Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updated: Murder Attempt by Department of Justice

It is NOT TOO LATE for Kate Middleton to go to jail.

It was September 11, 2008.

One of Chris Dabney's Dept. of Justice friends stole my cell phone and then later that day I was hit in a premeditated collision, when people knew I was pregnant.

Then I had a death threat after I made a blog post about "Mark" and T-bone and how I knew they were connected. I was thinking of something else totally, but Mark, the truck driver, and the t-bone of my car in Portland were connected to Tony Roos, U.S. Army employee who tried to kill me in 1992.

There are 3 federal groups involved: U.S. Army, FBI, and Department of Justice.

Washington D.C. police ignored the death threat after I had yet another assassination attempt against me that was coordinated by the Department of Justice.

On September 11, 2008, the man who crashed into my vehicle in D.C. was taken away by ambulance and it is not hard to find out who he was, what his name is, and which Washington D.C. taxi service he was working for.

(Updated: The hispanic driver I was with is also a suspect and it may be possible he is connected to the other hispanic driver that ran into me in Tigard, Oregon in 2003. What was odd, is that both the taxi driver and the hispanic driver seemed to know eachother when they collided).

The FBI already knows.

Robin Bechtold is an employee of the FBI, and he's been part of this since 1992.

This country has used employees from 3 different federal departments to try to kill me and they murdered my unborn child and kidnapped my son.

Today I was treated like shit by FBI when I tried to call about assassination attempts. I recorded all of it.

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