Thursday, April 25, 2013

(photos) Cut With A Razor & My Parent's Involvement In Kidnapping Oliver

This is not showing up at normal size so I will have to enlarge it.  The scar is a thin line horizontal from my bottom thumb knuckle down the pad of my hand.  It's above any veins you see. 

Here is one of my razor cuts from the U.S. I will post it twice, once here at the top and then in another section where I show a measurement. You cannot see it very well, but in person it's obvious and it's a straight line extending down from my thumb to my wrist.
This isn't much better, but see the thin white line above the blue vein? it angles like this -------- but in person, it's much more obvious and it's longer than this shows.  It is a deep solid line cut across my hand and not caused by any accident or known was when I was a kid.  I have other cuts all over my wrists, and mostly my face.  I was told to be strong basically.

I have forgiven my parents, but I am also aware my parents are potentially hiding from me the fact they acted to have my son Oliver kidnapped from me.

Which is why they lie.

I think that at some point, they felt sorry about it, or one of the sets of twins did.  The other ones did not. 

I know Canada told me not to tell my mother or to contact my mother and they already knew something about her.  Nothing was said about my Dad, but they brought up "your mother".

So I think that given the fact my parents were extremely hateful torwards me at that time, and had expressed resentment and motive for revenge, I am positive it motivated them, one or both, to act in an adverse way that affected my future and my son's future.

So I might be adding Bob and Dicksie Garrett to the list of FBI employees I wish to complain about.  I believe some good Muslims already know she works as a cop.  I don't know when she got her "cop" job, and if it's local police or FBI, but I know she is involved in some way.

My first instincts and guesses would have been that she is CIA.  I would guess this, only based on the fact that I DO know she is an MK Ultra kid.  I am absolutely positive both my mother and father are seriously victims of MK Ultra.  Some MK Ultra kids grow up and realize they are victims and others end up getting a pretty good deal out of it in the long run.  I mean, some are brainwashed enough to think they are part of the "High Value Team" that is collected from among military, FBI, and CIA intelligence and they really feel they are doing their country a good service.

So first of all, I see my parents like James Whitey (I only mention him because I 'heard' from news that he's MK Ultra), and well, the guy who blew up that woman in Arizona (who got a life sentence...the one with bulging eyes who claimed the CIA and military asked him to work for them), and like the majority of other MK Ultra victims (I think the UK Spencer family was in the program--the kids) who are non-violent.  Most MK Ultra people can be provoked or distressed, but I believe the vast majority are non-violent and actually more empathetic than some...some are hardened by the abuse but others react the opposite way by not wanting to injure any living thing.  Canada got paid by the CIA to use their own citizens, a select group, for the program and it never stopped.  It's not like it was just active in the late 70s.  They continued it and part of the entire "program" is to create kids they can "activate" later.  Which is a CIA way of defining what they hope will occur if they first brutally traumatize a baby or toddler and then allow a defense mechanism to cover it so the reaction to the trauma is latent.

Think of a volcano.  Basically, the CIA and U.S. Army look at a baby or toddler, and they bring in their CPS people.  I mean Child Protective Services.  The CIA and U.S. Army employ people who are working for THEM at double duty with CPS because the government "needs them" to help them take children, lie, and cover for their research.  Some of your CPS workers are bottom of the barrel, and hardly educated in child development, and others are psychologists who receive additional training in, of course Virginia-sponsored facilities.  So it's like your local cops who get invited to go to Quantico, Virginia to train with Marines and FBI in special techniques.

Is Chief Jones an FBI agent?  just because he gets trained at Quantico?  No, of course not, he is a local cop and his primary job is with local police.  That doesn't mean he doesn't get additional training or incentives from FBI, and it also doesn't mean he doesn't have double-duty.  A cop can also be FBI.  In fact, an undercover FBI agent can be investigating corrupt police and pretending to be an average cop.

The FBI and various agencies create all kinds of "unique positions" for undercover work.  KGB Central.  So first of all, for someone reading this who has no idea about any of this or what's possible, it IS possible for a CIA officer to have another job.  They have their CIA employment and their cover job.  Same with FBI.  Some FBI work upfront, and all they do is FBI.  Others, have 2 jobs. 

CPS is a sludge of child corruption and government porn.  If you've ever heard a kid later talk about how they were "abused in foster care" it's no secret:  some of it is deliberate and sponsored by the U.S. federal government.  The military-experienced "psychologist" that was appointed to lie for the state, worked for the FBI in Seattle and she knew Alvaro Pardo.  She was based out of Seattle offices and she worked on behalf of both FBI and admitted military background, when she lied in court about me.  Her motive was to have my son permanently removed from me so he could be trained to be a "patriotic" slut like her.  The U.S. government "needs" and uses people just like her, to push for what they want.

Now going back to what I was saying about a volcano.  The U.S. looks at a kid, for MK Ultra or "like" programs (they call it a different name and lie and say MK Ultra is over when it's not, it just has a different name) and what they have habitually done with all of them, is first find out what the seismic level of activity is.  So they assess personality and traits early-on.  Sometimes, they don't even wait that long, they just abuse the kid the minute the baby is born.  Or, they abuse the baby while it is being born, to force the child to have a more traumatic birth than is necessary, to traumatize the child as much as possible from the first day.

Then, the U.S. uses a window where they feel the child will not be able to remember who did it to them.  And sometimes, they want the abuse to be in the subconscious of the child, and to not have that remembered either.  For 3 entire years they abuse the child.  It's not minor abuse.

They repeatedly cut kids.  I actually remember one of the times I was cut.  I didn't at first and then it came back to me.  I have incision marks made from sharp incision, which had to have been from something like a razor blade or box cutter, or even thinner, all over my face.  You can't even hardly see the scars now but they are there.  I never had my face cut in an auto accident or was cut by shattered glass in the face.  They are scars that have been there since I noticed when I first started using make up.

Something I think is odd, is that 2 individuals have attempted to traumatize me later, when I was older, with one of them my fiance, who had a box cutter in his backpack that he knew I would find, and the other person connected to Canada who put a bunch of pocketknives with the blades extended, on his counter for me to see.

