Saturday, April 6, 2013

...Along came a spider, who sat down beside her...

I was making chili this morning and I opened up the lid and was ladling it into a bowl when this black spider dropped down, directly from above my bowl, and it had a chili bean behind. I mean, it's back part was shaped like, and the same color of, a chili bean.  Or, red kidney bean, which I'm using, and it was the color of the chili I'm making.

I took some pictures of it, or tried to, and then saw it likes to jump around, so I let it outside. 

The back was shaped like a kidney bean or a small tear shape.  It seemed to be really smart for a spider.  I just sensed it was a very smart one.  It was solid black, with faint grey hairs on the legs and a larger head with the spider jaws slightly like a beetle.  The back looked red-orange and was tear shaped and it had light hairs and a faint pattern on the back.  It spiraled down with the web strings, and it jumped too--a pretty fast jumper. 
Updated 4/7/13:  It looked like a phiddipus princeps (from this photo) or one of the phiddipus.
It had a solid black, smooth, shiny militant-looking helmet of a head, and pincer type jaws and faintest hairs on the legs and arms and then a tear-shaped back with a red-orange back.  The entire back was shaped like a tear and it was solid colored and had a light pattern on the back but it looked red in the house and then sort of red-orange outside in the light.  It didn't look like the johnsoni variety, it looked more like the princeps--they are slightly different.  There weren't lots of eyes or different colored eyes on it either but here is a description of the genus that I liked:
It means, "one who spares horses"
I later went out to see if I could find it again and a different spider was in the grass and when I pulled the grass apart to see it, there was an irridescent beetle there, with an irridescent green head and a copper irridescent body and it was a thin beetle. I picked it up to take a photo and then put it back outside but it disappeared!  I hope not in my house somewhere.
I just read that 85% of the population is afraid of spiders or doesn't like them.  I don't like all of them around me at all, but ever since I was a kid, I've let them keep their cobwebs in my room (house) generally speaking.  I don't mind them at all.  I have one that is directly above my head where I sleep and I am not concerned about it.  So I guess I'm rare.?  This one black one, the phiddipus, I put outside because it jumped a lot, but it seemed unusually smart.  I felt like it was thinking as it looked around. 
The weirdest thing about this one was that I was putting the chili in my bowl when this black spider dropped down from the ceiling that I hadn't seen before.  Just a few inches from the pot.  And there, was this spot that was the same color.  It was sort of surreal to see.  When it dangled the same height from the chili, you could see how the colors matched and it was this tear shape.  Then, I let it continue down to test the lid that I had set down on the table, which was still hot (or warm).  It reached out with a leg, after hovering, and decided against it when it touched and went back up, to the ceiling, jumped over an inch or two and then did the same thing, winding down from the thread, to land on a different spot of the table.  I looked it up, and it seems other concur this is a very smart spider.  Really.  I felt sort of sad letting it outside but since it jumped, I didn't want it jumping on me in the middle of the night.  The cobweb ones usually stay in the web, but my place is too small right now for a jumping one.
So if phiddipus means "one who spares horses" and princeps means "prince" or "prime" and it's name is phiddipus princeps, does this mean "prince who spares horses"? or "one who spares the prince's horses?"
It says phidippus was the name of a slave who was a physician to the king in a greek play but I'm not sure about the name conjugation.
Oh, and what was even weirder, was it came out of nowhere after I noticed the OO from igloo was next to a 52 which I thought of as 7 so I was thinking 007 and then this spider dropped out of nowhere. 
I tried to find the beetle online. It was sort of all one body shape, not a smaller head with very wide body or anything.  The head was just faintly green but with some copper and the body was tan-copper iridescent.  Very fast.

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