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(Photos) Scars from Knife and Razor Wounds (Updated)

I traced some of the scars that are on my arms and feet today.  I am not showing you the belly button slash, but it's there.  The scars are not all obvious in daylight, but at an angle, or under different lighting and close exam, you can see the traces of them.  So I didn't include chicken pox scars and at one point I used a rubberband as a tourniquet to see if it drew some of them out better.

I almost passed out several times.  There was no blood and before I even got a tourniquet, when I had a pen and was tracing the cut, I kept getting sick and dizzy.  I think it is from my subconscious remembering what happened.  I had a bottle of cleaning ammonia next to me, which I sniffed vapors of every few minutes because I was worried I was going to black out.  Sick, sick, sick to my stomach and dizzy.

When I put the tourniquet on and was tracing the stuff closest to my wrists, where the arteries are, is when I felt the sickest.  So I discovered I had "bracelets" cut into my arms.  And a bunch of "y"s.  Which made me think of Nancy Kerrigan getting whacked by Tonya Harding and crying, "Why?"  "Why?"  "Why me?"

I didn't trace them all and might show more where there is better lighting.  I didn't outline the cuts on my face either.  But I am showing you where some of the cuts and scars are showing up on my arms, wrists, and feet. 

Well, I actually think I'm having a minor panic attack now because I can't breathe very well, so I'm going to have something to eat and will post those photos as soon as I'm feeling okay.
It's not an "S", it's 2 arrows.  Rt. Hand.
Basically, what I realized by the time I was done locating at least a few of the scars, is that the United States government was working on "sleeves" for me as a kid, but they weren't tatoos.  They were carving the shit out of me.  What is also made clear to me, is that the FBI's agents, like Bujanda, already knew about my personal history before he took me out.  He knew I was abused in MKUltra and this is why he got Michelob Ultra and it's why he told me he was thinking of getting tatoos with a full wire around his arm.  The U.S. then obstructed my lawsuits, defamed me, and the entire time they knew they were guilty of crimes against humanity and concealment of these things.  Rt hand.
This is before I finished finding some of the scars for the day.
Left hand

 Left hand
                                                                     Left hand

Left hand
                                                                       Left hand
                                                                       Left hand
Rt hand
Rt hand
                                                                        Right hand
                                                                       Right hand
Right hand 

                                                                       Right hand
This is rt. hand and I added the outline of the scar by my thumb
Rt hand
Rt foot

