Sunday, April 28, 2013

Discoveries of More Cuts

On my left hand, on the palm, I also have a line in a curve that is a cut.  I thought I only had dot scars all over, but there is also a curved line scar.  The dots are lined up in one place like ............  basically about that many dots or more, in a line.  Then there are more next to it.  I will probably draw a diagram of the cuts I've discovered so far, and how they are in places I've never had injuries from car accidents.

I also see one now, in natural lighting, on my right arm, straight across the middle, in a 1-2 inch thicker straight horizontal line across the inside of my forearm. It's my right arm, not my broken one. I have never had an injury there needing to be cut across with a knife or did this to myself.  So someone did this and hid it under my shirt sleeve.  The only scars which could not hidden were to my face and to the insides of my hands.

Lots of people have cuts to their belly buttons, I'm just sure of it.

Keep lifting up your shirt Katie, so we can see how you are unscathed.

Robin Bechtold was instrumental in trying to convince me to have a belly button piercing for years.  He kept trying to pressure me to get one, and using my interest in him as a way to try to persuade me.  I guess if I'd ever had a piercing, it might take away from the fact I have an abnormal scar there from being tortured by the U.S. government, which he works for.  He brought it up one day.  He became obsessed with the idea of telling me to get a belly button piercing.  He has always done favors for the government.

In high school after Tony Roos tried to assassinate me, some of the guys applauding him (not saying why or guessing I had seen who one of them was) started calling me "Rosie Palmer".  I have scars from cuts all over my hand, from before I was age 5 and these Sherwood High School guys who stole some of my clothing and jewelry and gave it to UK Middletons, were calling me "Rosie Palmer".  Then they changed it and made it into a joke about "going to see Rosie Palmer" meaning self-masturbation.  They talked about this after I was already in a group setting, not like I started or joined conversation like that.

I asked my mother today where I got the scars from and she said what scars.  She said any woman who is 40 is going to have scars.  I said, "No, I have a lot of them, and to places of my body that I was never injured from car wrecks."  She said "Where" and I showed her one on my foot.  Then she said, "You call them scars" and I said, "They are scars, here's another one and you can see it" and I showed her the scar across my hand that I photographed.  Most of them are harder to see.  She said so you never noticed them before?  and I said, "I did, but I didn't notice how many and I didn't realize it they were all before I was age 5 or so" and I said, "I didn't realize they were all in places where I wasn't in car accidents or injured."  I said, "Can you explain to me why I have tons of cuts all over my face, my hands, and my feet?" and she shrugged and said no.  She said anyone could get cuts from different things and I said, "They're not jagged, it's from a sharp razor or knife" and I said, "Why do I have a cut to my belly button?" 

And she didn't like this part and looked away.  She didn't say anything.

I said, "How could you not see me bleeding and not know?"

She kept ignoring me. 

I then brought up rape.  "And then this doctor told me there was evidence of violent rape.  So why was I being cut?  to keep me quiet about rape?  Was I cut every time someone raped me?"  It's "party pieces" time.  BYOK.  (Bring your own knife) or BYOR (bring your own razor).

She said if I thought that they did this, I could leave.  I said, "I didn't say you did it.  I'm saying someone did and there is no way you didn't see me bleeding."  She said "It's the same thing as saying we did it" and I said "No it's not" and then she said, "If you think we would do this then maybe even we should feel endangered by you."  I said, "Are you admitting you would have a motive for feeling threatened by me if I believe this?"  I said, "Because that might mean a motive for wanting to kill me if you thought I 'knew something' or 'remembered' something you didn't want me to."

Anyone involved would have this motive.  They would want to potentially kill me before it "got out" that "I remember" or I started noticing things.

I have over 50-100 cuts on my body, from what I've found in scars that I know are not from my auto accidents or those locations.  I am like a 100 piece puzzle.  I might be a 1,000 piece puzzle.  I have noticed about 50-100 individual scars that look deliberate and are not injury-related--straight line incisions (usually matching on either side or similiar, and between 1/4 inch to 2 inches long), deliberate shapes carved out (heart), dots, arrows, and loops.  There are fewer shapes than straight line incisions...I've found maybe 4 or 5.  The rest are all like incisions somone would make that is trying to commit suicide or alert someone (like 'cries for help', which Shannon Adams said she was an expert at).

If I had ever been injured enough, or had piercings, the scars would have been concealed or excused as "scars from accidents".  If I had died, my mouth would have been shut forever and my body could have been cremated or destroyed.  No one was going to speak up for me.

The individuals who have tried to kill me are U.S. Army connected, CIA connected (Canada, UK, and US) and federal employees and those with federal contracts.

Either I was cut to keep me quiet about sexual abuse and rape by federal employees, or it was punishment to a child for something someone did as a "spy".  Or to put more of their federal "markers" on me.