I didn't get all of the cuts at one time.  I was cut one cut at a time.  Maybe it was more than one at a time when I was younger, but when I was a little older, what I remember, is one cut at a time.

I was also raped. 

It wasn't a matter of family abuse.  It was United States-sponsored abuse.  This is why, when later the U.S. and Canada encouraged young men to rape me, the police and FBI did nothing.  They didn't want to get involved, because that's what was "supposed to happen" to me, according to the CIA and U.S. Army ideas from MK Ultra and how to trigger a reaction and re-traumatize me.

Their ideas of raping me were to cause a reaction the U.S. then wanted to exploit and use for government purposes, whether it was to sexually service their federal employees, or to try to place me in proximity of a man they wanted to spy on.

The police who were supposed to protect me and press charges when I made a rape report, such as I did to Detective Gross, were always in place to dismiss any report or claim I made, because it was all being done "for the government".  It was U.S. government-sponsored rape, led by U.S. government employees who knew eachother and premeditated how to do it and who was next.  My treatment and status in the U.S. was determined by the kind of program they put me in when I was a kid.

The U.S. believed I was government property, not a citizen.  The U.S. federal government chose me to be in their program and when they choose a kid, it is like buying an expensive rock.  I was a "cameo" of course, so they "cut" me.  When the U.S. buys a diamond, in rough state, before it's cut, they make sure they ID that diamond, mark it, and since it costs so much to invest in, they never let it go. 

Are you kidding me.

Does the U.S. give away diamonds?  They take a kid and look at that child they chose, as a piece of rock for their treasury, and they decide how to cut it, and they spend money finding different people to do what they want to have it cut the way they want, for the purpose they have in mind.  Then later on, the U.S. does deals with the UK and Canada.  Canada has their "rock collection" and the UK has their "rock collection" and the U.S. has their "rock collection".  It's like, fraggle rock baby.  Some kids are even cut to be fag L rocks.  This is because the U.S. and Canada and UK also need fags.  "Fags" have been used for blackmail in spy circles for years.  So if a government wants spies and mind control victims for every occasion, they already know, not everyone is "straight".  To exploit this, they need fags too, so they literally create them.  They do it to humiliate families and also to try to control the fags who might feel embarrassed, and blackmail THEM with it.  These days it is not as big of a deal, but it was highly important and a very good source of blackmail in the past.

So when I say "cut", for myself, I mean I have been literally cut.  But when I talk about how these countries "cut their rocks", I mean, how they traumatize them to shape their personalities, psychological needs, brainwash them, and train them for the work they want them to do. 

I was born and given the name "Cameo" which means a carving, or cut stone, and someone apparently thought it was a good idea or sadist idea, to have me "cut" as part of the "program" feature.

I was one of the "cut ones".

I was cut numerous times, and the point was behavior modification, trauma, and to create a numb detachment.  It is very likely and more probable than not, that participants were invited from the UK and Canadian sections of MK Ultra, because this has been done to other MK Ultra kids too.

In addition to being cut, from what I was told, there was evidence that indicated severe and traumatic rape and I would agree this is true.  I have my own reasons for believing this, but I believe a number of church and federal employees were involved in raping me.  I don't remember being raped but I believe since evidence was discovered and because of what Canada and the U.S. encouraged against me, it was state-sponsored.

I have tiny precision incision scars all over my face, on my wrists, and I have a very straight and long scar across the base of my right hand which is not from any injury I have had that I would remember after the age of 3.

I cut my thumb on my right hand, but not my hand, and yet there is a thin line from a razor, in a straight mark, that is over 2 inches long.  It is not from the thumb cutting, because the only thing I had stitches for then, or had cut, was directly across my thumb.  It is also not from my auto accident in 1995 as I had no hand injury on the inside of my hands.  I only had superficial scratches and cuts on the outside of my hands, mostly my knuckles.

2 inch long scar from MK Ultra. 

Actually, my thumb scar, which I remember, is not even on the same hand.  It's on my left hand.  On my right hand, I have a 2 inch scar in a straight line from the base of my hand up.  I also have a faint one inch slash that you can hardly see, directly across the middle of my left wrist, horizontal.

The other cuts are about 1/4 inch or less, smaller but deep or precise.

You can't see in this lighting, but let me see if I can get a better photo.  This is the length

I told my parents I want my son back.  My mother said, "It's too late".

How is it "too late" when this entire country is a sack of shit?  This disgusting country raped me as a kid, and cut my face and arms and hands up with razors, and then they repeated their rape cycle when I was an adult and blocked my travel to keep me from winning my own lawsuits.

And THIS country has ANY "right" to MY SON?  NO, they do not.  This country is a fraudulent, criminal  organization that has abused me my entire life and tried to get me to suck a lot of federal dick.


My son and I left this god-damn country for political asylum.  We were knowingly refouled.  The U.S. had no jurisdiction over us and they lied.  They then held me hostage with a piece of SHIT FBI worker.  I didn't marry him so I was told to sleep on the ground and forget my son because if I didn't marry the FBI contracting Department of State FUCK Pardo, I couldn't have my son.

Why is that?  Because Pardo would ensure more FBI could suck my son's dick and force him to suck theirs?  while they cut him up?  The Pentagon felt "more comfortable" with that option?  Pardo did a bunch of Arab Spring shit for the U.S. that they don't want people to know about you fucking whores.  Then the FBI wanted to "contain" me because I was talking about their drug contracts with their hit man Mike Middleton.  What a FUCK.  A hit man who, by the way, was helping the U.S. find Osama bin Ladin to nail his brains to the back of a wall.

What a nice family she comes from, this Kate Bitch.  I wasn't "evaluated" at all.  I was cornered and jumped by 5 men in the hospital within 5 minutes of a doctor's call to Nashville FBI.  The police then drove me to a "psych ward" where I wasn't evaluated, I was DRUGGED and then interrogated about what I knew about the FBI.

"Who do you know in the FBI?"  "Why do you think the FBI wants you here?"  "Do you know why the FBI would think you're important?"  "Why do you believe the FBI wants us to see information about you?"  "What were you going to the FBI offices for?"

How many FUCKING questions was I asked about the FUCKING FBI.

