Tuesday, April 16, 2013

U.S. Cut My Face With Razors

The United States cut my face with razors when I was a kid.

My post about this, is a couple posts back, with "Where is the Media for Torture".

I don't mean I want media around my house or while I shop--I mean, where are the investigative reporters that could do some good by bringing torture of "citizens" to attention.

It is because of Bain Capital that my son was kidnapped from me.

It is because of the U.S. federal government and Department of Justice and NASA/aerospace defense and FBI.

And, it is because of the CIA and U.S. Army who were the ones in control with the U.S. portion of MK Ultra (otherwise known as: Operation Monarch); Canada had their own section, one of the leaders being Scottish citizen Ewan Cameron; and the UK was involved 100% and a half.

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