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FBI Obstruction of Clergy Sex Abuse Claims and Medical Care

The FBI is guilty of obstruction of the claims of victims of clergy abuse.

The same abuse and "legal problems" that clergy sex abuse cases were over, impacted the Department of Justice because they were, and have been, and currently are, trafficking and using children for government programs where the sex abuse is part of the program. 

MK Ultra and like programs, allow government to "pick" out kids for sex abuse the same way as a priest "chooses" a kid from a parish. 

This is why the FBI was involved in the clergy sex abuse cases and why they are still involved.  It impacts them and their agencies, and the Department of Justice directly.

Whatever rules and law is laid out for parishes as "collective" parts of a "larger institution" or not, is how a Judge would then decide whether local police offices and various agencies, involved in sexual abuse of kids, is going to be placed as vicarious liability with a larger agency.  It then affects their little "pot o' gold" and how much they claim they can compensate victims for.

Basically, let's assume a Judge in Portland, Oregon had ruled the cover-up of clergy sex abuse by the Roman Catholic church was collusion and could be tried under RICO.  If it had, the same theory then applied to the U.S. government.  What RICO would have said, was that the actions of priests from local parishes and archdioceses was under the control of not just their region, but the Vatican.  Not only would it have then made an outside country liable for injuries to kids in the U.S., as collective participants, a more generalized rule of thumb would have made the seniority group that covers the U.S. region responsible. 

So which properties could be included, and what departments could be named as having "agency" and being under supervision of a larger group, also determined how much victims could receive for compensation.

When people wondered why the U.S. didn't prosecute priests as criminals, it's because they are raping kids themselves, right now.  They are guilty of raping kids going back to MK Ultra, which never discontinued, but even if one were to suppose it "ended in 1977", people like me who have scars from torture and cuts all over their body, and evidence of rape and being forced into MK Ultra, could collect compensation in a class action lawsuit.

Which would mean considerations of which federal employees could still be prosecuted was a major concern for the U.S. Army, FBI, and CIA. 

Of course the FBI stole my vehicle from me.  They were getting hot.  Of course the U.S. Army and U.S. government tortured the living daylights out of me and obstructed justice by forcing me out of lawsuits.  I was going to win, and the U.S. did not want me to win because information that I had with me, impacted their agencies and showed the public how the entire thing was being run and directed by the FBI and Department of Justice.

They colluded with the Catholic church, and other churches that felt they could be liable later for similiar things, and committed crimes, to the point of using FBI agents to date rape me and assault me, to obstruct me from court.

There I was, in federal court, and they were trying to disinclude me, saying, "You weren't sexually abused...your claim is about defamation and emotional distress and police corruption".  They sat there, smirking as they know I had, in fact, been sexually abused.  By United States federal assholes.  I was not only sexually abused, I was tortured with slash wounds and cuts all over my body, and probably acid burns which is something they did to my own son later.

The FBI withheld evidence from me for over 8 years, that they knew I could have used to not only protect myself, but get back into the 'legal game' with and they didn't want that.  They wanted a solid 8 years of laying down bricks in legal cases that they planned on using for pretext and "case law" for any claims against federal agencies later.

Additionally, many of those priests who sexually abused and raped kids in the Catholic church, had a military history with the U.S. federal government.  So the U.S. didn't want any liability connecting them to churches that were contributing to their kiddie porn funds and "programmed kids".

It also meant that the Department of Justice was interested in protecting themselves from lawsuits by MK Ultra kids in the United Kingdom and Canada.  MK Ultra was being paid for by the CIA and U.S. Army.  So that's U.S. intelligence and military.

If victims of clergy abuse could sue not just the priests in the U.S., but jump across the border of countries to the U.S., to the real "supervisors" in charge, who had the money, at the Vatican, or assign any form of liability to them, it meant victims of MK Ultra should be able to sue not just Canadians and the Canada government, but the U.S. CIA and Army.  Canada had already had some class action lawsuits against their own government, for MK Ultra abuse.  I haven't heard of anything like that in the UK, but the UK kids were also involved (Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales).  The U.S. had seen a few MK Ultra cases but not many.  Most of the cases were confined to the country of origin, but if case precedent had made the Vatican liable for what happened in the U.S., the U.S. FBI and Department of Justice was well aware of how that could impact them.

