Monday, May 27, 2013

Babies Can Come Out Of The Belly-Button

According to this article, the eggs of unborn babies, which are still in the mother's womb, are capable of providing eggs that produce babies.

This means, if a baby is born already and a surgery is done to extract eggs from the baby or child, that is also possible and was probably tried in the 70s.  That's when the egg was being isolated with the sperm to try out in-vitro processes.

Also, this article states there is some kind of huge world-wide egg shortage.  ?  Probably, women should have been informed about hazards of long-term use of oral contraceptives (not that this is the only reason).

So when I describe being used by the U.S., and my parents and son being used by them, and tortured for "research", this is one of several things the U.S. has used my family for: their own fertility store.

What was done to me as a baby and child I haven't completely figured out (now I'm talking about things I know relate to me with MKUltra) but I was remembering tonight how I recognized the jelly used on my stomach the first time it was done to me for an ultrasound of my unborn son Oliver.  It brought back a memory that this was done to me when I was a kid.  I also remember how a babysitter who was giving me and my brother a bath folded up a washcloth and put it over my eyes while I was lying in shallow water in the tub.  I freaked out.It brought back a terrifying feeling and I panicked and bolted upright.  I wasn't afraid of the water, or lying in it, and I could hold my breath underwater.  If I reacted this way, it was because I was awake at the time I was being tortured.  I did not have someone so "kind" as to medicate me first, they just blind-folded me so I couldn't see them, but possibly I could still hear them.  Other times, I may have been drugged or had my ears blocked, but I wouldn't remember this, and feel afraid, if I was not deliberately kept awake during torture by the U.S. or Canada.

If you quit thinking about looking at someone and just listen to their voice, you can hear others with similar voices.  Nina Easton, for example, with Fox News, sounds like Debbie Sweetwater-Burt.  At first I thought Lisa Thebault but then right away I thought Debbie Sweetwater.  Table or sweetwater? I went with how she sounded like Sweetwater.  I thought of it as I first realized Brit Hume sounded like our local postmaster Greg, and then I thought "If I don't look at their faces and listen only to the voices who do I hear?"

Also, I do think one of the things I was programmed about was a verse about one thing and then I would think I knew it and they'd say, "nooo" and I'd check and it was something else.  Also, with one relative  I was told to go to the tackle box and pick out a fish hook once and I did and brought it to him and he shook his head and smiled and said, "Noo...that's for a red herring."

All of the kids were fishing and I was being shown how to put a worm on a hook.  I think someone else did it for me but I might have brought myself to do it.  Then when I saw someone knock a fish's head against something, to stop it from suffering, I was the only kid who left.

It wasn't that I was afraid of them--it was probably that it brought back a memory of Canadian or U.S torture of me.  I saw the heads and bodies of the fish in the cooler, flopping around, and backed up fast.  I felt nervous and then someone grabbed one and knocked it's head on something so it didn't suffer and laid it down across the grass.  There were a bunch of fish laid down across the grass, knocked unconscious, and photographs were taken.  After I saw this scene, but before photos, my Grandpa called me over, because I was standing on the bridge, on the other side of it but close to it, because there was a bridge over the ponds.  He then asked me to pick out a hook for him and that's when he said, "Nooo...that's a red herring!" and laughed.

I think about it now, and it was like a recreation of torture by the U.S. and Canada for suspected espionage.  Apparently, they either tortured me and raped me, when I was innocent, to try to get someone to say something, or they just included me in their "program" which is something they never quit, and put my parents into government house arrest.  The fish lying all bloodied up after flopping around in the water, and knocked unconscious and then laid out flat, and photographed, represented the Great United States of America and Canada and what THEY did to ME and others.  There was a whole line up of fish before the photos were taken, though some were in between.  Then they went back into the cooler and into the house.  It was a rectangular cooler full of water, like an Iceberg chest.  They basically looked like a bunch of flopping around on a table covered in water or some kind of a bathtub.

That must be how it is to electrocute humans, but much worse.  I was so upset by seeing this, that I stayed over there, away from everyone else, and they kept trying to call me over and I shook my head and said, "I'll just watch from over here instead".  I think there was more of the lesson I was supposed to see, and I remember a few more things, but because of the torture this country did to me, I wasn't able to watch more.  So I stood next to the edge of the other pond and watched the living fish as I could see across the bridge, or from it, how the others fished.  I don't have anything against fishing but the way the fish got whacked was to make a point. 

I am sure then, that I not only was awake when I was tortured myself as a baby and young toddler, I was also forced to witness others that I cared about being tortured.

When someone asks what I think about eggs being taken from an unborn baby, I think that is what the U.S. always does and has been doing.  They have total disregard for rights, and they went over my parental authority to attempt to use other family members they blackmailed, to get my son.  It's to keep him from ever being successful.  Why else would the U.S. steal my homework and want me to give up as a kid?  They were practicing anti-competition against grade-schoolers.

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