Left foot
I'd like to see a photo of Mike Middleton's signature.
There's more.  I have more scars than this and tomorrow I'll add to what I've done.  Below is a photo of one of the scars before I put black pen over it to mark my arms.  It's horizontal, on the rt. arm.
Christa Schneider is the one who set me up to have Raul Bujand and Armando Garza approach me.  That is the Department of Justice connection and Karin from Canada knows her and knows the Middletons.  Bujanda, Garza, Bechtold, work for Mike Middleton.  Eminem, I'm told, whose cousin went to my high school, is also FBI.  All of these people colluded together, knowing already that I had been cut up, tortured, raped, and then this country deliberately obstructed me from lawsuits that protected my life by protecting my reputation.  They obstructed me from 4 lawsuits and 6 potential lawsuits.  I had pending, when the FBI and Department of Justice obstructed me, with U.S. military:
1.  Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon case, including, Mt. Angel Abbey, Oregon and local police (protected my reputation)
2.  The Willamette Week.  How clever WW, to match my MM.  This was a defamation lawsuit including Mt. Angel Abbey, WW, and others.
(protected my reputation)
3.  Farmers' Insurance Company.  I had a personal injury claim for a hit-and-run which was a premeditated hit-and-run.  I had to have a bone graft because of it and was supposed to receive the full $50,000 PIP, which wasn't much, but it was something then.
4.  Obstruction of Justice.  This was a federal lawsuit against Judges and the Department of Justice.
(protected my rights and reputation)
5.  FBI Misconduct (a potential case for collusion using their agents and federal employees to obstruct my lawsuits).
6.  Rape.  I had a case pending for rape by Robin Bechtold and Josh Gatov.  I was also being date-raped by others that they knew.
So it was actually about 6 cases that the FBI and military illegally obstructed through defamation of my character, lying in internal records, and using military/NASA technology to torture me (which is something they started in 1992)
Additionally, at least 6 of the federal employees who raped me are directly connected to and/or working for Kate Middleton.  I didn't even know she existed.
Updated:  4/30/2013...someone asked me how many of these tracings are from childhood and how many are possibly from car accidents or other injury.  All of the ones I traced are from childhood torture, and there are many more than this but I didn't want to go through more of them without seeing them in different light.  I might have to give it a day if the rubberbands left marks, because I need to see what's actually there.  I'll see what else I can do.  I know it's not from car accidents bc I know what parts of my body were injured and it wasn't the insides or outsides of my forearms.  Ever.  I also never had an injury to the insides of my hands.  And my feet, I've never injured in any accident or known injury.  I have a thumb scar, for example, from when I was older and I remember this and how I got it and I had stitches and went to the hospital.  All of the other scars were made against me when it was known I might be too young to remember.  It was done at a time it could be gotten away with, before kindergarten.  The FBI has not been forthcoming about what they know.  They gave me a scrap of evidence about MKUltra knowing it was decades late and almost one full decade from the time of my repeated requests.  In the meantime, people have known about what was done and they've made fun of me over it.  What kind of sick, sick, country does this?  This country is worse than N. Korea.  I never want to hear about some other country's horrible actions ever again, after knowing what I know about the U.S.   They can't take the plank out of their own eye before accusing someone of having a sliver.  Then they encouraged more rape of me, which basically proves it has been rape all along and gives motive for torture and assassination attempts.  They also repeated this entire cycle with my son, as his "guardian".   There are more scars.  Some are intricate little squiggle etchings but most of them are just slasher wounds.  I have been sniffing ammonia all night because I feel sick thinking about it.
There were a few spots, that I almost passed out over, just finding them.  They must have done something really horrible to me at the same time they did this.  I think they kept me awake for some of it, because if they hadn't, I wouldn't be having this kind of reaction.  What happened to me was done from my being born as a baby (possibly some of the internal injuries), to age 4.  My guess is then, most of this is Moses Lake work.  Not to say internationals weren't involved, but the site or location was probably, mostly Moses Lake.   This is why my Dad gave me the nickname of "pumpkin" and this is why Kate Middleton got engaged on Halloween.  I'll bet Mike helped pick out the date.
