parents were, and your siblings, and then think about how you've been lied to your entire life about what a great country this is. 

This is a really, very hard thing to even imagine, but imagine you found out your parents are twins and while one is in public, the other set is being held in a maximum security prison, beaten, and experimented on in medical offices inside the prison.  And then you find out, when you wonder why no one speaks up for you, and why your own parents discredit you--you find out there is a videotape of your parents sexually assaulting you.  What is not shown, is that there are guns being pointed at them as they are being filmed and told to pretend this is something they are doing "with friends".

No one sees the guns, coercion, or torture.  So all that there is, is a blackmail tape that by all appearances, looks like your parents are part of a drug circle that sexually rapes kids.  Then you find out there is a video of your arms being cut with razors.  Of photos of your being electrocuted and it looks like it's a homemade electric-torture device, but the real torture is actually in a formal operating room.  So then you find out some of the same cops you see in your hometown, have their Dad holding one of the guns against your parents in that video of sex assault.  Then you find out one of the FBI agents is performing a sexual act on you, and has a motive to keep this video and any evidence about your being tortured, out of the records forever.  When you ask who that other person is, who you are shown giving sexual acts to, and can't see the face of, is a member of some European royal family.  'After the video shows you doing this to them, they pee on you, in the video.

You've wondered why no one on an international level is helping you.

Well, suddenly, when you realize an FBI agent is motivated to make you sound nuts, because of something like this, you realize the FBI is going to try to kill you before they ever help you.

You realize some member of some European family, not sure which one, but one of them, has a motive to spend any amount of money or resources to discredit you for the same reason, and you find out they have a friend in the Italian mafia, you suddenly realize, the doors are locked at the UN.

At least they seem to be.  And  you find out doctors in the U.S. were involved, in monitoring the IVs attached to your arms as you were in head braces, being electrocuted, and writing notes...

You realize, this must be why none of these "Physicians For Human Rights" care about YOUR human rights.  Their wife was one of the monitors documenting your torture.

So you go to this door, and that door, and run out of the country just to be kidnapped and have your child kidnapped from you, and you've contacted, personally over 1,000 lawyers in the U.S. from NYC to L.A and no one cares about taking your case...

And what do you think about the United States of America now?  You've been this proud, patriotic supporter who even wanted a government job, to "help" others. 

Your Country has been waiting for you, like the Grim Reaper.

Don't Cry/Guns & Roses


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