If you want to know who BLOODY killed Osama, it was Kate Middleton's fucking DAD. 

Of course the CIA wants that bitch working for them when they get favors from Carol and Mike, who have been doing favors for FBI and the Pentagon for decades you mother fuckers.

Her fucking Dad is the reason the DEA was involved at all, because they are drug runners with CIA shit.

I am fucking SICK of the U.S. B.S.

Do you want to know what that bitch has in common with Alvaro Pardo?  Arab.  The fucking Arab language which is why Mike Middleton was important to the U.S. in their "capture" of Bin Ladin and why a bunch of Catholic Irish were first invited to his daughter's wedding knowing the next big thing was Bin Ladin's brains on the wall in front of his 12 year old daughter when he surrendured.

That is what Middletons are about.  Murder.  Osama bin ladins blood and brains are on Mike Middletons hands.  It's enough to get your daughter a position sucking royal weiner.  She sucks royal weiner, Middleton seals the slug into bin ladins skull, Carol keeps giving us this great psychic shit, and you guys are GOOD TO GO!

So when this United States throws me into the same shithole that Kate Middleton was sucking dry, and taking all of the MK Ultra perks while other kids in that hideous program were being raped, tortured, and told Special Kate is extra special, I don't expect to have my homework stolen each year so I can be dumbed down for Katie. I don't expect to have my clothing stolen from my high school locker and given to the Middletons.  I don't expect to have Catholics pulling fancy assassination attempts in 1992 to bump me off for that fucking bitch.  I don't expect to be forced to go to an MK Ultra Target School to begin with, to be around a bunch of kiss-ass CIA and FBI fuckers who already have government jobs lined up and are excited to take the bet on stealing my virginity or raping me.

I don't expect to have Margaret Atwood and Nancy McCusker refering to some Kate Middleton bitch I've never heard of, in 1992, like she is in our class.  I don't expect to have people following me all over New Jersey and then trying to do me in, because I am too "clean" for you.  I don't expect to go back home to find out all our dogs are dizzy and falling off the deck, my mother's throwing up and dizzy, and I'm getting setting up for assassination attempt #2, this time with FBI employee's kid Mike Nichols, whose parents are in MK Ultra shit.  FUCK YOU.  Your SON tried to KILL ME and you cry over him?

That asshole colluded with Robin Bechtold and Erik Lund, and he was already connected to Lake Oswego people that knew me.  He was willing to play "kamikazee" and hijack MY car for over 30 minutes as I repeatedly begged him to stop the car, pull over, please Mike,... Finally, "MIKE.  This is MY car."  NOTHING worked and his jaw was set because he was a fucking COMMIE.  What else was he?  Just another one of Mike Middletons men?

And this country can't even take a police report for what it was:  a hijacking, even though all of Europe and the Middle East know exactly what it was and modeled the plane jackings after HIM.  Why don't you ask Monica Allen, if she's still a honest person and maybe that was never the case.  Maybe I picked bad friends.  If she tells the truth she will admit that I asked him to stop the car and to pull over and let me drive, numerous times, and repeatedly, and with increasing force, over approximately 30 minutes to possibly even longer than that.  He refused and said nothing.  He wasn't talking at all.

What kind of a FUCK refuses to PULL OVER NOW, and keeps driving with his lips tightly pressed together, jaw set, and a determined stare on the road?  As he's speeding when I said no one was to speed?  No one does that.  And no one fucking decides to take a sharp corner with the car the minute someone announces "drive safely, I am taking my seatbelt off".

Oh good.  Time to crash my car now, perfect.

You people have some "REALITY" issues.

You know how to call a man wearing a turban on his head a "terrorist" and "hijacker" and yet you can't even admit the exact same thing was done to me, by a fucking white man who has Canadian parents and FBI adoptive parents, who terrorized me to the point of praying out loud, as he hijacked my car and then rolled it when I said my seatbelt was off.

Who are Mike Nichols fucking parents.

Do they work for the fucking Canadian government and did they know "Ross" from Pencticton and all of the FBI shits that live in the U.S.

Oh darn.  He didn't kill her, but lets give him praise, lets give him accolades for going "even farther" than Tony Roos did.  Tony Roos, the football player, played a great game, but Mike now, well he rolled that bitch further than the length of a football field.

Good job guys.  I think we need to rape her now.  She's still alive.

Get your fucking European and U.S. SHIT together and return my son.

"What do you want with the FBI?"  "Who do you know that works in the FBI?"  "Why do you think the FBI gave us this information?"  "What do you want to talk to the FBI about?"  "Is there a problem with the FBI?"

That is the kind of thing I was asked in front of a panel of "doctors", some of them who were just U.S. federal employees.  FBI interrogation questions.  I wasn't asked about my family, or ideas, or education, or if I sleep at night, or anything, except for FBI questions.

They drugged me first, for 7 days, and then they asked FBI questions.

I think that's being held hostage or extraordinary rendition under a false pretense, for punishing a perceived "political activist" and wanting an excuse to threaten me and interrogate me about the FBI.  I was supposed to keep my mouth shut. 

"Can you tell us about the FBI?"

They knew I couldn't talk.  They'd overdosed me.  So they kept asking questions, and made it some sick joke to have me trying to "talk" and being able to say nothing.

That is punishing someone with the treatment of a 'dissident' when all I was, was a blow job to the U.S.  They needed to keep Katie on that royal dick.  They needed to make sure Alvaro could work his Arab Spring magic.  They needed me to shut up about Mike Middleton's drug trafficking when it's what got them close to Osama bin ladin, who they wanted to surprise-kill.  Like Osama was targeting Middletons.  If he was, it was because he already knew Mike Fatso was targeting HIM. 

It was extraordinary rendition.  They did it to me again, in Knoxville, and they lied and said it was because I made an improper 911 call.  They took me to a federal site and instead of interrogating me they had a government psychic worker trying to make guesses about me and Mike Middleton got them to break my hand and handprint me for the UK.  For him.

For his fucking bitch.

So the cat is out of the bag.

Repeat after me: 

Who killed Osama bin ladin?

