Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dr. Bridget Fink & Peace Health Labratory Corruption (favors for my parents: more govt. employee crap)

Peace Health appears to be corrupt.

Basically, then the Portland FBI sent me an email right after they obstructed my medical care again. I guess it's a favor to their employee Mike Tancer and Raul Bujanda.

This is a labratory that does collection of blood and other labs for hospitals and clinics and they have lied and obstructed lab tests for me three different times, through 3 different individuals, in the last day.

I made an appointment to see a doctor who gave me their contact information and told me to find out about tests and labs.

As of today, after recording my call with them yesterday, they have obnoxious music that sounds like it's being piped in from the Sistine Chapel.

I asked about genetic tests, to test for hemophilia and this lab lied to me and said they didn't have anything to do with genetic tests and that they didn't process them there or send them out anywhere. The woman who told me this gave me the name "Kelly". I accused her of lying by saying politely, "That's not true. My doctor told me to call your lab and I'm sure you have coding for genetic tests for hemophilia."

I asked to talk to her supervisor who told me her name was Kelly Plow. She said yes, they did do genetic tests for hemophilia and I gave her the test names that were mentioned by other genetic specialists outside of the U.S. and which I found from my own research.
She confirmed Peace Health does these tests. She asked which doctor was asking me to find out about codes and I told her and she then had someone call this doctor and tell the doctor she had to do "genetic counseling" with them first, and that ARUP in Utah was requiring the doctor to contact them and fill out forms first. I asked the doctor's assistant if ARUP had called them and they said no.

So nothing was from ARUP. It was all coming from Peace Health. Which is Catholic-owned, like the FBI.

I then called ARUP and they said they had no such requirement. There was a recommendation but no requirement of the sort. So then "Sherry Montgomery" contacted me, because she was the one who called my doctor to try to influence her not to test me for hemophilia. She said she'd "look into things" and that she was sure they could clear it up and when I said ARUP had no requirement, she suddenly agreed it was maybe not required. She said, "Would you like to talk to our hemotology specialist just for some feedback about blood disorders?" and I said no, I didn't need to talk to him because I had already talked to international scientists who specialized in genetics and did some research and knew what kind of test to start with. I was polite, but she didn't like my answer. She wanted me to agree to voluntarily "chat" with "Mike Suter". I said, "Is this a requirement?" and she said no, Mike just had an interest in blood disorders and might like talking to me and if I had any questions I could ask him. I declined, politely.

Why waste my time with shit when you know it's shit?

Sure enough. He was shit.

Because then he called me anyway, even though I told Sherry I didn't want to talk to him. She passed my phone number onto him without my permission, knowing I said no.

Just now, Dr. Bridget Fink's offices called up to cancel my appointment. It was for tomorrow, and now it's cancelled because they can't "handle the truth". I recorded all my phone conversations with them and nothing I said was wrong. They are, I guess, more federal shit. It's 3:25 p.m. and that is when Tammy Wagner called me to cancel the appointment with Dr. Fink, suddenly claiming "Dr. Fink says she will not tolerate threatening behavior."

Right. I have a bunch of non-threatening email correspondence with them and recorded phone conversations where I am nothing but polite. Not once did I threaten anyone. She told me in the last conversation Dr. Fink didn't know if she could do the labs or not, and then Tammy said, "Do you want to keep the appointment tomorrow or not?" and I said, "Yes, I will be at the appointment tomorrow" and then I hung up.

So after that, in the middle of this blog post, Tammy excitedly called me up to say they were not going to do it.

Back to Mike Suter. Mike Suter smelled like shit and he WAS shit. He called me at my house and said he could talk to me if I had any questions. I said, "No, I told Sherry I didn't have any questions so I need to get back to my work." He didn't like my answer, and I heard that much in his tone of voice and then we disconnected.

So then Tammy called me up to tell me Mike Suter called them.

So this guy Mike Suter, who I declined even talking to, called up my doctor himself and Tammy said he told her he didn't think it was necessary. Mike Suter had no information about me. He didn't have my medical history and I hadn't given any of that information to Peace Health.

So basically, this Asshole American, who thinks he's better than anyone with a brain in Germany, Netherlands, England, Colombia, or Denmark, tried to obstruct me from having a test done for hemophilia.

Which I am paying for out of pocket.

Apparently, Dr. Fink's offices doesn't want to collect my medical records from Maryland hospitals either. I filled out a form to have my records faxed over, which they received, and they took the permission to obtain records for me and then cancelled my appointment.

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