Monday, April 15, 2013

Correction--Middle Eastern vs Indian: Washington D.C. Assassination Attempt Against Me (followed-up by FBI assault)

One assassination attempt against me that I haven't mentioned much, lately, was done in Washington D.C.

It is one of the major reasons I was assaulted with Haldol in Nashville, TN by FBI and Eastern Indians and military. It was an Eastern Indian man who made the attempt.

I had thought, at first, that he was Middle Eastern, because he had a turban on his head, but he wasn't. He was a Washington D.C. taxi driver who had a turban wrapped around his head, and although it is remotely possible he was Middle Eastern, and ...? knew ? I believe from his style of dress and face it is more likely that he was Eastern Indian. He had a very large white or cream colored cloth turban around his head and a larger face and was laughing while looking at us when he pulled out and stopped his car there. He was then looking at other white people who were around the corner or showing up, and laughing with them as they looked at eachother and cheered what had just happened. Basically, he had pulled out his car so that the driver I was with, t-boned it. My car was deliberately t-boned in Tigard, Oregon in 2003, so it was a repeated effort. And guess what? It's United States government.

There were white people involved in encouraging him to do it, so he got paid. There were a bunch of white people watching and sort of jubilantly cheering him after he charged his car out into the path of our oncoming vehicle. He saw us, and he stopped his car in the middle of the road, so that the driver I was with plowed into him.

It was another assassination attempt. The man who was driving saw us first, and I saw him staring at us and he deliberately went out into the middle of the road with his car, when no one else was in it. The police came and they got my ID over the incident and I didn't have time to follow up on it or ask for an investigation of yet another "assassination attempt" against me--this time, a few miles away from The White House.

What followed next was that I was held hostage by Eastern Indians who probably knew that taxi driver, or were related to him through the Nashville FBI offices "Diane Harsha", and U.S. military, and the white doctors at Vanderbilt had to be in on it as well. It was the white doctors at Vanderbilt that FBI sent me to, and they routed me to Eastern Indians and U.S. military who would try to destroy me and kill me.

So the first (not really the first, but one of vehicular incidents I remember) assassination attempt against me was in 1992. Then the guy joined the U.S. Army, and later linked up with Commonwealth Australia. Then it was 1995 with Mike Nichols hijacking my car, literally, in a kamikazi style attack. Then I was being tracked and tortured by U.S. military after being operated on by the V.A. Then, in 2003, I bought 8 batteries for 3 different cars after the electrical wiring was being shut off by police or military, as I drove to Portland. This ruined my GPA and my ability to be on time for court and college and I almost died, because it was being done against me every day to every other day. So someone got a Mexican guy to run into my car, in a planned assassination attempt, in 2003. It was connected to the Department of Justice. The next time I had someone try to kill me by auto collision, it was while on the Greyhound bus, coming into Leavenworth, where someone had moved a giant boulder into the road and nearly sent me, and a few other people, including a bus driver who said the FBI was trying to kill him after they asked him to testify about being a hired hit man, in 2008. The FBI wanted that bus driver dead, and they have clearly wanted to kill me too, for a long time.

This is with torture, extreme levels of torture especially, between 2005-2008, with a lapse of planned collisions because I guess the U.S. hoped I'd kill myself and do them the favor if they tortured me enough.

After no one was killed in the bus incident in 2008, I was then targeted with another hit-and-run aimed directly at me, in 2008, in Washington D.C. There was a collision, and it was planned, and white people were involved in it. That taxi driver did not act alone.

The same people who wanted to hold me hostage and assault me with Haldol in 2011, were connected to the people in Washington D.C. who tried to murder me in 2008.

This does not include other forms of trying to cause "accidents", or poison me, or trying to murder me, or have me homeless to be vulnerable to such things. Having me homeless was a way for criminals who had been plotting to kill me for decades, feel better about themselves and think it discredited my testimony.

UPDATED: 4/15/2013. I should say, I can't say it was an Eastern Indian man. I thought it might be later, but his headdress was not a punjab type of head wrap. He looked Middle Eastern. His face was also much larger than most Eastern Indian's faces, but I would have to see photos. I thought he had more of a Eastern Indian personality because he seemed very happy and excitable and was laughing over what he'd done, and the way he pulled out was so fast. I could identify him with a photo. The police should have identified him but I am thinking they probably didn't. They should have though, because they were stopping him, the driver, but they weren't going back to the man who was parked in the road that ran into us.

I thought it was strange the officers wanted to talk to the getaway driver, by made no effort to go back to the Middle Eastern or Indian man, who was still there.

This assassination attempt against me was done after it was known I was pregnant with Chris Dabney's baby and it is possible Middleton was involved (again).