Mike Middleton

He was the fucking UK drug contact and military contact and the U.S. worked with it.  He is the fuck behind the assassination attempts of me since 1992.  Osama bin ladin even knew who Middleton was going after.  That was a smart and good man.  Osama was.  Not Middleton.  Osama knew.  He saw all of Middletons cards laid out and I know this is true, so you bitches had better fucking get OUT of MY WAY.

If the U.S. thought they could get Pardo into the country permanently as a legal resident, they thought they'd use my son too.  Did I ever tell the U.S. I didn't still want political asylum?  I don't believe I ever did.  In fact, I've consistently stated my son was kidnapped and we are not under U.S. jurisdiction when we are in a state of refoulment.  What the U.S. didn't like, was the "anti-US and anti-FBI" statement I made when I voided the marriage license.

They already knew he'd told me he worked for the FBI and I was saying, "Oh really?  See ya."

I don't like how the FBI has held me hostage and raped me and allowed military to torture me and try to kill me and why would I suddenly trust them?  when their agent had just tried to set me up to go to prison and their other agents date-raped me?  When the FBI stole my vehicle from me and blocked my travel and obstructed every legal case I have EVER had in this country.

I might have reconsidered if I say him keeping promises, and saw the FBI returning my son, but no, they don't do the "right thing" to do "the right thing".  They wanted a deal that was lucrative and profited them.

I was "not mentally ill anymore!!!! YIPPEEEE!" only as long as I was "not going to sue the FBI".

This country owes me billions of dollars in restitution.

If you don't pay compensation and return my son, I'm sure you'll be bleeding through the nose in other ways.  How does that saying go?  Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay.

Did anyone count how many U.S. federal "cuts" were made into my skin?  I was almost like a bunch of party pieces.

"It's too late."  That is what the FBI says, because the only option they gave me for raising my son, was to raise him with their shit.  "It's too late" means "it's too late to be in the FBI" and so therefore, "you can't have your son back".  Their "age limit" is 35 and Alvaro called me to say it was "too late" a month after my 35th birthday.  The FBI  and Department of State were going to "do the right thing" if I "married", supposedly.  It had NOTHING to do with "cooperating with CPS" when they terminated my rights before there was a termination trial.

Not only that, all of CPS's lies about what to "cooperate" about had to do with discrediting me for leaving for political asylum, so they wanted to say I was an alcoholic (it worked for the FBI who had FBI employee-rapists that incapacitated me first and then raped), and they wanted to say I was mentally ill.

But oh! if I was going to be on the same TEAM, and be PART of the FBI then the FBI might decide "you just had some trauma" and quit torturing me, call me normal, give my son back, and raise my son to be an FBI Asshole.

I love how arbitrary the rules are over parental rights.  If I don't snitch about assassination attempts, or rape, I get to have my son.  If I DO snitch, I get to be called crazy, tortured and drugged.

Who is most honest?


Who has the Integrity?


Does the FBI have "integrity"?

They have Mica.  They definitely have some Mike uh.

Later in life, after the federal government tried to cut me up into party pieces, some kids wanted me to cut myself with them.  I said why and they said, "we'll rub out blood together and be blood brothers".  I saw exacto knives and knives around the house and I never touched them because I was weirded out by them, mainly by the exacto knife.  The razor blade.  All throughout growing up and high school I had an aversion to box cutters, exacto knives, and razor blades.  Now I know it's because of the 'box cutters in the world' who cut me.

But Mykal Holt and her Nigerian friend thought it was cool to lie about me and say I held up a knife.  What a cruel and unforgiveable thing to do to someone they knew was abused.  I never held up a knife against anyone but it would have been too weird to me.  I didn't even touch a box cutter until someone told me to use one at CTR one day.  I was too afraid to even touch it.  I already knew how sharp it was and I was afraid if I even touched the handle, it might cut me.

God damn this country to Hell.

For what you've done to me, for what you've done to my son, and for cutting up my mother and father too.  God damn you to Hell.

This post is very long because I'm writing about being cut up by the U.S. and how they then forced me to babysit for all of their federal employee brats.

What a winning combo.

I get to be cut up and tortured as a baby and toddler, and a slave for feds too.  Then after I babysit their kids my whole life, they steal my son from me.  Does anyone really like the FBI at all?  Or the CIA or military?  They really know how to show an American kid a good time, from rape and torture as a baby to slavery for federal employees, to assassination attempts to microchip implantation, to more slavery, to extraordinary rendition, to false arrests in jail, to toxic overdose, to ruining a singing voice, to kidnapping my son, to murdering my other son...

"It's too late"

Kate Middleton should be in prison over what she did to my mother.  No, it's not too late to put that bitch behind bars.

Back to my parents, what I've described in all of this, is what kinds of things the U.S., UK, and Canada did to MK Ultra kids.  Some of those kids were the lucky ones that got perks and nice jobs and that's about 1%.  The rest were tortured with no end in sight.  I know my parents had horrible things done to them.  Since it's CIA and Army, I believe my parents were recruited into either agency. 

When I left the country, they were under pressure to have me do things that were against my best interests. I am not sure who told them to do all of these things, but it was starting back further, to my homework being stolen, and being "grounded" for "months", told to wear ugly mascara, pressured to date or marry young; and then it got worse when I was back from New Jersey because the Thebaults had decided to fully align with Middleton.  Oh.  You didn't know Thebaults and Middletons knew eachother?  Well, they did.  The Middletons knew Maiers and later Bechtolds and they knew Thebaults.  Kargmans were also figuring in.  I got back and then I was pushed to be a dental assistant or take a job doing "gross" things (in my opinion).  I was then made fun of by Barb Greenman.  It just showed a cycle of people telling my parents what to do with me, and never speaking to me directly.  The federal employees all treated my parent like they were my agents.  No one asked me to work for them, I was told I was working, through my parents.

It was basically like being government property that federal employees took turns to "rent".  I was the "netflix".  So that's what MK Ultra had been "good for" up to that point:  conditioning me to be 'cheap labor' for federal employees.  I was even discouraged from going to college even though it was in my best interest to go.  When I finally said I was going for English, my Dad was happy about it.  However, all along the way, I was rented out to one federal family after the other. 