Also, I looked up the address area where a dog was let out of the yard to cross into my path and trip my bike over, and it was off of "Ashcroft".  My name is Loree.  Loree "Ashcroft".  Yeah.  Ring a bell?  Lots of people getting rich off of great entertainment but no one ever willing to speak up about torture worse than anything that's ever come out of North Korea.  North Korea is a sacred shrine compared to this country.  This country has NO right to talk to anyone about human rights.
Some of the torture against me was probably done in Wenatchee and Cashmere, right before we left.  I was photographed wearing short sleeves as a baby until about 6 months of age.  Then there are no photographs until I am four years old.  I am also shown wearing short sleeves in kindergarden, first grade, and second grade school and class photos.  The Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake, WA had already seen my scars by the time I arrived in their ER for my broken arm as an 8 year old.  It was no new surprise to anyone.  I believe that hospital was possibly a place where I was tortured as a child.
I never had any surgery for a deformity or genital or anatomy "anomoly" and I was never hospitalized formally or given a surgery as a baby or up through kindergarden.  The reason I believe the hospital was possibly a place I was tortured, is because of the reaction I remember having when I got there.
   I was hysterically crying, and sobbing and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I disobeyed."  Not even around my Mom or Dad was I ever scared like that, or sobbing and worried about "disobeying" over anything.  It was that hospital setting that brought it out.  I kept saying this over and over and crying.  The first thing they had done was take out a pair of scissors and I still remember the woman's face who did it.  She was mean and she was sadistically happy to be cutting my shirt off.  When I said no, don't cut my shirt! she then smirked and took scissors to the middle of the shirt and cut through it.  She had brown medium length hair and she wasn't particularly attractive.  She basically cut through the center of the rainbow that was on it, in the middle.  Then she smirked and cut more pieces and pulled it off.  After this, I went into shock and saw knives and began to say "I'm sorry" and I was begging them not to hurt me.  When my parents came into the room, because they were not there when the shirt was cut off of me, I was pleading with them, saying, "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I disobeyed."  Most of my traumatic reaction was from being around medical people who were using sharp objects. 
When I went over to see my Dad just now  I asked him and he said, "Nothing happened."  I said then why do I have scars all over my arms?" and he said, "You don't have any scars." 
Well, I admit the one photo I put up, of the horizontal scar is not easy to see, but I can't help it if I have a bad camera.  I was able to prove there was a scar on the pad of my hand by my thumb because I got some of it to show up in the photo.  Believe me, I have scars.  So with my Dad saying I have none, it's like CIA and U.S. Army routine.
I believe they forced me to keep my eyes open when I was being cut and I do not believe I was given painkillers or medication.  I think their entire purpose was to traumatize and dissociate me, so the U.S. deliberately forced me to witness and feel the pain, but did it before I was of an age most kids can remember. I also think it's possible some Mexicans were involved later here or there, because mafias work with federal employees.  My Mom's scar on her face, is from Patty Otterbach and Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, and supposedly Kate Middleton was involved.  They attempted to conceal evidence when I tried to report it.  Also, my Dad has scars on his body from assault.  The scars on my Mom's face are new because she had plastic surgery and laser surgery which removed anything that was there.  She had no cut wound to her face until she and my Dad moved to Coquille, Oregon.  So it's bad when you have to work for the people that tortured you and blackmail you.
I think the reason my mother had a bracelet that wound around the arm and had a snake head on it, was to symbolize what was knifed onto my arms in 'bracelets' which the FBI already knew about.  If my Dad told me, when I was a kid, that one of his scars was from "running into a barbed wire fence" as a teen, it probably meant he had run into police and government took him for a live capture.  If he'd tried to run to Canada, they would have returned him because they are paid by the CIA for MKUltra participation.  He also once told me, when I was a kid, that there was a Mexican woman he knew, when he going to school in NM, who was very pretty and a gang of New Mexico kids attacked her and cut her face up with a knife to punish her for being beautiful.
