Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Abuse of Oliver in Wenatchee: Jacob and Greta, Steve Mays

Some of the individuals abusing my son were staying with Steve Mays.  He wore a hat with two strings hanging down on either side, and it was one of those knitted hats.  They are not the only persons who abused or assaulted my son.  People connected to Tancer did as well (Mike Tancer, Forrest Tancer, Joy Sterling)

After I was drugged with a date-rape drug and sodomized by Floyd, Floyd set out a variety of knives on the countertop where I could see them, after I saw my son's cut face.  I ran.  All of a sudden, I was then given federal housing, and with that federal housing, the U.S. federal government used a man they were already familiar with to continue the abuse against me.  His name was Steve Mays, and I believe he works illicitly for the CIA, because I haven't seen any evidence of business with the U.S. Army.  I later found out Steve Mays IS, however, related to a next-door neighbor I had growing up, who was Swedish, named "Hermann Danielson".  Mr. Danielson did have a position with the U.S. military, and I was surrounded by him, the Coombs, and then Springers. 

Even though I did not know who Steve Mays was, there is higher than average liklihood that he did already know who I was, because of his family having lived next to me most of my childhood in Moses Lake, Washington.

When I was at Steve Mays house, the same thing that happened to me with Floyd happened to me there.  With Floyd, I believe it was a date rape knock-out drug.  With Mays, it was possibly a fumigation or chemical substance of some kind.   I remember I woke up with the same odd feeling one day, and feeling molested when I hadn't been with anyone (that I remembered).  I could also, a few times, smell an odd chemical smell but it wasn't extremely strong.

When I first moved in, I was told another woman was moving out of an adjoining room.  I took a peek inside later and she had set out a full suit of baby clothing on her bed.  I found out later she had been used for multiple rape and sexual abuse by people in the community.

One time, I started to wake up from the chemical or drug I believe, because I suddenly saw a young man in my room.  He was next to my head, where I was sleeping and when I woke or broke out of a fog of some kind, he crouched down to the ground.  I saw what he was wearing, it was a zip up sweatshit with a hood and an irregular black and white pattern.  After he crouched down low, even though I had seen a man in my room, I fell asleep or went unconscious again.  Basically, he was up close near my head and then scooted backwards quickly as I saw him, and kept low to the ground.  But I saw him get up and back back, further away from my head at the time.

Although Steve May was the owner of the house and I believe he was involved, it was a young man that was in my room and he was about the same size as the housemate staying there.  I think his name was Chris, and he had a hispanic girlfriend.  I had felt sorry for them, because of their baby, and then I later surmissed they had taken part in going to my Aunt's house or wherever he was babysat, and tortured him.  The style of things my son was saying to me in visits was like Jacob style of talking to me.  I think that if Jacob was sexually molesting me and drugging me, he would have a motive to harm my son, as part of the U.S. government corruption circle.  His girlfriend, Greta, hated me.

Even though I was waking up feeling drugged and molested, I had a hard time understanding or believing why it would happen twice.  How likely was it, that Floyd would do this to me, and then have it happen at Steve Mays house?  Where were they getting chemicals?  Floyd had Canada contacts, Seattle and California, and knew U.S. military.  Steve Mays was not military to my knowledge, but family to U.S. military that lived next to me for over 10 years where I was grew up in Moses Lake.  And how would a young man or anyone get up the nerve to sexually molest me.

I mentioned it, but I couldn't be sure until I was out of Wenatchee and living with a bunch of women at a shelter.  When I woke up and noticed it wasn't happening anymore, and I wasn't "molested" or having evidence of such, I realized that yes, it was actually happening to me in Wenatchee.

This is the level of degradation the U.S. forced upon me.  Canadians were also involved.

And how fascinating that it leads back to Moses Lake, Washington again as well.  This means, if the Maiers and Karin Whittemore (from Canada) and others were involved in some of the abuse and knew Mr. Danielson or Springers or Coombs, it's going to Middleton again as well.

After I began to wonder if I was being drugged at the Mays house, I decided to stay up later and spot it out.  I thought maybe I was being chloroformed or drugged or something, gassed, whatever, after I was asleep.  So one night instead of sleeping in that room, I moved out and underneath an area nearby and after a certain time of night, the door opened to the downstairs (which was my exclusive area) and someone was going down the stairs and then they looked and saw me and went back upstairs. 

There was some minor repair-work being done to the downstairs, which was an excuse Steve Mays used to keep it open or as an excuse to be near my room, if he wanted to be.  However, the man I saw that one night was not Steve Mays.  Anyone coming downstairs at that time of night, had no reason for doing so, not even Mays.  He didn't work on it at night, but during the day.

So basically, this helped to confirm for me that someone was waiting until they thought I was asleep to do something to me.
Others who knew Steve Mays were Chris Rozollo, who also knows Judge Hotchkiss.  Chris Rozollo was former U.S. Army and a cop.

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