I have never worked for anyone that was not working for the U.S. government.  I tried to file a tax statement to stay out of trouble and was retaliated against.  From that point I was pushed out of work, and then when I was moving to TN, in 1995, to "sing", Mike Nichols hijacked my car and I was implanted with more microchips.  From that point on, University of Utah and Bain was involved in controlling me as Cornell and military. I've already talked about this part though, so I'll skip ahead. I do think my Dad was detained because of the auto collision and I believe the VA forced him to sign papers to agree to have me implanted.  I always had the feeling he was in a meeting with someone and he was being forced to sign something.  I didn't know why I had that feeling, and my mother flew out to see me right away, but I was told my Dad was driving the car and would take longer and he'd take photos of the car.  I had a feeling he was forced to sign documents at that time.

The hospital refused to even stitch up my head, a major open wound, until days after I arrived.  They did the neck surgery and then they were just waiting on something.  I believe they were waiting on my Dad to sign something, and then they stitched up my head.

My Dad used to do something, to show me a lesson but I thought it was just a game.  He gave me "indian burns" and it was twisting around the wrist tightly so it "burned".  It was a game and I was supposed to withstand the burn.  He also played a game of "why are you hitting yourself?" and then he'd take my hand and, holding my hand, he'd hit me with my hand.  So he'd have me hitting myself but he was controlling it, and holding my hands just to say "you're doing it to yourself".  So while hitting me with my own hands he'd say, "Why are you hitting yourself?"  "huh? huh?  why are you hitting yourself?"  "Stop hitting yourself." 

So he showed me how someone can control your actions and then blame you for it.  I think the point of indian burns was what police do when they think they want to teach an "indian" a lesson--they twist handcuffs around your wrists.  For me, I was also burned in other ways. 

So I believe something was taking place where a permission was being signed, or contract, to have horrible things done to me from the point I left that hospital in 1995. 

For one thing, I remember being "wired" when I was a kid.  So it is nothing new the U.S. would try to track me and torture me from 1995-on.  What I mean by wired, is I think they put something in my arm during surgery when I broke my arm, but I also remember someone putting a thin wire into my ears.  I remember I was very little and I didn't like it because I had to "hold still" and I had an extremely thin sort of stiff wire, very slowly, gradually going into my ear.  At least one ear, and probably both.  But I remember being "wired" with something very clearly.  "Hold STILL"  now don't move...It wasn't Q-tips and it wasn't at a doctor's office.  It was a private wiring, as in, U.S. sponsored MK Ultra wiring.  I feel like I was around 4 years old.  It was anywhere between age 2 and age 8.  If it was in a doctor's office, I guess it wasn't surgery or an exam.  It was my head being held in one place so I didn't move and then told to be still as a wire was going into an ear.

So like I've said, this country is a piece of shit.

I was forced to work for microchip people after I was implanted with more 'stuff' in 1995.  I was then being targeted for torture on a regular basis. 

I've said most of this already so skipping ahead, when I left, I was upset with my parents for telling me to give my son up for adoption.  "God has other plans for you" my Dad said.  Either he came up with it, or the FBI and military did.  The only other thing prior to having my son was being date raped by federal employees and having police defame me and my lawsuits obstructed by deliberate torture of me.  What "other" plan would there be.  I didn't realize then that there was something very wrong with even some of my older friends, like the Maiers.  I didn't know how they were involved but there was something wrong.

Something was going down before we ever moved out of Moses Lake.  In the last year, about the time Barbara ran off of the road, and told us to put our clothes on, I kept asking Stephanie why her mother had told me to put my pants on.  I was just curious about why that came to Barbs mind and why she kept saying this to me, in an agitated state, repeatedly.  After that, I wasn't invited over to the Maiers house as much and Karin from Canada was making plans with her Canadian MK Ultra family, to move in and club with Rob and Marty Fallon.  I didn't know why I wasn't going over there as much, but felt sad about it, and Stephanie didn't want me to go but then we did. 

"Put your pants on Cameo".



"Why did your Mom keep telling me to put my pants on?"

"I don't know...Cameo, she was upset."

"Yeah, but she was telling me to put my pants on.  She didn't tell anyone else to put their pants on.  She said, kiiiiids!  get dressed, and then when I said, "We already have our clothes on" and giggled, Stephanie shushed me and Barbara screamed, "Cameo, put your pants on!  Put your pants on!" and she was hysterical, just shouting whatever came to her mind as we went off the road into a snowy ditch that was like the ditch Mike Nichols steered to before yanking the wheel back to flip the car.

So the weird thing is, when I little and JR and Summer were being babysat by my Mom, his parents knew Middletons.  What I remember about JR is that he was playing "doctor" and then I told him to put his private part on mine.  I said, "No! Not like that, it's not hard."  I knew, as a very young kid, about a man's private part touching mine, and feeling "hard".  How would I know this unless I was sexually abused by the U.S. federal government like I said.  We had no porn, no movies, and it wasn't an idea, it was that I had knowledge by personal experience that it was supposed to feel "hard".

Thanks to the Middletons.

When my parents are pressured to lie about me, they have been lying for federal employees for a very long time, and it's never been to my benefit.  I have never profited or benefited from my parents and what they do.  Instead, other families have, as mine is tortured to keep us in line.

Now that I think about it, when I went with the Maiers to Seattle once and had $10 to spend, why, of all the things I could have bought, did I want to buy a bottle of water that sprayed out liquid?  I mean, "Cameo put your pants on?"

Maybe since I questioned Stephanie about it and my invitations dwindled, and since I wrote in a diary and one of them probably got into it and read it or knew what was there, maybe someone was worried about "something" surfacing that was very "MK Ultra" and involved kids taking off clothes and realizing what a man's private part is like, aroused.

It's something even Stephanie might want to cut someone over.  Maybe it's even something Karin's Canadian-French connections would agree to want to kill over, arrange something with Robin, and get a Catholic guy to do it who knew Karin or Bechtold or had that Middleton contact.  I thought Joy didn't want me to see her Dad because she was jealous of me for some reason when all I wanted to do was sincerely wish him well, but maybe she knew I'd questioned about the pants being off so long ago and wondered why I wanted to see him in person. 

