Monday, April 15, 2013

Lindsay O'Neils "Big Bush" and Mila Hager

Christa had two warnings for me, aside from my finding out about some things later, like, oh! she's connected to Dick Whittemore and Karin Whittemore and the UK Middleton family...and aside from her constant talk about how she was going to get revenge on her boyfriends.

She told me I had no idea how incredibly "powerful" the people she knew were and warned me I didn't know what I was up against, with money and power. She was telling me people like the Thebaults were nothing, and that was "small" compared to who she knew.

So great. And we know she's involved in assassination attempts against me. Let's look at Christa and Danielle (her sister) from Texas I think.

The other thing she told me about, was her best friends "giant bush".

She went on and on about Lindsay O'Neils (or O'Neals) "gigantic bush". I really think, in hindsight, she wasn't talking about O'Neils pubic hair. She was talking about the George Bush Jr. family. Christa was an English major and I knew her to talk in symbolic ways at times, and maybe it was amusing to her to talk about the giant bush when she was actually refering to the Bushes.

My son and I were almost murdered under George Bush Jr. and his assassinating wife Laura. I remember I had made some comment about his daughters sounding like alcoholics and wrote about it publicly, and that was about the time it was full speed ahead with torture of me and my son. The Bush family is from Texas, where Robin went, and where Christa Schneider's sister Danny lives.

Oh, aha, and it's George Walker Bush. I didn't know what the "W" was for. Walker! as in "Katherine Walker", the designer's name that Carol Middleton chose to wear as her daughter was getting into royal pockets. Afterall, the Middletons owe a lot to the Bush family.

I was one of few who did not generally criticize George Bush Jr. when others did. I wrote a paper that was sort of a characature, while attending PCC-Sylvania, but that was it, and I thought it was disgraceful his daughter was becoming publicly drunk all the time. So I guess they thought they'd get even with Christa Schneider and try to have me disgraced instead. Christa suddenly wanted to take me out to go "drinking". Of course. To make the Lindsay Bush feel better? Of course it was personal to them, because they are connected to CIA and had to have known who my parents were so maybe they thought I knew about them. I didn't.

Laura is a witch.

They were pissed that I had criticized Jenna for her public debacles. The only reason it would matter to them that I said anything, was because they knew my parents mattered and that other federal agencies watched me and knew what I said and did. So it got back to them and they didn't like it. I called her a lush and said she was an embarrasment to the country.

She's had a daughter now, Jenna, the drunk, who I called "A drunk", and it's been revealed they call this new addition, born yesterday, "Mila". Like Mila, Bryan Mulroneys wife, whose father worked for the CIA in MK Ultra in Canada.

Here's what Laura Welch-Bushes boyfriend was singing before she rammed her car into his and killed him: Desert Rose by Sting Oh night.

Are you ready to testify, Laura, about government sponsored torture of my son. As you look at "Mila", are you ready to have her head shrivel up in front of you? Imagine how I felt to have my son targeted under your administration and supervision. Are you ready, Laura, to testify about assassination attempts against me?

Let me know when you are ready Big Bush.

The above photos are from Readers Digest May 2005. I like how George Bush extends his middle finger, like Robin Bechtold did to me as he tried to chase me down and flipped me off, which was before Tony Roos attempted to assassinate me by running me off the road. I had already offended the Bush family by this edition of Readers Digest, and been blacklisted by the FBI. Where were Garza and Bujanda from? Texas cowboy, Texas. Notice, in the text, what was important about "Midland", which isn't mentioned in articles about how Laura killed her boyfriend there...oil.

Coincidentally, here are some photos I took for my son Oliver, about 3 days ago. Sort of coincidental as I ended up looking up this song because I didn't plan to include it with a theme about assassination attempts, Bushes, FBI, and Sting's "Desert Rose" which I haven't played for years.

Yo Georgie, you're gonna figure out how to clean up and return what doesn't belong to you. My son. You and your little oily squeaks had better figure out how to deal and return my son.

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