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Bain Capital MK Ultra Humiliations: Not Given Normal Tampons; Vegan Oops

(this post takes a few tangents, so read on. It also references the post I made last night about scars I have on my face from razor cuts to my face as a baby-toddler)

I just found out some betaine hcl I got has pepsin in it. I had read pepsin can be synthetic and I dumped out the capsules from their gelatin (animal product) shell and have been mixing it with water. I also used a lot of it (most of it) on an experiment I've had going for awhile in my house. It's not exactly scientific, because I'm not measuring everything, but I've been using betaine hcl to see how much will clean out a really persistent residue on the insides of bottles. I got into it when I was using bottles for blackberry puree or pear puree and with one thing I was looking at fermentation processes and how long it took. So after looking at fermentation of fruits, I wanted to figure out how to get rid of the stuff inside of narrow necked bottles if I couldn't reach it to scrub. Anyway, I used most of it on that. So my vegan oops was that I didn't realize the kind I was taking MIGHT be animal product. I just got another kind, and checked online and it is, so I'll return it and just get it without the pepsin.

Anyway, I was talking to my Mom about taking me to a doctor's appointment for an OBGYN. She was going to and then today she acted weird about it and it reminded me of something. It was almost exactly like when I was 13 and started my period, and the people who have tried to control me and my Mom and degrade me, through MK Ultra excuses--told my mother not to buy me tampons.

My mother was also told not to buy me maxi pads/sanitary napkins. I was supposed to bleed with nothing. It was my first period, and of course it's a big deal, and I told my Mom and thought she'd go to the store with me and buy tampons or pads or something and she refused.

I was extremely hurt by this. It hurt my feelings that I was just supposed to go without any kind of protection for staining my clothing or even going out in public at all. Finally, when I kept asking, she said, snapping, "Just use my tampons". Right. The Super Plus OB tampons with no applicator. They were too big to even try to put in, even before they expanded.

I cried and cried. And I cried, and I cried, and cried. I tried to use them and it was impossible and I just kept crying.

That's how great my first period was.

Now I know I have this country to thank for that, and the hideous people who have told my mother to try to get me to wear brown mascara, told me not to dance, stole my homework from me so my grades were lower than they would have been, and marry a man who was disabled from a car accident at age 16.

The only people who would do this to me, were those connected to MK Ultra, probably from the UK. Most likely, when I was age 13, it was Middleton.

I told my mother I couldn't do it, and she got upset and said of course you can and I said no I can't, they're too big. So I had to beg her to take me to the store to buy tampons when they only cost a few bucks.

It was horrifying. It was one of the worst experiences in my life at that time.

This is not something I would normally write about, but since I'm on the topic of MK Ultra and the UK and their participation, and the horrible things done to me, even cutting my face with a razor, I am bringing it up now.

I also looked a brand label today with a whole new perspective. It is from Park City, Utah, and it's Solaray, and they have the label with the same design as the lines cut into my face with a razor. And then on the top one, they have a thin razor line.

How would anyone in Park City, Utah know about me or why would I think such a label has anything to do with ME? Well first of all, I was forced into MK Ultra. Secondly, our neighbor that we lived next to all those years, Alan Springer, who was a Mormon FBI psychologist that also worked in the public schools, and whose daughter Kara tied me and my brother up and pretended we were hostages she was giving poison to, moved to Utah. He knew about my childhood because I lived in the town of Monitor, WA until I was 1 year old and then we lived on Canterbury Lane in Moses Lake, WA, (which was close to Cherry st. or we lived there next or something), and then we were at Potato Hill Rd. from the time I was 2 years old or close to 3.

How did he not notice? And then he moved to Utah?

I mean, how many people knew who had been cutting into my face with razors?

Look at this photo from their "About Us" page. Even the slogan on their wall has 2 marks, like the cut marks I have on my face, that I described in the earlier post.


I just read their "About Us" and one of the brands they use is "Monarch Nutritional Laboratories". Monarch was one of the program names for the entire CIA-U.S. Army MK Ultra-Operation Monarch projects. And look who got involved in 1993: Bain Capital.

It says they joined a cooperative partnership with Weber University, which is located in Ogden, Utah, which is where I just got a notice from the IRS.

It's where the IRS is telling me they have a problem with my accounting for my son and the illegal kidnapping and theft of my son from me. I listed him under "Stolen Property". It doesn't change how much the IRS has to send to me, in refund. They only use so much, or allow so much as a deduction anyway.

What they don't like, is my point.

I had to file yet another document to Ogden, Utah, to the IRS, for my "business"...my non-profit. In the spaces where it asks to list assets, bonds and stocks, I had to put 0 (zero) down for everything and explain in a short note that I actually did try to purchase stocks and bonds for my business but I couldn't. Why? Because the FBI closed my business account without giving me notice first, to show the Middletons how they will give them something to cheer about.

They have been trying to bump me off and kill me, for decades.

If it wasn't over William of Wales, it was over one of the others first, because they were trying to kill me by 1992. Before that, they were degrading me, all the way to the point of controlling my parents, to tell them not to buy tampons or pads for me when I started my period, and try to get me to force in a tampon that was too big.

For what? their disgusting sadomachism and child abuse of me?

It says on the wiki, that Bain Capital began investing "in" London in 1989. So that's our Middleton tweaker.
Bain Capital Private Equity has raised ten funds and invested in more than 250 companies. The private equity activity includes leveraged buyouts and growth capital in a wide variety of industries.[128] Bain began investing in Europe in 1989 through its London-based affiliate Bain Capital Europe (from wiki: "Bain Capital")

If you haven't noticed, one of the major donations after I was implanted for remote torture at Salt Lake City hospital, was John Huntsman, and he is in business with Bain.

Also, today I was "lasered" at my house, inside of my house, and I have a mark on my face from it now, that looks like its disfiguring. Maybe it will go away, but it made a spot on my cheek with some of it whiter, where the laser dot is, and around it there is abnormally darker pigment change. When it was done to me, it caused severe laser burn sensation to my lower back and lower stomach, and was something that was done to me when I was with my son.

There isn't any reason for Utah to celebrate what they've done to me unless they did it knowing it was advancing another family and another business partnership, and another woman: Kate Middleton as it turns out. She apparently became their "Great White Hope". Even some black people became convinced of it, and hispanics. Drugs work with the Mexican mafia.

I just found out Bain Capital is located in Boston, MA.


Apparently, Bain started giving Middletons welfare in 1989, through, possibly, their "investing" in London, England. I was 15 years old and Karin-from-Canada had moved into the area and we were moving to Sherwood, Oregon. Alan Springer and his family had already moved a few years earlier, to Utah. This was also the same time Barbara Maiers was driving a van I was in, and went off the road because of an oncoming car, which was possibly an attempt to crash a vehicle I was in prior to the 1992 assassination attempt against me. Oh Bain, bain, bain.


(It was probably over a fear Stephanie Maiers was going to turn into an activist. Must be it)

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