I know Stephanie REALLY loves her Nordstrom shopping and Barbara bought cosmetics by the 3 full bags with handles full, and by the time she invited me to her wedding shower in Seattle, she didn't care if my son was taken away from me.  Have at it "pants down" CPS people.  Of the gifts I was given by Stephanie in Moses Lake, it was postcards from European vacations, a small solid marble trinket box in the shape of Granny's French rose and violet candies before those disappeared, with a light flower design on the top, like the tin from the candies (a Granny Stephanie never met supposedly), and an enamel lipstick case to slide over a lipstick (just like a condom) that had a blond woman with curly hair (looking like Christina Ricci in "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"...theme:  heads will roll) and a bunch of adoring minstrels and suitors around her.  I said, "What is it?" and she said, "It's a lipstick case".  She grabbed it and showed me, taking out a lipstick and sliding the case over to say, "See, it keeps your lipstick together".  These were gifts her mother helped her pick out.  A small empty marble box in the shape of Granny's once treasured rose and violet French pastilles, which she said the stores didn't carry anymore, and a lipstick case to keep my lipstick together, with a woman sitting on a bench and a bunch of men in a group around her.  The whole gang bang crew I guess. It was too heavy for most lipsticks, and used to roll around underneath the lipstick if you picked it up.   That lipstick case was the size and shape of the pad of skin on my hand which I show a cut across in this post.  It was oval and exactly as long as my scar.

I remember my mother wasn't very impressed or interested.  She saw them, shrugged and said, "hmm".  Or "That was nice of Stephanie".  I gave Stephanie a lot of emotional support and since I didn't have any money, I gave her some pink hairpaint to streak her hair with, and a pair of jean shorts I was sewing patches on.  It really hurt my feelings when she didn't want to take the patches shorts home with her.  When Stephanie opened up the hairpaint, one of my very long red hairs was entwined around the wand that was in a swirl shape.  She pulled the hair out and said, "Is this USED?"  (oh yes my dear and now we all know who you've been working for, don't we darling).  I had sincere and good intentions.  My thoughts were pure about trying to sew patches onto a pair of ripped up jean shorts for Stephanie to wear.  But now, in hindsight, it is rocking hilarious.  It is like God knew what she really should be wearing.  So she unwound this hair of mine and held it up and it was twirled and pink.  She was at my house that day, which was unusual.  She then said hi to my Mom and made a condescendingly sweet comment about "Oh Mrs. Garrett...your pink curtains."

Stephanie's family is likely a source of my child sex abuse.  They're pervs.  So look at what pervs do when they work in federal contracts and want to screw you over because they don't like you anymore or feel too worried about something surfacing.  They try to kill you.  And then they pretend to be friends as they invite enemies to observe you and your son and then try to have your son taken from you, and even better, have you tortured too.

So guess who stole my diaries that has this information?  Mormons, that are Mormon just like Stephanie Maiers.  Who live in Seattle, like Stephanie, and who was connected to Canada through her partner.  Not only did Shannon Borg know who Stephanie was, she knew Mike Tancer. 

So, for the record, I was never around Barbara Maiers without my pants on.  Not as a teenager.  But as a baby or toddler, it's very possible.

Stephanie made a point, after all the years of not seeing me, and getting closer to Bechtold and Australia contacts, and Middleton and Karin's FBI and Canada, to have me sit next to a "social worker" who worked for CPS in Seattle.  That was her "place setting" for me, and I did not miss the smirk on her friends face and the look they exchanged between themselves as she did this.

My place setting for her, is in bum jeans with patches on them and I did it with a sweet heart too. 

I didn't understand any of this, and just thought my parents were inexplicably cruel when they were telling me to take a guilty plea for something I didn't do, after I'd reported the FBI.  We were not hardly speaking and I got so upset I said I was taking my Dad's name off of my son's birth certificate.  I had his social security number revoked, and then I said something to my Dad about mabye taking his name off.  My mother was brainwashed by Patty Otterbach and Barb Greenman who were telling her I was the cause of my parent's separation and to say she didn't love me anymore.  That was a line from a story we read in Margaret Atwood or Nancy McCusker's class in high school, from Emily Dickinson and was a poem I wrote a paper about.  "Love is..."  I had no clue at all who the Middletons were and SHE, Kate, was brought into it after I wrote my paper as if I'd written a snotty paper about Middleton or was challenging her.  She would have been about 9 years old at the time.  Who knows, maybe by then someone thought she was psychic, or pretty, or had some attribute they thought was going to advance their cause. 

When I left for Canada, I left everyone behind.  Since my parents were mad at me, and also probably tortured sometimes by others, they had motive to keep lying for people they have always lied for.

I have PTSD obviously, from actual trauma and unbelievable events...mild PTSD.  There is nothing wrong with me.  I have no personality disorder, drug habit or addiction or anything I try to stay away from because I think I have a problem with it.  I have no mental illness.  What I have, is something that would go away and does, when people quit lying and when this country stops torturing me.

The crimes against me and my son are extraordinary.  This country needs to figure out where its priorities are and do the right thing because it's the right thing, not because they're getting sex out of it.  I am not a citizen and my son is not a citizen until and unless we see proof that our rights are honored as are the rights of other citizens.

