Friday, April 5, 2013

Attempt To Escape U.S. Stopped By Cop (Washington State Patrol)

When a police officer stopped my Mom as she was driving, after I had broken my arm, we were trying to leave the U.S.

I had just broken my arm and the doctor was telling my parents, after the surgery, that I might have to have a "mechanical" arm. 

My Mom wasn't speeding because I was old enough to see the speedometer and know how she was driving.  We were stopped by a police officer who said she was speeding when she wasn't.  My Mom burst into tears before he even got to the window.

We were on a state freeway, not in Moses Lake.  It was a Washington state cop that pulled my mother over, from what I remember, and as I recall, we were heading torwards the Canadian border.  Not that that would have done any good, but until we flew out somewhere else, it was possibly a chance to leave.

My Mom burst into tears and said I had just broken my arm and they had a bill from the hospital over $3,000.  I remember she said $3,000 to the cop and then he looked over at me and I said something about it, showing him my arm and he looked as guilty as hell.  He backed off from the window and said it was a warning and go home and took off.

At that time, doctors were saying they wanted to do another surgery and amputate my arm or install some kind of mechanical part of the arm, but they had already done something that acted like a tracking device in my arm.

I remember that from that point forward, my mother wasn't able to talk around me in the same way, and I always wondered why she was so quiet.  We also didn't have as many people over to the house to visit, and my brother and I had to play outdoors for long periods of time.

I said to my Mom, "Why did he pull you over?"  She said, "He said I was speeding."  I said, "But you weren't.  I saw how fast you were going and you were going the same as what the sign says." 

I believe this was one of the first times, that I can remember as a kid, where my parents attempted to leave the United States and they were stopped and threatened not to by a federal and state employee.  It wasn't a Moses Lake city cop, it was a Washington state patrolman.

At the same time we were being tracked, by this cop, when my Mom wasn't even speeding, and I always remembered that fact, something was done to my arm to cause it a sensation to it before he pulled us over.

My Mom was told to drive back to the house, after she was asked, when he first approached the window, "Where are you going?"

After this, I was introduced to, and told to visit Katie Fallon while her Dad, a doctor, Dr. Robert Fallon, had me under his observation at his house.  His daughter then went on to get a scholarship at Cornell University, which is the same hospital that the CIA gave money to, to give to Canadian doctors working in the MK Ultra program which included Dr. Ewan Cameron.

My visits at the Fallons house, occured immediately after the surgery involving metal implants into my arm, by the U.S. military, at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake, Washington.  I was "invited" over to the Fallons house.  I didn't ask to go, my mother had to drive me there and drop me off at their house.

That "Cornell University" connection, with their collusion and involvement with the CIA and U.S. Army in distribution of monies to U.S. doctors and Canadian doctors for grotesque research projects against citizens, for MK Ultra, were a constant in my life.  It never ended.

We have always been trying to escape the United States and my parents are prisoners here.  After Dr. Robert Fallon observed me for one year, I wasn't going to the Fallon's house anymore.  It was strictly for their medical profit, which is why Katie got a scholarship, as a "thank you" to her parents, to Cornell.

I broke my arm on Memorial Day, in 1983 I believe, and I now think the only reason I suddenly fell was because I was targeted by the U.S. military, who had technology capable of targeting individuals by then.  It was done to me after a boy named "Rusty" died, who killed himself when he was age 13, and his parents lived on "The Peninsula" where Fallons parents were, and I believe they were federal employees.

In 1986 I was told to babysit for Ruthie Aimes, who was the one that told me repeatedly, in the overly-sweet tone, "You're worth you're weight in GOLD."

Next, in 1989, Karin's family moved from Quebec, Canada, where Dr. Ewan Cameron was working for the CIA at the Allen Memorial Institute, to live next-door to Dr. Rob and Marty Fallon.

We moved in 1990, after my Dad was commuting back and forth between Moses Lake, Washington and Wilsonville, Oregon first, in 1989.

In 1991, the incitement to rape me came out of Ottowa, Canada, which is the same area, where MK Ultra work was being done, and it was to broadcast a bet that would be rewarded, for anyone who could rape me, but it was disguised as an attack against Caroline Mulroney, who those that were familiar with the sources, already knew it had nothing to do with.  It was about me.  It was directed to the 'daughter of Brian Mulroney' who was from Baie-Comeau.  Right after the Maiers family had said good-bye to me and the Canadian family Karin was with, became best friends with the MK Ultra connected Fallons and Maiers.  It was an incitement made when I had a dance photo taken with Brian Parker.

In 1991-1992 Tony Roos was involved in an assassination attempt against me, after I said good-bye to the Bechtolds and was driving back to my parent's house.  Tony Roos got a nice plum job with the U.S. Army in "transportation" (ha ha), which is in Australia.  Tony was cheered by Robin Bechtold and Geoff Rasmussen, Rasmussen whose family worked with Wiltbanks (who knew Middletons) and whose Mormon uncle was in the FBI.  Then Janet Reno, whose maiden name is Rasmussen, got a job as Attorney General in 1993.

1995, Mike Nichols hijacked my car and tried to kill me, not caring if any of us were killed.  His commendation came from someone who said, "They said it rolled further than the length of a football field" as if out-doing the attempt by football player Tony Roos in 1992. 

I was sent to Salt Lake City, where they did a number on me, to make sure they could torture me by remote means next. 

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