I was leaving an Ethiopian restaurant I had had dinner at. Also, I wrote there were white people around but a couple of black people also cheered. The other thing about the mental institute in Nashville is that while they were all Eastern Indian, except for the U.S. Army guy, they all told me they were Muslim.

Not only was I leaving the Ethiopian restaurant, someone who knew my work schedule would have known my destination was to go to work because I was working that night at The Post Pub. So if I was sitting at the Ethiopian restaurant, having dinner, and someone knew what time I had to be at work, they knew which direction I'd be traveling and how much time they had to put someone in my way.

It was planned and premeditated and I always knew it was. It didn't matter what form of transportation I took to get back to work, from the Ethiopian place, someone would have known the window in which I had to be traveling that direction. So whether I got a ride from someone, or took a taxi, it was the same main road one would go down to get there. And then, of course, Washington D.C. police just happened to show up out of nowhere.

I guess an ambulance did show up, and the driver of the taxi was being looked at. He seemed to think the whole thing was funny though. I'm sure it could be found out who it was. He was working for one of the major taxi services in Washington D.C.

After the assassination attempt, I had to check myself over to make sure I wasn't bleeding and it hadn't affected the baby and it hadn't. But someone was trying to murder not just me, but that baby. When they didn't kill us that way, then we were both tortured in Arlington, Virginia, and then the baby was murdered in Maryland. I believe the baby and I were not just tortured in Arlington, VA, when the vibrating-fasciculations technology was being used, but also at my place of work, at The Post Pub, because I can look back and remember how the lower back pain was and it wasn't from carrying the baby at 3 months. It was from torture targeting my lower back, which would also be affecting the baby.

Regardless of whether the taxi driver was Eastern Indian or Middle Eastern, that can be found out. And there is no escaping the fact that it was premeditated and was another assassination attempt against me.

The United States then continued to take my son from me.

I mean, this is crazy, that this country would even dare.

Basically, I went to this Ethiopian restaurant alone, on my own, and ordered dinner and ate it outside on a covered porch. I had been introduced to Ethiopian food at a different restaurant another time, by an Ethiopian diplomat, and I thought it was really good, so I tried another place, and was sitting outside and eating, and then I had a small window of time to get to my workplace on "L Street" from there. There was a family eating there, a single white Caucasian professional man who seemed to know who I was already, somehow, and a few couples. I was drinking water only by that time and he noticed. One of the owners came over and talked to me.

I remember I had a bad feeling about something when I was there. I also sensed hostility from somewhere, when I was there, and I thought maybe some people were mad that I was pregnant with Chris Dabney's kid--someone who was connected to another woman that it mattered to, or for some political reason. Nikki already knew because I had told her but I didn't tell her who the father was. I had also told a black man who was a cook and who worked there, possibly Chris by that time, and before that, anyone could have known because it was confirmed at Planned Parenthood in Washington D.C. with a blood test--Positive for Hcg, the pregnancy hormone.

At the time of that assassination attempt, I believed it was done to try to kill me or cause me to miscarry. When I didn't miscarry, I was then being tortured to my lower back but I hadn't hurt my lower back in the collision. It was the same technology-induced pain that I have had happen to me without being pregnant and which is obviously military technology. So the U.S. did 3 different things against James River: 1. attempted murder, 2. torture, and 3. murder.

Why was it Kate Middleton's Indian nurse that ended up dead anyway?

A large group of people who went to the Post Pub were Australian. Australia is where Tony Roos was working, with the U.S. Army. Tony Roos is the guy who was involved in the 1992 assassination attempt against me. They started hanging out more at the pub and went out with Chris and Nikki, and Amanda (whose Dad left the U.S. for Canada) all the time. I was not being included. By my birthday, they were all rude to me and ignored me. I was 1 month pregnant by October 22, 2008 and this was about the time they started hanging out with Australians.

The white man who was at the Ethiopian place who watched me quietly and didn't like me, I later saw someone who looked "like" him in Nashville, TN when I was on the bus and he was sitting behind me in a black coat and my lower back started to hurt from a form of technology and then he got off, and he also sort of looked like the man Shannon Borg knew, who drove me from Seattle, WA to Wenatchee, WA and set me up for "grand auto theft". Blond, square jaw, late 20s or 30s, european/German/Eastern European looking.