If I see equal treatment, and return of my son, and no torture, then I can say, "I am a citizen" or "The U.S. considers me to be a citizen".  So far, the U.S. has treated me and my son worse than slaves in North Korea.  We have a right to have our petition for political asylum honored and I have a right to be validated.
Updated:  4/26/2013

The other thing I remembered today, when looking at solid silver, is that my mother's entire set of solid silverware was stolen from our house in Moses Lake, WA.  She had an entire set, and I believe it was from Granny, but Granny also had a set too and when I would visit her, her silverware was disappearing a few at a time.   Someone was stealing Granny's silverware gradually, but my Mom's silverware, this set I really loved as a kid, was stolen all at once.  They were not silver plated but solid silver.  There were some larger serving forks and things too, but mostly I remember how upset my Mom was when the silverware was gone.  There were a few things there, something else was there to eat with, but mostly it was at one time period.  I was old enough to remember and be accustomed to using the same silver by that time, I think, so I must have been between age 6 and age 13 but I am pretty sure it was when I was around age 7-11 or so.  So then, it is sort of odd that Alvaro's Colombian friends were just giving me a box of steel silverware for an engagement present.  It wasn't silver, it was steel.  Later, one time after this, when I was a few years older, my mother took me with her to "look at silverware" at a thrift shop.  My mother said to the store owner, "I'm looking for silver eating utensils...spoons, forks, and knives"..and my mother took me to several places, scouring bins of silverware for "solid silver".  I looked with her, and picked out some pieces and held them to her for inspection.  I think my mother was reinforcing for me how our own solid silver was stolen from us.  I said, "How do I know if it's silver?" and she said, "It's usually heavier, and it turns color with age so you have to shine it up".  We had silver polish under our kitchen sink for years, and I remember as a kid, because it was used for our silverware.  We also had copper polish.

Then it was odd when I was working for Lorraine Rose and she wanted me to polish all of her silverware for hours, which I did.  She specifically made me polish and repolish and polish again what she called her "fish plate".  It was a plate with scales all over it.  Solid silver and round, and in a scales, like fish scale, pattern.  It was hard to clean because of all the scales that were raised and then had recessions inbetween...every scale maybe an 1/8th apart so tons and tons of scales and I had to scrub inbetween every single one of them.  Then she'd make me do it again.  And then she'd say she didn't like it and do it again.  And finally, then she'd set up in the highest place in her kitchen, above my head so I had to get a chair to reach it.  Then she'd tell me to take it down and polish it even when she hadn't used it.  Pretty much every week after she decided to wanted to put the fish plate on display.  She got new dishes too, and I dropped and broke a bunch but none of it was intentional or being careless. I wasn't doing it bc I was tired of polishing silverware or for any motive.  They were thinner so they slipped out of hand, where her other plates didn't as much.  She ended up getting nervous after I broke so many.  Then she accused me of  breaking her plates on purpose or something by saying, "I am thinking of deducting $300 from your paycheck to pay for my dishes that you broke".  I was shocked.  She kept saying this.  "If you break one more dish, I'm going to have you pay for it."  "You've broken too many of my dishes and I think you can pay for a new set."  She said, "Each one of these plates costs one hundred and ??? (something) dollars".  They were solid white round plates.  I said, "I'm not trying to break them."  and I think I also said, "I don't think it's fair to charge me for breaking any of them because I'm not being careless."   Anyway, not to get onto that tangent.

As for Stephanie Maiers, she was in my first grade class in school.  But we had moved to the neighborhood area she lived in, years earlier.  I didn't visit Stephanie at her house in 1st grade so the only time I would have been around Barbara with my "pants off" was before kindergarden, and most likely between the ages of 2 and 5.  Which is the age frame the U.S. likes for sexually abusing children.  When I was that young, before age 5, the Maiers had no boys in their family so I wouldn't have had my pants off for a boy my age. 

I also witnessed Pamp Maiers watching me skinny dip with his kids from their window once when I was a pre-teen or I guess teen, because I was at Jr. high at that time. It was dark in the kitchen, and I saw him clearly. Stephanie said they wanted to skinny dip in their pool in the middle of the night so I thought no one would be out there.  They had a "curly slide" we were even going down, nude, and then I sensed someone watching and looked and it was Pamp Maiers at the window, with a glass of water, watching.  He didn't seem bothered that I noticed and I don't think I even told Stephanie because I was too embarrassed to tell her.  He saw me see him watching.   I remember the other reason I didn't say anything to Stephanie is because I was shocked to think she set it up.  I thought this, at that time, because it happened after I asked Stephanie why her Mom had kept screaming at me to put my pants on and was telling us to put our clothes on and get dressed.  That was in the winter.  I asked her questions and wrote about it in my diary.  Then that summer, one time I stayed the night, Stephanie dragged me outside with Christina and said let's go skinny dipping and they kept pressuring me to.  I took off my suit in the pool but then they were telling me to get out of the pool and walk around to the slide and go down the slide naked.  I was too self-conscious and didn't want to.  Christina and Stephanie didn't quit, and then they said if they did I had to and no one would see.  Finally I did and that's when I saw Pamp Maiers at their kitchen window and I believe he was taking a photo.  I saw him lift his hand up to eye level and then down.  It was lit up outside by the pool with bright lights so you wouldn't have needed a flash.  I remember then Stephanie did something that bothered me because it made me think she had known her Dad was there so I wondered why she want her Dad to see both me and his own daughter naked.  I thought this because I had seen her looking over at the kitchen window many times first, while telling me to go down "the curly slide" (as they called it).   By October, my birthday, she was giving me a lipstick case that slid over a lipstick and had a woman with curly blond hair on it.  My Dad was already commuting to Oregon by then and we moved the next Spring.

So I was embarrassed and I also thought she and Christina had deliberately set me up to be exposed to their Dad.  I thought at first maybe he'd had a glass of water, but the other thing was, there were 2 men there that night.  Pamp had visitors and guests sometimes and another guy was there.  I saw Pamp's face so I knew it was him and he was glaring.  He didn't look happy. 

It was after this, that I basically hardly visited them again and we were moving.  Karin from Canada was moving right in on my heels and someone had photos of me naked.

Now that I think about it, it actually was possibly deliberate.  If someone worried about what I wrote in my diary, about Barb screaming to have kids get dressed, and telling me to put my pants on, maybe they wanted to degrade me.  Then they could show it to others and even to my Dad or Mom and humiliate me. It is the only time I ever thought Stephanie had set me up to do something for her parents.  I remember I had a bad feeling about when I did it. 

Later when Stephanie visited me in Sherwood, Oregon, she was upset I talked to Robin more than her while we were in the pool and outside and she said I hurt her feelings and she'd become very good friends with Monica now.  She told me she was better friends with Monica now, than she was with me and she went back to Moses Lake complaining.  The assassination attempt against me was after that visit, by Tony Roos. Who has a PLUM job in construction-transportation by the way. I already had problems with Robin because he was distraught I wouldn't be his girlfriend.  In the middle of his constant efforts to get my attention and visiting, Stephanie was ignored.  So right after that, I was being run off the road to be killed, about 6 months after her visit, or less.

