Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tasty Bites

I accidentally had one bite of cream today. Yes, sigh...we can't be perfect all the time, no matter how hard we try. I got Tasty Bites indian cuisine food along with other things yesterday and I think the first time I tried their products was in 1995. It was when they first were out on the market.

So I'm vegan now, and I got some non-vegan but vegetarian kinds for my son, but for me, I only eat vegan foods. So I thought this Madras one was vegan and poured it over kidney beans and basmati and then I took only one bite, and maybe I realized something was wrong. There was some kind of grit in the bite. It was either an uncooked bean that got in, or a piece of uncooked rice that somehow got in. So I looked at the back of the package and OH NO! it said, "contains dairy" and then there in the label it said "cream".

So I am giving that one away and I had punjab eggplant instead--over the kidney beans and with basmati, which was really good. I used to get the paneer ones all the time but I can't eat cheese so I got them for my son.

I might get him a care package of an assortment for his school lunches and things. I just got him some vegetarian vitamins and fish oil. I was thinking he might need vitamin k too though. In fact, I'm sure of it.

The last couple of times I've had weird knee pain after eating garlic and/or onions, it quits after I eat 2 raw spears of asparagus. Asparagus is high in vitamin k and I do think we have a very slight tendency to bleed internally which hurts the joints! I'm glad it's not very bad, it's not life-endangering at all, but I think he needs k

(I had Lucky spring rolls too. I love those spring rolls.)

Yeah, he needs vitamin k. So I'll have to look for that. What is also weird, is if I can't sleep, and have insomnia and my knees or joints hurt, after eating onions or garlic, not only does it stop hurting if I eat asparagus, I fall asleep like I just took a sleep pill. I mean, within 5 minutes and I am not even kidding. I don't know how it's possible it could even work that fast. ?

I guess there is nothing like having an asparagus bouquet on the nightstand is there?

I just read spinach, kale, and brocolli are also high in k, or higher than asparagus even, but slightly less appealing (to me) to eat raw. I don't know. I guess I ate it raw when I picked wild asparagus with Granny as a girl. I don't remember her cooking it except for a few times, I guess she steamed it, but we ate it raw too.

I don't know why I'd fall asleep right away after asparagus, but I have read people who are prone to internal bleeding, don't know it sometimes and it can cause insomnia at the same time of the bleeding. Not just from pain I don't think. I think it's something else too probably, but I guess it takes a few minutes to chew one spear and then the next and brush teeth, maybe 5 minutes or a little more, and I'm out like a light.

Yesterday I was tortured, seriously. To my lower back and stomach. But then I later took 2 capsules of odor-controlled garlic and my knees started to hurt. I took the serving size, 2 capsules, but I dumped them out of gelatin and into water, and they are each 500 mg. So I took 1,000 mg. and was in pain. (No wonder no one in my family is a big fan of garlic). I got it to try to cure this rash thing from non-treatment of trush, to see if it works but I don't know. If I can control bleeding with my k, maybe. If not, I'm just a bleeder and have to try something else.

I'm positive my son has the same thing. I know bc of how he bled as a baby. It was a good thing I said "Yes, give him a vitamin K shot" at his birth (welcome to the world my son).

Who knows how bad his brain bleed would have been if I hadn't said I wanted him to have the shot. As it was, his head was still showing a wound scab 3 months later and his bilirubin was abnormally high. That's WITH the vitamin K shot I said "YES" to.

What's strange is that I see ginko listed on some sites as possibly something to avoid for those with bleeding disorders but ginko doesn't bother me at all. Only garlic and onions. I think maybe if I add ginko to this, it increases it, but ginko works for me, and feels beneficial. Garlic and onions, maybe garlic particularly, puts me in pain.

I tried some herbal thing awhile ago too, that worked for clotting bleeding on top of the skin,but I'll have to remember what it was and what I did.

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