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Where's Mike Smith?

So what happened to Mike Smith? He's disappeared for any reason in particular?

The dress that Kate Middleton imitated when she walked down the runway, is the one I wore to a dance with Mike Smith. That photo was stolen from me.

The guys name, who I mentioned at the start of this blog, a long time ago, was Mike Smith. One thing I maybe didn't mention is that he was being recruited by the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

I remember he turned out to be a condescending person with a chip on his shoulder, leftover from high school. The last time I talked to him personally, he was working at a "suicide prevention" center in Portland, Oregon and had decided to take psychology of all things. I had been shocked that someone like Mike Smith was choosing to work in the psychology area, for a non-profit, when all of his aspirations in high school had been to fly commercial airlines.

OH YES baby.

So work with me.

How do we get from Mike Smith to Mike Middleton's nudist daughter walking the runway in a mockery of my dance dress that I wore to a dance with Mike?

The Bechtolds and Rasmussens are already tied in with Middleton, but lets look at Mikey.

Commercial airlines guy, whose entire dream is to fly the big skies as a commercial pilot, feels a thrill as commercial airlines traffic patrol Mike Middleton, has his daughter walk a runway publicly to draw William of Wales' attention (if she wasn't already stripping for him privately, for money).

Robin Bechtold and all of the "smart" (government) guys at the school I went to, were in "awe" of Mike. On and on and on about "he's a genius" and "he was tested as a kid and has an I.Q. of ________________" Yes. Indeed. "Mike Smith READS YOU read encyclopedias???" I remembered thinking, "who cares if I read encyclopedias and who thinks I'm in some kind of intellectual contest with Mike Smith?" On and on and on about how he reads encyclopedias, and "He reads them for fun. He has a whole collection and he reads them like novels. He can remember all of the facts too."

So he is the one who took me to the Charterhouse for dinner, and played Kenny G all night. He kept asking me if I liked the saxophone. I remember that actually, I had a bad feeling about that entire CD. It wasn't that I didn't like the music, it was that I sensed something was "off" or wrong. I knew something was "off" about the music selection or sensed someone else somewhere, was not happy. I knew something was wrong, through every single song. That music is where I sensed the "off" feeling the most, because I never forgot it. It was pretty much, looking back now with a more educated guess at what I was feeling, like listening to nice easy listening over the sounds of torture in a prison.

So I didn't go out with him again.

It wasn't that Robin or someone was jealous, because I knew they all wanted me to go out with him. It was that something else, that was happening at the same time or a motive for his dating me, was wrong.

I guess he felt offended that I joked about his attempt to kiss me but that was high school, so it shouldn't have been a big deal.

Basically, he and Josh Norman were supposed to be the "geniuses" at the school. Josh was supposed to be more of a business genius and Mike was supposedly the smartest one in the whole school. That's how all the guys talked about him. The Air Force and Navy were supposedly trying to recruit him all the time. Heavy, serious recruiting with lucrative offers but supposedly, Mike wanted to fly "commercial planes" not military planes. He supposedly scored extremely high on an ASVAB or some test.

I never knew if he went for the military or CIA or FBI or not. What I WAS shocked to find, in the late 1990s-early 2000s, was that he was working at a non-profit "suicide prevention" hotline and had decided to get a degree in Psychology and was working on a master's or something. So Mike went from wanting to fly big planes up close with Mike Middleton, to...psychology and suicide watch? He never seemed to be that introspective about his own psyche or anyone else's. So now I look at it and my guess is that he did get hired by the federal government. My guess is that he is working secretly for a federal agency, whether it's CIA, FBI, or military. Which then gives him, along with others, that proximity or link to MK Ultra Middletons.

When I talked to him last, my feeling was that he had totally changed. He went from being shy and quiet but talkative on occasion, to being cool, remote, and condescending. He was like Erik Lund all of a sudden. He treated me like I was nothing, because I wasn't with a college degree and he was, and I kept my opinions to myself over my shock at his decision to go into "social services".

So tonight I tried to find him online and his profile has always been hidden, and my guess is that if all of the "smart guys" who were already working for the government, thought he was the smartest one, and the U.S. military thought he was something too, the U.S. government is protecting him from being discovered by me, because they know I will find another link to how the U.S. has tried to assassinate me over...


It's just interesting how these people are connected.

None of them are being tortured. It must be nice to have someone like Mike Smith on your "psychologist" side, in case you need a friend to back you up or trash someone you want to have discredited. It's like Holli Reverman suddenly joining the Army and becoming a psychologist and then, out of the blue, contacting me from some "ORNG" mental health for veterans site. How many psychologists do the Bectholds, Rasmussens, and Wiltbanks need?

The only people who had a photo of me and Mike from that dance were me and Mike. No one took photos inside the dance because it wasn't acceptable to be clicking away as students danced or socialized. I got ready with Monica Allen. My dress was the teal-turquoise blue with black and hers was black and hot pink.

I am not sure if Mike Smith showed the photo to someone who knew Middletons and UK or if someone who stole my photo showed it to them. It got to the Middletons, regardless.

That was in 1991 or 1992 that I wore that dress and the photo was taken. I wore 4 dance dresses to formals and one semi-formal. The semi formal was a dark teal blue ankle length dress with long sleeves and high neck and a belted waist. The formals were knee-length black velvet and teal-turquoise blue, floor length black velvet with a short embroidered jacket capelet, floor length marilyn monroe style wrap-around gold lame, and a floor length white lace sleeveless dress with long white gloves.

I know that my mother was being tortured at that location, in Sherwood, Oregon, and at the Clackamas mall where we went shopping for one of the dresses, by 1992. I got the floor length black velvet dress at Clackamas mall and I didn't realize other women were being mean to my Mom and assaulting her, outside of my dressing room. She was trying not to cry. She also knew how to sew and we picked out a pattern and I chose the material and someone told her to ruin the dress. This was after I went out with Mike Smith, at the next dance or next year.

It was going to be an emerald green floor-length dress out of a thinner shimmery material. There was nothing wrong with my mother's ability to sew or follow a pattern. So at the last minute we had to buy one and then Janet Bechtold was mocking me in front of Erica Wiltbank while ignoring me and talking to everyone else and then saying to Erica how wonderful her mother was, that her mother knew how to sew. I was standing right next to Erica and no one else was there and Janet knew I was and addressed Erica about this and said nothing to me. Just on and on about how great her mother was at sewing and what a beautiful dress. Oh, and how special it was to have the "sweetheart" neckline. I couldn't forget how she wanted to bring up the "sweetheart neckline" part.

When this happened with my mother, and someone ruining the dress I knew she knew how to sew, it was the same year someone told my mother to tell ME to quit wearing black mascara and only wear "brown" mascara. I looked hideous in brown mascara and my Mom knew it and she and I both wore black for a legitimate reason. But some weird shrew of a woman was telling my mother to convince me or persuade me to wear brown mascara. It was basically the beginning of attempts to uglify me.

All of this is relevant, because it goes back to who was involved in not just trying to "uglify" me, but who was trying to kill me.

So these were the dresses I wore, and I

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