Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remote Drug Delivery Through DES (Drug Eluting Stent)

I found out tonight there is such a thing as an implant that is the form of a metal stent. There are several varieties, including the "Taxus", Xience V, The Cypher, and some that are currently in studies (CARE studies). Some of these stents are coated with slow time-release drugs, that are released over 30-90 days in coatings that dissolve.

Other stents are controlled by remote control. What it means, if you would like to refer to the link above (and probably some of you have other studies available to you through a search), is that some stents contain drugs and a release of that drug is administered electronically, through a hand-held device.

What this means, essentially, is if something like this is used by consumers in their own houses, for their healthcare, by remote control, people in military, CIA, and NASA also have an interest in giving drug deliveries by remote distance. So just as they have "remote surgery" and "remote pharmacy", where they can perform some surgeries while the doctor is in one state looking at a computer screen, and the patient is in another state, near robotic technology; and where drugs can be ordered by remote means, it also means this country is able to give people doses of drugs as long as there is a stent or some other faculty for containing a drug, in their body.

I found this out while wondering why I had a reaction of spontaneous bruising (petechiae) in a specific border on one of my arms. It made me wonder if there was possibly an implant of some kind there and if my dose of niacin (taken to flush my system from toxins) was causing this to show up.

What is particularly sinister about something so "helpful" as the DES, is that it can be easily used on someone who does not want it, or who is unable to give consent because they are unconscious, or is forced to have it inserted through someone else under the excuse that someone needs "meds" and their guardian is consenting on their behalf. DES then become the "drug eluting stent" for a "drug eluding stint". It provides a forcible way of drugging someone that doesn't want to be taking any medications or drugs.

I've already had people tell me some kind of stent was put inside of me by Maryland doctors when I had my surgery there. The other thing I believe is true, is that something was inserted into my arm earlier than that. I don't know that the arm one is "drug eluting"--it might be something else, but regardless, maybe this is why I'm having a hard time getting my medical records.

They are required, by law, to give me copies of my own records upon request and Maryland's Seventh Day Hospitals were refusing all of a sudden, ever since I broke up with Alvaro. Also, Salt Lake City University is refusing to give me all of my records or to even acknowledge my request. They made a point, "Bain" did, of snubbing me through this hospital which coordinates with the VA and NASA, and sent me 2 pages of "summary" that looked like an "abstract" from a scientific journal.

I was tortured from 1992 forward, but mostly after my surgery, in 1995. I was being drugged and medicated repeatedly, without my consent, since I asked for political asylum from the United States with my son, in 2007.

This country has been drugging me ever since.

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