Wednesday, April 10, 2013

U.S. Declares War: Torture Yesterday (all day while shopping) & FBI Retaliation

I was not able to do any studies or homework yesterday because of the level of torture against me by the United States.

I am signed up for FT classes and I was not even able to watch a movie because of U.S. torture, and it is following a report to the FBI again.

The entire day, from the time I got up, to going downtown, I was not only treated with extreme rudeness by people in Coquille, Oregon, for the first part of the day, I was then tortured the entire way to Coos Bay and while there, for hours.

The U.S. was using technology that felt like the ultrasound technology they have used on me and my son, for months at a time, every day, in Eastern Wenatchee. It specifically targets and is concentrated on the lower abdomen and lower back. The U.S. did this to me, so severely, that I was nauseous to the point of having to keep the window down, and felt like throwing up and didn't want music on. When I got home, I wrote to my son later that night after taking a walk and then I couldn't watch a film required for class or study for any of my classes, because of what the U.S. military did to me all day. There were also a bunch of hispanics who thought something was hilarious as we were driving back to Coquille from Coos Bay, and they are not people who are usually in town.

I think they showed up, because they knew what was being done to me, and also knew Alberto Gonzales took part in what was done to me and my son in 2006 with this form of torture. He was in charge of a U.S. military group and he lived next to Armando Garza and Raul Bujanda in San Antonio, TX. Garza had a bunch of Budweiser beers when he met me, and yesterday, over 2 Budweiser trucks pulled up next to where I was standing and being tortured, to make deliveries. First it was one truck, and then later it was another at a different place, or changing to where I was. They also had some Texas plated truck in town with "Recall", and said it was about your "security" and personal information on it that showed up after the Budweiser trucks. Others drove by laughing and drinking from cups with large straws as Raul Bujanda had done, I don't know why. I've been buying Coke, but that's not a new thing for my life, because I drank it as a kid sometimes and now that I'm vegan I can't have energy drinks (taurine is from a bull).

I had to keep changing where I was sitting or standing earlier in the day, when it was being done to me in Coquille first.

There were a bunch of people who knew it was happening because they would not have gone out of their way to mock me over it. I walked downtown to cash a check and none of the banks would cash my check, and they have all told me they won't let me open a bank account because of the FBI report against me.

After I had all the banks tell me they wouldn't cash my check, I had to use the restroom at Safeway and they turned the light off on me while I was in the bathroom, over 3 times, and then when I opened the door, a woman had parked a cart stacked up with sodas in front of me so I couldn't get out.

I was being tortured inside the Safeway, inside the Sterling Bank as I drank a cup of coffee, outside of the Safeway while waiting for my mother who was picking me up to go shopping, and I had to move from one spot to the next there. Then I was tortured in the Safeway bathroom, and then across the street from Safeway where there was a table and small chairs, and if I moved, it stopped for a minute or two and then the U.S. re-sighted what they were doing and did it again. I was tortured next to the water machine outsife of Safeway, and all of this was over 1 hour.

Then I was tortured in the car when she picked me up, and at my house, and it was being done when my Dad got home to mow the lawn, and regardless of where I walked or moved to, the U.S. was focusing their long-range weaponry system against me in the same way that they tortured not just me, by my baby, in 2006.

Which was when the U.S. was worried I knew too much about the Schneiders and who was trying to attempt to assassinate me--because it led directly to the Department of Justice. They tortured me and my son every day like that, to the point that we almost died. It was done after Stephanie Maier's wedding shower to be married to the Australian Alan Campbell, who possibly knew Tony Roos, who was working for Australia and the U.S. Army at that time and was involved in the first assassination attempt against me in 1992.

While in the car with my Mom, on the way to Coos Bay, I was tortured, which means possibly she was too, but didn't say anything. She turned on christian music and I wanted her to turn it off because I was sick from the pain of the level of torture by the United States, which is something they have never quit for good, and is something they deserve to be nuked over. I think one of the first places anyone should target is the building for the Department of Justice. That entire department is a standing joke. They have not done one single good thing with regard to me and my son, when I've made reports, and they have actually participating in organizing and covering for hate crime within the government, to try to kill me, and then settle for taking my son and torturing us and calling me mentally ill--which is a lie.

By the time we showed up at the Department of Revenue in Coos Bay, which is where I was told by someone over the phone I had to go, I was almost dizzy. I was offered candy in the car and didn't take any and was sick. I had to then go in and talk to an employee about the IRS, and getting a copy of a form I sent, when they refused to do this for me when I made my request by phone. Someone had parked U.S. Navy stickered cars and other government vehicles around.

Then we left and my Mom stopped to get magazines at Habitat for Humanity and I was tortured while waiting in the car so I got out and felt better when I did, bc of the fresh air. I then went with her to a store where I wasn't being tortured for that short amount of time and then it was started up again, before we got to a bank in town. It was done when I got back to the car until we went to Rite Aid, and then it was done to me from Rite Aid to Fred Meyer.