It meant Canadians, and anyone else outside of the U.S., that discovered a program of abuse had been set up against them, could sue the U.S., not just their own country for allowing it, participation, and taking money for it.

I knew Raul and Armando were not just interested in me for a personal reason.  They were there, on behalf of the Department of Justice, to fuck with me and ruin my case, because the FBI wanted me out of their way.

They prefer people like Kate Middleton, who sucks FBI dick, and knows kids are being tortured as she is sucking it.  Kate Middleton is not going to create a "ripple effect" in the justice system on behalf of victims.  She is going to hold the standard and tow the party-line for rapists, torturers, and government employees.  What important lawsuit did SHE file.  She is connected to Bujanda and Garza and Bechtold, and all along, the FBI knew it.

The U.S. and UK also knew the legal game worked against or with them as well.  If priests could be connected to the Vatican, abused kids in the U.S., if they discovered the UK or Canada was involved in their abuse, could connect those abusers to lawsuits.  It means I could have sued the shit out of Middleton from my yard.  Or any other Canadian or UK official or government "actor" that was part of, or received money from the CIA and U.S. Army for harming me.

When I told Julia Thornton about hate crime against me and that I believed FBI agents Bujanda and Garza were involved with people that were my adversaries in court, she cut me off from putting this into a report against them. 

Later, every time I tried calling the FBI or going to their offices, the employees were making a point to deliberately harass me the same way the Mt. Angel Abbey personnel did.  I remember I was so shocked because I had thought the FBI was an "equal treatment" government agency that served the public equally, regardless of background.  My next thought, after repeated treatment of this nature, was "Are they all Catholic?" and now I realize, no they are not ALL Catholic, but they deliberately treated me like they are, and most of them are.  The ones who are not, are in business with them, and then I realized too, they have been involved, as an agency, with the church sex abuse cases all along. 

And the reason they went after me, was because I not only had a claim against the Catholic church and police for abuse, and against a newspaper for defamation and deliberate infliction of emotional distress, I literally had a sexual assault and torture claim against the U.S. government for what they did to me as a child in MKUltra and what they've done since.

The FBI lied to me when they said they had nothing to do with my lawsuits.

The FBI had lawyers of their own in those lawsuits and they followed every single case with an agent that had an interest in representing for the FBI and Department of Justice.

The reason is because the exact same things clergy were being accused of, publicly, were things the FBI, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Pentagon and CIA were doing.  They have made rape and torture part of their own industry so they were motivated to obstruct me from court and that is what they did.

The U.S. government that is supposed to uphold laws and rights, obstructed them.  They did horrific things to me and my son, all the while with the high-handed knowledge of things about my history that they refused to share with me.  Instead, they encouraged premeditated gang rape against me by their agents and other federal employees.  They encouraged my being poisoned and assaulted, and they directed me to be held hostage, drugged to the point of death, and interrogated.  While they later said it was "prescribed", that's not how it happened, and they lied in their medical charts so it had nothing to do with actual "prescriptions".   I made repeated requests to the FBI for FOIA for 8 years and they stalled so that my life was ruined first.

Then they told me, recently, to "see a doctor" when I asked for an investigation into kidnapping of my son, and when I do, it is with a woman that works with them and they cancelled my appointment and harassed me first.  For no reason.  In addition to this, while the U.S. lied about me, telling everyone I was "mentally ill" as they withheld aggregious information that made them liable for crimes, I was refused counseling at every single federally funded clinic I went to. 

The FBI's solution was to tell me to fuck one of their agents and be like them.  If I married him, they might give my son back.  That is what they did to me.

ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO KNEW and who ever talked about it or told me.  All of them were Allys, like Alison Springer, blindfolding us and leading us around the house, deliberately running us into furniture.  It was Alison who did that part, not Kara.  Perfect.  The "Allies" who colluded to keep us blind, and drag us into harm.

I was covered from head to toe with knife and razor scars and this FBI encouraged federal employees to rape me, repeatedly, and lied about me.

God damn you to hell.  Yours is the first building that should be blown up if there is ever a war.

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