Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Evidence Canada Knowingly Refouled Oliver and Cameo Garrett to United States

If a country is guilty of "refouling" persons back to a country, it has to be proven that country knew they were sending requestors of political asylum back into danger. If a country "didn't know", they can't be accused of refoulment or of committing a crime against humanity.

Canada DID know and I have evidence to prove they knew.

1. Concealment of Nature of Arrival.
The first obvious evidence is that Canada lied about why I was there to begin with. I asked for political asylum. They lied and claimed I was violating immigration laws and just wandering in to try to live there without a point, or gain work without going through normal channels. I told them immediately that I was there for political asylum. They denied me a hearing for political asylum and changed it into an excuse to make it look like they were just kicking us out.

2. Canada Knew About FBI.
Canada already had internal records about my abuse by employees of the FBI. They admitted this to me through their immigration officer who brought it up himself, without my prompting. They already knew who was involved in date-raping me, and that I had also made a complaint about FBI and was abused by members of that agency. I know they knew, because Ross brought it up on his own.

3. Canada Knew The U.S. Was Going To Kidnap My Son.
Canada knew my son was going to be kidnapped from me if I went back to the U.S. after making a request for political asylum. They knew there was no investigation of me and no warrant or protective order on my son when I left the U.S., and they admitted to me that they knew the U.S. was waiting on the other side to take my child from me. They knew the U.S. was going to punish me by separating me from my baby. Canada even did the U.S. a "favor" by "holding" us until the U.S. got a court order, after the U.S. knew I'd asked for political asylum, so they could create an appearance of legality when they stole my son. The court process began after the U.S. discovered I asked for political asylum in Penticton, B.C. I said the U.S. would retaliate and try to take my son and Ross, the immigration officer, nodded and agreed he knew.

4. Canada Told Me The U.S. Was Going To Punish Me.
The "immigration lawyer" that Canada assigned to me told me himself that the U.S. wanted to punish me and they were planning to put me into a mental institute to discredit me for asking for political asylum. That lawyer was a Canadian government official, and he had knowledge which he shared with me, making it clear he knew I was being put into danger and retaliation. Three different Canadian officials in Canada told me the U.S. was planning to try to retaliate against me and discredit me by putting me into a psych ward or mental institute. This is the entire reason I did not move back to Wenatchee and stayed next to the border. I was left without any money to leave the country with. As a result, the U.S. did to me exactly what Canada already knew was going to be done to me, when they refouled me and my son to the U.S.

5. Canada Had A Joint-Program With The CIA.
Canada already knew who I was. I have the document that shows I was involved, and it came to the attention of the U.S. Senate in 1977 during MK Ultra Senate Hearings. Canada had been taking money from the U.S. CIA for the MK Ultra program, which they participated in, and they already knew I was one of the kids that was forced into the program for government abuse. Canada had been receiving slush funds from the CIA through Cornell University. It was a form of inter-governmental money-laundering. The CIA gave the money to Cornell and Cornell then passed the money on to Canada's scientists who were working with the CIA. Canada had selected some of their own citizens for MK Ultra and they knew who was part of the program from the U.S. One of their scientists who abused Canadian kids on behalf of the CIA, was a man named Ewan Cameron, who worked at the Allan Institute. Canada got rich off of the CIA. As long as Canada was taking slush funds from the CIA, they were in the business of exploiting and torturing kids, and lying about them, to serve their own interests of greed and power. They got paid.

6. My grandfather, Robert Guy Garrett, Sr. Had Done Business With Canada.
Canada knew who my grandfather had worked for.

7. Canada Knew Oliver Garrett and Cameo Garrett Were Refused Medical Care.
Canada also knew both me and my son were refused normal and reasonable medical care in the U.S., even with state-insurance coverage. I have systemic thrush to this day because of it, and my son had it as well. They also knew my son had been refused medical care by being kicked out of care, without even a 30 day notice first.

8. Canada Knew We Were Tortured.
Canada knew my son and I were tortured because of medical evidence we arrived with. I was hemmorhaging white tissue into their toilet, my son's toenails were warped and curled up from long-distance MRI targeted assault, and both me and my son developed severe bronchitis from the sudden move from a torture zone where our bodies were heated unnaturally every day, to not being heated; as a result, our lungs and respiratory systems went into a state of shock. We were seen by Canadian doctors. Those doctors confirmed my son had normal weight and that both of us were sick. Canada knew the liklihood because they were taking money from the CIA.

Another word for CIA is Department of State.

Canada's lawyers, after telling me I was going to be "punished" and not to move back there, then lied in court to cover Canada's slimey ass. They attempted to say they thought I needed to have another man speak for me, as if they actually believed I couldn't speak for myself because I was mentally ill. They did this to cover for the fact they were denying me a hearing for political asylum and knowingly refouling me to the U.S. for harm and retaliation. If they made it appear they agreed there was something wrong with me mentally (when there were no supporting documents or evidence), they could escape liability for knowing there wasn't anything wrong with me, and that sending us back would be separation of a family and endangering me to retaliation by the U.S. government in throwing me into a psych ward and being called mentally ill.

Canada is corrupt.

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