The Maiers had all of their contracts with the United States government.  He builds highways for the U.S. government and his entire construction company profits are supported by federal money.  Barb had been married to "Sellen", the owner of Sellen Construction in Seattle, WA, which is another major company that has received government contracts.  She divorced and married Pamp and they started Pamp Maiers construction.    For the last three decades, all of the money from construction is coming from the U.S. feds.  That's not to mention what other business they may have under the table.  When Karin got close to Fallons, she got close to doctors who observed me after an arm surgery, and then she sidled up to Stephanie and went with them, as the "ambassador for Canada" on yacht trips in Seattle.  I was never invited on any of the Maiers vacations, except for one short one to Wyoming.  The Maiers took Karin with them everywhere and Stephanie told me her mother LOVED Karin.

What was my Dad going to say, about an assassination attempt, if Pamp and other U.S. federal employees and contractors had photos and evidence of my Dad coaching me on how to make Mr. Maiers' penis hard?

(Hexavalent chromium poisoning, by the way, is commonly found in the construction industry because it is construction companies that use hexavalent chromium, not just the Army.  Why is no one doing a lab on my mother's chrome sores?  Because of a massive federal conspiracy?  Hexavalent chromium is a primary chemical used in making cement, and that is what Maiers construction focused on in building roads.  By 2006 the U.S. federal government was giving them the contract to build a federal prison too.) 

So as I've said, later, when I was in high school--having no idea about my being raped or abused as a kid, Canada connections for MK Ultra were encouraging U.S. and Canadians or whoever, to take my virginity, and then later when I was being set up for repeated premeditated rape, gang rape, by U.S. federal employees, the U.S. was already "used" to having their way with me.

They believed if they raped me and the feds were involved then, they could rape me later all they wanted, and no one was going to defend me.

Inbetween raping me they were trying to kill me.  The U.S. lied and kidnapped my son to use him the same way they used me.  So this is what happened to me before I was supposed to remember:

1.  rape and sexual molestation
2.  deliberate head injury (when I was born, which is why I had jaundice for 3 months)
3.  multiple cuts with a razor (probably as part of the "don't tell" aspect of being raped by FBI, and other federally contracted men):  on my wrists, face, and hands.  I remember being cut.
4.  hypnotized (some of this later too, which I did remember)
5.  Given LSD (I remember one time only)
6.  Possibly forced into closets and dark spaces and held in isolation (I don't remember, but some of my actions later, indicate it might be possible)
7.  Possibly I was wired through an ear.  I remember having my head held in one place and a very thin wire that was long, being gradually inserted into my ear.  I remember a man, some strange man or my Dad, doing it.  However, this is a tenuous memory and I don't know why I think this happened or remember this.  My Mom had those bulbs you have for sucking in fluid, a medical bulb, for ears or nose or whatever, but it wasn't that and it wasn't an ear exam with a tool for looking into the ears witha light.  I had a memory of a thin wire going in and being told to hold very still.

All of these things, except LSD, were done before age 3.  I was still cut after age 3 and I was given LSD after age 3, around 6 years old maybe.  The U.S. never quit their MK Ultra program and they took advantage of every single person they "invested" in later.  What I witnessed being done to my son Oliver, is the exact same thing the CIA and U.S. Army did to me.  This country is guilty of kidnapping Oliver through criminal activity.

I know my Dad was involved in the sexual assault of me.  I don't mean I know my Dad did something himself, but he was involved in telling me "how to do it" for other men.  When I had something triggered from my subconscious it wasn't, "You're too soft", it was "He's not hard yet.  He's soft."

So when my Dad told me later, as I was growing up, that I had a "soft heart", some of the language used around me to refer to an innocent and pure idea of a soft heart, was being used as a mask over the use of "soft" and "hard" for male genitalia.  I did have a "soft heart"--I cried easily or felt sympathic for people and animals, but I also notice now, as an adult how it went from "soft" and "hard" to "soft heart".  I mean, very clever CIA.  Very disgusting and very clever.  It's not like they don't instruct their programmers what to say and how to cover up for their state-sponsored and funded crimes.

I know that Kate Middleton's family is connected to JR and Summer Williams.  I think their last names were Williams.  My mother was having to babysit them and she didn't want to do it.  Those kids had also been sexualized by the U.S. government.  I found Summer trying to introduce things to my brother.  It was like Sheri Sainsbury before Sheri, who was showing up at my house to fondle me and talk to me about "his hard dick" when that's not the kind of friend I was looking for when I was 11 years old. Her family was U.S. Army and that is who Mike Middletons contacts are with.  She stayed overnight one time at my house and never again.  The U.S. had turned into into a porn-trash-talking  kid and then wanted to expose me to her, after they first used HER in their own way by making her into the sexual linguist dirty talker and lesbo at 11.

I believe this follows the exact history of how the CIA and U.S. Army blackmail parents into doing what they want.  They got evidence of contribution to pedophilia on my Dad, and then they feel assured their secret "program" is safe and no one will talk.  The other U.S. federal employees and contractors, also feel safe, because they tell my Dad if HE tells on them, or tries to back out, they will tell on HIM.

This kind of control is exactly why my parents lie for the U.S. government.

My parents even lie and say they think I am mentally ill now,  because that's what the U.S. government wants from them, and they are blackmailed to give the U.S. what they want.  I don't blame my parents and I forgive them because I know they are MK Ultra victims themselves.  I believe they were blackmailed as kids.  They have been extremely important to the U.S.

My parents are Liars For A Living.  Like all spies and government employees who are involuntarily blackmailed, or who willingly get involved for idealistic reasons. 

I am very sure my Dad was raped too.  I never thought this before, but I am positive my Dad was raped as a kid, and maybe later, to put him in his place when the U.S. worries he might break down and talk.  For my Dad to "talk" means exposure to a huge network of pedophiles and federal government police, FBI, CIA and military.  High ranking.  It also includes men and women who do contract work for the government, like the Maiers.  The Maiers are involved with both drug trafficking (in my opinion) and federal contracts.

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