Chris Dabney was not on drugs or incapacitated the night I conceived. There were other times he seemed more borderline, but I remember everything about that night and no, he was not on drugs or incapacitated and he was the one who chose not to use a condom and I had had a few drinks, but made a decision not to go ahead. I remember I knew there was a baby the moment after we were together, or at the last moment. I knew, and I had had no plans of having one and I was not wanting to get pregnant. It wasn't as if I thought, "Oh, maybe I'll have a baby!" or "Here is a baby now!" I had ZERO wishes to become pregnant and it never crossed my mind. I had been with him before and it never came to mind either. On that night, it only came to mind because I knew, somehow, even as a non-psychic, in that instant, a baby had been created. It's the only time in my life I "knew before time". One week later, I woke up in the middle of the night, with hunger pangs and was craving eggs, from the new pregnancy. That pregnancy didn't take a few days to travel through the fallopian tubes and be a baby. It happened right away. Later, at the pub, Chris would put on this song sometimes "All that she wants is another baby" and "Billie Jean". I didn't premeditate or wish for anything to happen. It did, and then I felt sick about it because they all became so vicious torwards me I realized I was carrying the child of a man who treated me like a monster. Not to mention, raping me while I was incapicitated the first time and calling out to the FBI Universe: "Here's another one in the hole." It was around my birthday they all turned on me, and Chris too. I felt he had become malicious and mean because he knew I was pregnant and hoped I'd abort it, if he was mean enough. Then, I decided I didn't care and I loved the baby and I wasn't going to abort it--I was keeping it. So that's when the U.S. tried to murder my baby.

Clearly, the United States has nothing but harm intended for me and my children.

Where is my SON, Mueller?

There is NO possible way the FBI had not put the pieces together about who was involved in trying to kill me, by 2008. They knew who was responsible for torturing my son, and they knew who was involved in the other assassination attempts against me. There is no possible way the FBI, with their intelligence, did not know who Mike Nichols family was connected to, and the Schneiders and Whittemores connections, and Tony Roos and Bechtold and Rasmussen/Wiltbank. There is no possible way the FBI didn't know what the Fallons and Del Balzos and their connections to Cornell meant and why they had me under their observation after surgeries done by the V.A. (Veterans Affairs hospital in SLC, Utah). There is no possible way that the FBI didn't know, when they had their agents taking me out and buying Michelobe Ultra, that those agents knew about my inclusion in MK Ultra and that they worked for Mike Middleton. There is no way the FBI didn't know about attempts to entrap me to sell prescription drugs or buy, and then torture used against me to give me a reason for actually needing strong painkillers. They knew all along that I was being tortured, and they used it to have me suffer, and to attempt to force me into buying painkillers to aleviate pain that made me want to die, when their doctors colluded to refuse to treat me for that pain.

The FBI then steals and allows others to steal everything I ever owned from me, and allowed my son to be kidnapped from me. When they knew we were tortured and it had nothing to do with my parenting.

Stopping my cars from working, 3 different cars, through 8 different batteries, in 2003? That is anti-competition and an attempt to kill me after seeing I could hold my own. The FBI used excuses of MK Ultra to their advantage, along with the U.S. military, Canada, and CIA. Because they included me in MK Ultra as a kid, they used this illegally to claim "national security" privileges for obscuring hate crime against me and assassination attempts. They had people even using gay men or bi men, to assault me, because they wanted to get back for imagined offenses from a speech I gave in high school in 1993. I don't know what the gay tactic was, aside from hoping a few of them could more easily target me and go undetected or let by on a pass, or maybe someone thought if they were gay, if anything happened to me someone could lie and say it didn't and that "No, it didn't, and she's lying because he doesn't even like women--he's gay" or maybe it was a form of degrading me. Basically, a way to work with heterosexual men who wanted to degrade me and encourage gang rape against me and then try to torture me and my son and entrap me over something.

There is no possible way that the FBI does not know how many of these men are U.S. federal employees and how many of the assassination attempts against me, for the last 2 decades, are connected by the same people.

So then why is the FBI holding me and my son hostage and passing fraudulent claims that he was "eligible" for adoption when they knew he was not.

No one else is responsible for these crimes and the collusion to cover up these crimes except for the FBI.

All this time, I had thought they would investigate, but they were too busy being participants.

What does this come down to? Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr.? It's not like Laura Bush hasn't had her fun with the CIA in premeditated assassination attempts against her own boyfriend, in high school. She would feel very sympathetic to the Nichols family and probably, has a sense of pride about Mike being willing to hijack my car in a kamikaze attempt the way she rammed her car into her boyfriend's car to kill him, and then married the CIA director's son. She was probably singing the Arky-Arky song with relish after her "conversion" to christianity ("the lord said to noah, there's gonna be a floody floody..."). Laura Bush is the type who will feel a thrill in her breast to hear Tony Roos tried to kill me with a car in high school, as I left my "boyfriend's" house.

I am the "Girlfriend" who got away.

I guess, who beat the death trap, specifically, as someone said last night, "Who is her guardian angel?" Wouldn't YOU like to know.

Here's what you can do, Mueller. You can "think and grow rich" figuring how how you are returning my son to me as stolen property that was illegally taken from me to punish me for trying to leave the U.S. You can also do something about all of your little shits running around.

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