Sunday, April 28, 2013

Erickson & Torture to Stomach and Back & Bain?

The torture to my head quit earlier today and I was fine until I started looking up Michelle Erickson.  Then the U.S. began torturing me to my lower stomach and back, the way my son and I were tortured in Wenatchee.

She has worked, in the past, for the U.S. Navy.

I decided to look her up because she's had too much of an arbitrary interest in ruining the case with my son.  Also, she and Kate Middleton look exactly alike.  Michelle is overweight, but she and Kate Middleton have all of the same facial features, type of hair, and some of the same expressions and manner.  There is no reason why it is NOT possible, with some of the Middleton's other US connections, that Michelle and Kate Middleton are related.  Aside from Phoenix, Arizonas Lynda Carter (some Carol Alt semblance), Kate looks like no one else more than Michelle.

The fact that Japanese Judge Alicia Nakata was trying to protect Michelle, when I had a right to speak up about crimes committed against me and my son, is not comforting, especially with the Tony Roos assassination attempt next-door to a Nakata relative in Portland, Oregon, when the Roos' moved on to be Department of State ambassadors.  Discomfiting, when the Roos family is connected to the Middleton family.

Kate Middleton looks swedish.  She doesn't look English at all.  She looks like a cross between "something" and a Swede.  Erickson, is a Swedish name.
Michelle Erickson also looks like a Swede.  And so far, I'm finding out I'm pretty close to right, so then I was being tortured tonight as I did the research.

The U.S. doesn't like to be caught with their pants down, ever. Imagine Michelle with her pants down at Seychelles Island with Justin transfering some money from another island to Kate as a wedding present.

Also, Alvaro Pardo already knew Michelle Erickson before he met her.  How would he know her if his only other employer aside from a construction company was the FBI?

I just looked at some things and found a couple of connections with Michelle Erickson and others..will get into that later.  However, the other odd thing I found was a Bain connection that says it is a relation of hers.  Bain, as in Bain Capital.

So then I found some Canadian "Bains" that settled in Boston, and some in Seattle, and then the guy who started Bain Capital, William Worthington Bain Jr., and his first wife was Janice Louise Denny Bain.  She died in 1997 and he remarried.  She was cremated.  So then I found something else that said her mother's surname was Roach, and these Bains all live in Nashville, TN, supposedly, or were born there, and I was being called "A Roach" at Logans in Tennessee.  "You're just a roach.  You're a ROACH.  Do you know what I do with ROACHES?  I step on them."  This is the kind of thing they were saying to me, "You're just a cock-roach".  That's what this man named "Jordan" said to me almost every other day there and he's someone who didn't want me serving police officers.

Well, Michelle's Bain looks Canadian, not TN, but this is something to check out.  It might present a very serious conflict of interest (there is more than one of those).  There is also an Erickson that was a Thompson and my parents know Thompsons who went to England and took advantage of my parents while they were visiting.  I met their daughter who told me she didn't think I should go to England, and she may be related to Michelle.  They aren't friends.  Most of the "Ericksons" coming up are Northern European.  Also, Galbraith is coming up as a relation to some of them, along with Bennett, with Lipscomb living in the same town.  There was a "Mary Galbraith" spying on me in Nashville.  There's also an Olson that is an Erickson and had an orchard there.

It also says, but I'm not sure yet, that the Bains in TN married in with the Sarah Spencer family. 

For Hotchkiss it says there was a Mrs. Bill Hotchkiss visited by Bernice Beck, a Jack Hotchkiss selling a house on Fairview, and a Hotchkiss in Colorado that was with the USGS for water and went to England in 1982, to Oxford, to visit a Carlos Plummer.

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