Friday, May 17, 2013

Twinkies Better Off Gone & Pedophilia Promoted At Central Washington Hospital

I think Twinkies are a sick idea when it was made into a pedophile theme for me as a kid, by Middleton supporters. The Maiers family was part of that.

Yeah, I had cheese-filled hot dogs and a few other things on occasion, rarely, growing up, but I remember when someone had my family buying the twinkies and "ding dongs". Someone gave my family a huge thing of the "Hostess" ding dongs too, while they were stealing homework from us. Hostesses were air line stewardesses. There was no such thing as a "hostess" in restaurants where I grew up--they were waitresses. The hostesses worked on airlines.

Basically, the pedophile theme has gone from Moses Lake and Wenatchee to Canada. The kinds of sick things the MKULtra pedophiles have done to kids, is unbelievable.

Do I have a "dirty" mind? No, I don't. I never used to even think about a few of the things I now understand to be connected to pedophilia. But what I now know is that first they assaulted kids, sexually, and then later to try to mask over what was done, they gave these kids "twinkies" (so maybe we'd remember that and not something else), or ding dongs, or popsicles shaped like penises.

I don't have a problem eating a hot dog, or looking at a sausage, or whatever. But when I have seen shaped objects, for kids to eat, that were used to cover up pedophilia or to "condition" and "groom" kids into thinking these acts were natural later, I hesitate.

It is no wonder, now that I know what was done to me as a baby, that Wenatchee Central Washington Hospital was trying to force my son to suck on a penis-shaped popsicle. After I told them he didn't want it, and he didn't, the nurse kept trying to force him to suck on it, right in front of me. I took it out of her hands at that point, and then SHE wrote me up to CPS, claiming I had stolen a popsicle from my son.

This nurse did this to my son, after they took him out of my sight and had Dr. Butler see him in a different room. My son did not act like himself from that point forward and he lost his ability to articulate speech when he was already talking in partial sentences by that time, and repeating the same words.

It wasn't some square popicle, or rectangular one, it was shaped like a penis, and she was forcing it into my son's mouth. It was fine, generally speaking, to offer a popsicle, but he turned his head away. He kept refusing it and she kept trying to push this popsicle into his mouth until I had finally had enough, and quit saying, "He doesn't want it" politely and saying, "Please don't do that anymore" and "I don't want him to have that" and finally, I took it out of her hands. I had no place to throw it, and there was no trash can there and she freaked out so I said, "Give it to me" and I ate it, because if I threw it down she'd have done something and I tried to pass it off with, "He doesn't want it so I'll have it".

The point remains, this Catholic-church or Methodist-church employeed nurse, was forcing a penis-shaped popsicle into my son's mouth, even after he indicated NO. She also had a weird gleeful and glazed look to her eyes as she was forcing it into his mouth. Which actually makes you wonder what was happening in the other room with Dr. Butler.

Wenatchee is full of pedophiles. The real pedophiles are professionals, who try to put innocent people in prison instead. Nurses and doctors there, are pedophiles. Police are pedophiles. FBI is pedophile. There are also hispanic orchardists or mafia that are.

Wenatchee is a prime place for the CIA and U.S. Army to operate because of this and their history of blackmailing people to abuse and rape children "for the government". Moses Lake is as well, and so is Canada. What they do later, to kids, to try to obscure their memory, is give them things like twinkies or penis-shaped popsicles, and other things that naturally, would be natural, like bananas. What the purpose is, for some of them however, is to condition a baby or toddler into getting used to sucking on penis-shaped objects. They force babies to suck on men's penises there, and toddlers. For many of these "professionals" it's even traditional. Michael Clark, for example, was a professor I had at PSU for English, who promoted the idea of man-boy love in class, when his own uncle was one of the priests at Mt. Angel Abbey who was being looked at for being a pedophile. I was there. I was sitting there, in his class, as he promoted man-boy "love". I guess it was for the government people who had me "wired" and listened to everything around me. Maybe Clark knew who some of them were and that they'd enjoy hearing something soothing about their activities.

One of Canada's judges who sits on the bench, promotes pedophilia in Canada. She made a public statement that, in the future, our "issues" with pedophilia may seem as "outdated" as issues with homosexuality. I believe her name is Catherine.

I don't believe my son has a fair chance to do anything in this country because he is being tortured to prevent his success, which is what this country did to me while I was growing up and which they escalated later.

Here is a link about Judge Mary Southin (who looks like Laura Laughlin and Julia Thornton). Her middle name might be Catherine:

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