It wasn't happening in Fred Meyer until the last few minutes and then we went back home and I was tortured again, but not as bad.

The U.S. engaged in war against me. This country has literally been in a state of war against me since 1992. They have treated me like a war criminal and have tried to kill me, raped me, and stolen my property like someone who is pillaged in war.

The United States declared war against some of its citizens and it's really been asking for war, and begging for a chance to show off what they can do, by torturing people like me and my son for over a decade (both of us combined).

I sent an email to the FBI recently and it was obvious by yesterday that huge groups of people all knew about it. They were around, to structure an entire theme of rubbing it in my face, and brought in hispanics from different places that are not good people, and some other nationalities and races or groups as well. They made the entire day yesterday into a repeat of what was done to me and my son in 2006, which these people know happened, and then they criminally kidnapped my son and lied about it, and called ME mentally ill.

These people are sick in the head.

Basically, I got some grocery shopping done and that's all I could do. I went for a walk later that day and had no energy because of being tortured all day. I wrote to my son and went to bed, and then I was still being tortured, until both of my knees hurt and my feet were cramping and technology was being used that targeted my feet and made them move with benign fasciculations from microwave technology and heating my skin and muscles.

The U.S. made a joke out of torture yesterday and last night.

Alberto Gonzales went on to get a lawyer for himself named George Terwilliger with White & Case, after I had been made a target for assassination in 1992, off of Terwilleger Road, leaving George Bechtold's house, to be chased and then have bright lights white out my vision so I couldn't see as Tony Roos tried to kill me.

I think the Bushes know about it. I don't see how it's possible George Bush, like Clinton and any of the other Presidents, does not know about something like this. How do you get that many people, all from Texas and part of groups that have business with others who have been trying to kill me, and it's not involving them?

Raul Bujanda, Armando Garza, and Alberto Gonzales are all Middleton supporters. They are also all from Texas, as is Robin Bechtold, who moved there, and Danielle Schneider (Christa Schneider's sister who married someone from there), and all of these people are connected to Mormons in government who have personal business with them, and who were used to slander me when I made a report in 2005. My son and I were tortured, after several assassination attempts, because someone was worried it was getting too "hot in Hell" for them. They knew it might be only a matter of time before they were found out.

I think the fact that I named my son's father as "unknown" but with the nickname "Tony" was discomfiting to them. Tony? why did Cameo put "Tony" down as a name? Is she trying to tell someone she knows Tony Roos is involved?

Oh, what a surprise. And now my son and I are going to be tortured every single day, not just sporadically.

Someone was worried they were about to get caught. I had also figured out, by that time, that my "migraines" were not natural migraines and had been triggered by remote technology through NASA and the U.S. Pentagon. So here we have "Tony" (with someone worried it was maybe the name of the father but maybe I was alluding to the name of Tony Roos, if they thought my family or I had anything to do with intelligence), and my awareness that my own country has been "knocking me out" for select groups to excel as I am tossed to the wayside. And then I visit Stephanie and discover the Canada-U.S. government connection which means the FBI and Department of Justice deliberately interfered with my lawsuits and made it personal for them to falsely arrest me and steal my car and have me lose.

Here is the other thing. Yesterday after I wrote about the fashion I liked, which is threatening because...? why? when my mother was on "property tour" wherever she was, someone assaulted her and did something to the inside corners of the skin of her eyes, to match what I had pinned to a pair of jeans I was wearing and then to match the pocket outline of the pants from the Asian ensemble that I had worn in 1995. Her eyes are blacker today and she has 2 different kinds of impression marks from torture inside.

I asked her why she was wearing her glasses up and she wouldn't say, and then I saw her eyes while we were at the U.S. Bank in Coos Bay.

Torturing me for the last several days, and all day yesterday, is not only being done to interfere with college, and with my plans to be a surrogate, it is being done to interfere with a request I have from the IRS that the IRS wants to stick me over. They are disputing the monetary value of my son who is kidnapped and my unborn that this country murdered.

If I want to list my children as stolen property, or lost, that is my right. The U.S. government lists citizens as "property" and I have the right to list my children and if I am asked to assign value, I have a right to do that. It doesn't affect how much money the IRS owes me. It makes no difference and it is not fraud. So they have issues, but as long as I am trying to do the paperwork required, they work with other agencies to have me tortured.

What the U.S. doesn't like, is any form of paperwork that shows them to be as liable as they know they actually are. They want people to lie for them, to make them look good.

I think the other motive was that some group was worried about someone taking an interest into what was happening with me, maybe more recently, so they started up torture again. They tortured my mother over my mention of a dress worn by a woman at Cannes, just yesterday.

I am supposed to have no eye for fashion I think. I'm "in the way" and "blocking the light". Who is this great "light" that is worth torturing children and throwing out reputations for human rights over?

Then after torturing me all day and the last couple of days, someone went into my house again when I left to apply for work. They tied the door with a military knot. So it was military or police/FBI. They went in and touched and moved around groceries I had just bought, specifically moving my colloidal silver around.

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