At various times I have noticed the U.S. getting someone in media or medical fields to try to create "alternate" theories to detract from the truth.  So one of those lies has been to suggest I just had some abnormality or anomoly with my body as a kid, and that's why I "appeared" raped.  I had no surgery and no anomoly.  Any difference or trauma to my body was due to deliberate torture of a baby and a toddler.  The FBI and federal government encouraged their employees to "explore" this anatomy and to talk about it.  It was a conquest to them to reintroduce rape of me and then joke about it.
I remember being cut once and I was awake.  So it was done when I was older and was probably a small cut.  There are photos of me as a newborn, and after I showed some of them to kids at high school, when we had to do an autobiography thing of ourselves, the government kids were all uncomfortable.  They didn't like looking at baby photos of me where I had expressions of trauma  or looked "out of it".  After this, I took the photos home and then someone was stealing them out of our house.  There were photos from my birth up to being an little older as a baby and then there are no photos of me when I'm 2 years, 3 years, or 4 years old.  Actually, when I'm about 4, there is one or two.  I was a flower girl at a wedding and I wore short sleeves to it, at age 4.  I think they were still cutting here and there because I remember, but I think the most of it was done from age 1-3.  At the MKUltra Senate Hearings, the U.S. made a claim MKUltra was "abandoned" as a program in 1975.  This is  a lie.
Supposedly, according to the U.S., they quit the program in 1975 and then they didn't destroy records of victims they had been using until 1977, when the hearings came up.  The program continued and they used the same kids wherever it was possible.  The cutting they did to me was mostly after 1975 and they made sure there were no photos of me from this time period of 75-78.
I also believe it is possible they cut my brother, but I didn't witness it.  I did witness that he had a lot of band-aids being put on his body but I don't know that they cut him and raped him violently, as they had me.  He got so many band-aids, I was always saying I wanted one too.  He was also getting sick with a "fever" all the time and constantly had a thermometer in his rear and was getting medicine, and I remember all of that.  The vaseline and the thermometer and I used to ask why it was going there and it gave the most accurate reading.  Most of his childhood, as a toddler, he had a fever.  I had wondered why he always had the fever and was being checked, when I didn't.  But of course, if he was being tortured, some of it was done at that age where he wouldn't remember but I might.  No one could get away with torturing him the way they did me through, because I was old enough to notice.  So probably the U.S. goes after first-born kids and only kids the most. 
Right guys?
Updating again, later today (4/30/13)...I added tracings of scars and there are more.  On one where it is a vvvvvvvvvvvvv shape, it is following that exact etching.  There are other areas that look like acid burns which were later covered up..the scarring is different.  Again, on both arms, the insides of my arms were never harmed in any auto accident.  I also traced something that showed up, and I couldn't tell if it was an actual scar or not, or what, and it did extend from where I broke my elbow....on the left arm.  However, because it was an odd shape and was standing out whiter than the rest of my skin when I took some niacin, I traced it.  I think it's a scar but I'm not positive.  I am missing some tracings and not completing others bc they are hard to see.  A few of the very fine etchings are a contrast to the gash wounds.  It is like different sized knives and instruments were being used.  Pretty clear, actually.    The finer marks I felt more intimidated to try to trace out but the vvvvvv was one of many.  When I say some spots look like acid burn scars that were attempted removals, it is because of an irregular surface kind of scar and is exactly like what I saw on my son's finger before it was removed--basically, totally erased in his case. I have no idea, aside from incurring trauma, what the U.S. had in mind.  If they supposedly discontinued their Monarch program for MKUltra and then other ones cropped up, they just kept changing the names and making adjustments case by case.  So here are photo additions.

