Saturday, April 27, 2013

U.S. Targeting My Head With Military/NASA again (as of yesterday)

Yesterday I was assaulted to the left side of my head while walking through town, as I passed a Japanese-owned nursery which is three buildings away from the local police station.

I was going the direction of the police station because that's how I get to my house.  So after I was assaulted with military and NASA technology the individuals responsible knew they'd had an opportunity to observe me from surveillance cameras from that police station.

Later last night, after I had typed up some information and sent it out, I was tortured to my right eye, to cause it to bulge out as has been done to me, my Mom and Dad, and to my son Oliver.  I was also targeted to the top of the right side of my head.   I went to bed anyway and then woke up with a migraine on the right side from the trauma inflicted by the U.S. NASA and military.

It was done to me after I criticized a doctor family, The Fallons (Rob and Marty Fallon, who moved to MA), when I explained the U.S. had deliberately forced me and my brother to be hungry and not eat enough, since 1984.  We had enough food in our house--my parents were instructed to only give us so much food to eat and then federal employees we visited were instructed not to give us any food but to have their kids eating in front of us.  Which is what Katie Fallon did.  She had me to her house, when the adults all knew I was not getting enough to eat and hungry, and had her eating snacks and food in front of me.  She told me, "My Mom says I can't give you any food."  The last time I saw them, they had me over for dinner, after all of the times she ate in front of me and I wasn't allowed to have enough food to eat.  So of course the "pheasant fettucine" dinner tasted like the best one ever, to me, because I was kept in a constant state of hunger.  Katie got a scholarship to Cornell, which is the main university that distributed money from the CIA to Canada's MK Ultra branch at the Allen Institute (Dr. Ewan Cameron).  It's the same town Karin was from, who moved next-door to the Fallons from Canada and then became best friends with Stephanie Maiers.

Anyway, the migraine was being inflicted until I started writing this and now I'm not being targeted at the top of my head and eye anymore.  It's 11:35 a.m.

Actually, they are still targeting my head but not as severely.

So later when I met Dan Gatti, who was a lawyer that was supposed to help me get compensation for damages, he said about me all the time, and to me, "you're hungry."  I asked him what he meant because he kept saying this and he said, "You want to go after them."  So he'd say to me all the time, "I like to see that hunger."  "I like that hunger!"  "You're HUNGRY."

Maybe Dan knows a thing or two about MK Ultra and he decided not to let me know about it.

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