Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FBI Email Prior To Dr. Fink's Cancellation (Fink Works with FBI)

Dr. Fink's offices asked if I was keeping my appointment tomorrow and I said yes. Then the FBI sent me this email which I received in my inbox for mail at 2:20 p.m. or so. Then Fink's assistant Tammy called me up, after I read the email from the FBI, and cancelled my appointment with them. Tammy called me at about 2:35 p.m. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Portland FBI wanted access to my medical records through Fink first, and then cancelled on me before I could have bloodwork done at a lab. My appointment wasn't cancelled by Fink until they got my records from Maryland first. I mailed my release of information to them and signed it yesterday, and as soon as they got it, they called me up to cancel after the FBI sent me an email saying they are not accountable or responsible for anything.

RE: Report of FBI Agent Misconduct
PD Squad 6
1:24 PM (3 hours ago)
to me


The information you have provided has been reviewed. The FBI takes allegations of employee misconduct very seriously. However, the appropriate venue to file your complaint is with the United States Department of Justice, Office of Inspector General. The U.S. DOJ-OIG may be contacted in writing at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 4706, Washington, DC 20530-0001 or telephonically at 202-514-3435.

Your correspondence will be kept on file.

FBI, Portland

LOREE Garrett
2:52 PM (1 hour ago)

to PD

You knew the "proper" recipient of my complaint was the OIG in 2005, when you slandered me internally and used local cops from "Oregon" to "Washington" to put me under false arrest multiple times, to your advantage.

Your group is responsible for premeditated date rape, violent assault, collusion to murder me, obstruction of justice, and assault with use of a deadly weapon--i.e, toxic overdose of medications.

You were aware your offices and agents were guilty in 2005 and you continued to destroy my life. You were also aware that your bribery of Sgt. Austria to not process my claims of abuse by your employees was illegal.

You are responsible for the destruction of my life and my son's life and your bureau is guilty of fraud and mismanagement of public monies.

That is what the OIG needs to hear about, we all know.

What the OIG does not process, to my knowledge, is kidnapping of a child under fraudulent claims by your agency, and assassination attempts against me from one state to the next. Are you admitting your entire bureau is so fully corrupt you can no longer handle assassination attempts?
I immediately called Fink and revoked my authorization for them to receive my records, regardless of whether they had them already or not. I believe they already had them.

They made me do research for them, for two days, and then cancelled on me after I did all of their work. It's like more retaliation over my not marrying Alvaro Pardo, the FBI fuck and his rapist friends in the Department of State and FBI. All that Agent Fowler is, is his NYC cover.

Fink cancelled on me when I was going for an exam to follow up the FBI-involved surgery of me. Their fuckers trashed me and their fuckers assaulted me and I have no doubt their fuckers are involved in my healthcare now. Their own God Damned agent was there at the hospital when I had a surgery done and then they fuck with me in trying to get a follow up appointment since that surgery ever since. I also have a life-threatening blood disorder, and the FBI can't handle any results coming from that either. Why would anyone want to obstruct my own son from having his mother diagnosed with hemophilia when it could help HIM? If I have it, he does. Not only that, it was Washington D.C. fucking doctors who TOLD me to have it done. They said I had a bleeding disorder and did I have tests done? I said no and said, why don't you do it now? and they said they couldn't because they were an ER and it was something to follow up on with an OBGYN. So then, after that, I hemmorhaged more and almost died and had to have a blood tranfusion. That was before the surgery and I've had problems ever since, and ever since they fucked with me and drugged me with Haldol to kill me.

These FBI fucks, after they tried to force me to marry their agent, held me hostage and injected me with toxic overdoses of Haldol several times and forced me to take a ton of pills every day and I've had problems ever since they did this to me.

What a great woman "Brigette Fink" must be. Her associate doctor is "Hamilton" "Hamilton steel" in Canada? You know, it's Hamilton Steel that is part of STELCO and U.S. Steel, which is where Amy Roe and her FBI fucks are connected to.

So this woman backed out of doing a follow-up OBGYN appointment after I had major surgery and have had problems since and need to find out where I'm at, and I was going to have a Hem. A. familial mutation targeted analysis to find hemophilia A or not, and if that wasn't positive, they were going to look for Hem. B. These assholes can't handle the truth. The part that "got to them" was when I added I wanted to have a screen done for Haldol. It costs $35 and these fuckers were trying to block me not only from being tested for a bleeding disorder, but from being tested for reactions I am still having to Haldol OVERDOSE. These reactions are specific to that overdose period by the FBI and U.S. Army.

This doctor backed out because someone wants to buy time so they are not legally liable.

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