detail of a dip of some kind on otherwise straight lines (paralleled, like 2 m)
Right arm

                                      Left arm (more squiggles on this arm but didn't note all)
Left arm.  This elbow was broken and there are scars from it on the outside of arm.  A line coming
from this scarring, however, showed up pretty white when I took niacin but I couldn't tell what kind of a scar or mark it was.  It's the \/\  .  It is on the same arm where I had a weird rectangular shape show up white higher up on the inside of this same arm.
I found more to the "M" shape that was by my wrist on the left hand and traced it so here's that:
This is the left arm.

This is the wrist of the left arm.  It is the wrist and hand that was broken by a cop in TN.  I was reminded of this because after I put the rubberband around my arm, up a little higher, it caused the broken area at my wrist to swell up and hurts.  Anyway, there is a scar that makes a complete figure and then has a line extending out from it.  Both this and the above view are if my arms are down to my side and you are facing me, looking at them. 
I can also find very faint outlines of where I had some chicken pox, but I haven't traced any of the circles bc I think most of them are from that and I don't want to detract.
Since 1977, no one, no Senate Committee, no journalists,  and no government group has come forward about continued torture and use of U.S. citizens in government programs.  The wiki link here states a U.S. soldier given LSD without their consent could not sue the government, but this is only for military, because they sign a contract that says they are government property.  There is probably a way around that, by pointing out war crimes or use for anti-competition or hate (note...rape in the it "impossible to sue" the government even if there was no consent?).  For any citizen thrown into a program as a kid, and blackmailed or not told about it, they have great odds with a lawsuit.  The biggest problem, is "where are the lawyers?"  The fact that the legal profession became part of the "state" through the bar associations, is probably a contributing factor.  Then, in my case where I tried to file lawsuits, the U.S. used military to torture me and law enforcement to obstruct me??? Is that what this country does now, to any lawyer to might attempt to bring a case to court?  And then we realize most of the Judges are appointed by politicians who work with government in keeping secrets, not exposing them.
Another thing that scared me as a kid, aside from seeing knives or razors and box cutters (exacto knives), was when we went to a church with people speaking in tongues and raising their arms in the air.   We went to a quieter church and then the first time we went to a church where people were "speaking in other languages", and all raising their arms in the air, I got very scared and I wanted to leave.  I kept asking my parents if we could leave.  Also, I think it's odd, now that I know about government cutting my arms, that Theresa Vice would attempt to force me to raise my arms in the air for "prayer" at the New Song Church prior to a missions trip.  Her husband, Tom Vice, was U.S. Army.  She screamed at me, "Get your arms in the air!"  She also decided that I was the one to hold a whip to slash and whip "jesus" across the back and torture him and I didn't want to (for a skit).  Basically, they had me revisiting trauma done to me and then wanted me to pretend like I was hurting others.  I mean, actually, very sick.  I think the fear I had around knives and scissors and doctors might point to one thing and that my subconscious reaction to "people talking in other languages" and some of them sort of crying out, while raising their arms in the air, or my view of "seeing arms in the air", indicates I was awake when the U.S. government tortured me.  I started to have a panic attack, as a kid, and said nervously to my parents, "What are they doing? why are they all raising their hands?  I want to go home.  Can we go home?"
Also, Sidney Gottleib's real name was Joseph Schneider, or that is the pack he came from and why was a Schneider family getting into my business later in my life?
This morning I took more photos of knife scars, which are traced over with ink pen.  I looked at my shoulders.  It sort of looks like there is possibly an entire "wing" on the rt. shoulder and I traced the line of it that stood out the most and was clearly scarred. I'd have to look in other lighting later.  On the right upper arm I also found 2 more straight slash lines.  On the left shoulder there is a short incision wound the size of the top of a staple and it's very straight

                 My left arm.  There is more to this cut I think but I traced this for now.
My rt. arm

A 1-2 inch incision slash on my upper rt. arm and a smaller one at the inside of where I've had blood drawn.  I have a few marks from needles from blood draws, but this was a line the size of a staple again.
More slashes I found on my right arm.  The circle was not a scar exactly but some kind of impression into my skin so I think it's from chicken pox.  I decided trace it, even if I'm not doing this mostly with round marks.
A small precise incision the size of a staple top on my right shoulder.

I just found another scar on my rt. that connects to the others I found.  The circle there is possibly a chicken pox impression but I decided to trace it because it showed sort of a "burger king crown" idea, which is a place my Dad worked at after I got the chicken pox.  So whatever scars I already had on my arms, the chicken pox added to that and mostly went away.  My wrist is to the lft. of the photo and my elbow would be right--this is the outside of my arm.  There is a LOT more on this arm on the outside but it's harder to see and I will look more later.  This is the one I never broke.  The other one, even though I broke it, it was only injured or cut at the elbow on the outside.  I didn't have any scratches and things anywhere else.
I was thinking, if I was afraid of arms in the air, it was possibly from a religious group, but more likely, from seeing a bunch of soldiers lined up making salutes.  People at airports also do this sometimes and at that base, it was military.  The other possibility is from seeing my own arms or arms of others as they assaulted me.  But seeing a bunch of raised arms and having a panic attack, was possibly from military exposure.  Likely, CIA-related.  The fact I was afraid of hearing languages I didn't know, all at once, might mean I heard other languages or accents that I didn't understand, some of the times I was being tortured and cut.  This could have been Japanese, or Mexican, but since MKUltra is UK and Canada based as well, it was possibly European or even other languages as well.  They could have used a "church" or an airport or military base, and they could have used private homes as well.  I may have witnessed someone being raped too, because after this kid "Patrick", from school, decided to do this action of "humping the ground" like a "snake" he said, I ran away from school.  I think what he was doing triggered my reaction to want to run away.  I ran that same day.  I believe his parents must have been working for the U.S. government and instructed their son to do this, to traumatize me again.  And I ran away from school "to go home" an hour or two later.


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