Here's another thing.  Princess Diana knew about MK Ultra.  Either she cut herself on the plane, in a bathroom, and smeared it on the walls, or someone did this to her.  She chose planes as a site for cutting.  She also made it public what she'd done.  I don't think the MK Ultra people liked that.  It's possible they were worried she was trying to tip someone off about where government officials were cutting people or was industries were involved.  Aerospace defense.

What was Middleton doing?  working "flight control".  They can be proven to be involved with MK Ultra by their CIA and U.S. Army connections and who they knew in UK and Canada that was involved in MK Ultra.  I also lived in a town where there was a military airport and base, that was international.  Some of the sites used for abusing kids, if it's not a private home, are federally owned.

When I was about 6 or 7 or so, I had a kitten named "Mittens".  I was allowed to have her in my bedroom, and if she accidentally scratched me, I picked her up, took her to my closet, and shut the door.  Why would I put a cat that scratched and drew blood, in a closet, in the dark, unless I had the idea because someone did it to me and it was my trained reflex?  I remember then I'd feel bad and sorry for the kitten, so I let her out.  Small scratches weren't a big deal, but if it was a big scratch I'd say "NO!" and put her in the closet, which was the size of an airplane bathroom stall.  I loved my kitten, and yet what I think this shows, is that I was trying to exert "control" over being scratched, when I had not had it when federal employees and military cut me.  I did to my kitten, what they had done to me, locked me in a closet.  When I tried to hide while being held hostage in 1996, I grabbed my friend and dragged her into a closet to hide with me.

The U.S. then later tried to reinforce trauma with a combination of federal date-rape against me, showing me knifes and razors, and then putting me into jail on false charges, into rooms the size of closets, alone.  It was their way to trigger a response after they had failed to assassinate me or destroy evidence of their crimes against me.

When I had this horrible, bad feeling, when I put the kitten in my closet and waited and heard her mew, I let her out and would say I was "sorry" and pet her and play with her and "make it up" to her.  Either someone was doing that to me, or they were telling someone to cut me and then taking them away to a holding place like a cell or closet and locking them in.  To then release them and play a game of "sorry".

This is learned behavior and it proves the United States federal government fucked up big time.  It was the same kind of conditioned and learned automatic response to something done to me, that I've described earlier. 

When we first moved to Moses Lake, I was 1 year old.  So abuse prior to age one was done in Wenatchee and Cashmere.  Abuse after age one was in Moses Lake.  We first lived on Canterbury Lane, which was a block from the District Court and 2 blocks from Samaritan Hospital.  We lived less than 1 mile away from the Navy, Army, & Air Force recruiting, which were across the street from U.S. Bank (where I banked later).   The State Police offices  were a few miles away, near "Lewis Horn", on Pritchard, with some residential area around it (Lupine, Sage, etc).  The Grant County International Airport was several more miles away and is a compound that shows up on a map as a giant X.  Kind of like the flag of Scotland is in the shape of a giant X.  It is a square boundary, with an X that looks like arrows joining together and with one side looking (on a map) like the handle of a sword (to the left, if you look at it birds-eye). 

William basically married someone his mother knew was a criminal and part of a criminal family.  I believe she had evidence against Middletons and a number of other families, which is why she is dead.

After we lived on Canterbury Lane, we lived off of Potato Hill Road.  I lived on Canterbury Lane, next to Cherry St (where there were people we knew) from age 1 to approximately age 2 1/2 or so, maybe age 3.  My mother always said, when I was a kid, it was until age 2.  But who knows. After this, we were closer to the Pennisula, which is where a lot of federal employees, and the Maiers family lived.

A pen knife is also something you pull out from a sheath, like a sword.  So maybe "X" marks the spot.

I've said something like that before, but not in connection with cuts all over my own body.  If she is alive, Princess Diana, and hiding out in the U.S., I would say my theory goes out the window maybe, because I wouldn't know why she would ever approve of Middleton.  I think if she is dead, she is rolling in her grave.

We always had a yard stick standing up in the kitchen of our house.  I believe most of the cutting occured at the airport yard when I was a baby or toddler.  It also made it easy for international MK Ultra people to fly in.  The entire idea of taking me to see "a clockwork orange", by Josh Gatov, when I had been cut across my navel, and he had used a knife to intimidate me, points to his knowledge of what had been done to me when I was a toddler.  So he was most definitely working for the U.S. government.

I thought something was wrong with my belly button when I got pregnant and had severe pain there, but I didn't notice there is a cut across it and that I have suffered from some damage, until now.  I had it right away and it wasn't herniated or any kind of natural problem but I dismissed it as a pregnancy thing, even though I thought, at the time, I think I had an injury here once.  I never checked or looked for a cut or scar.  So why would anyone cut my belly button.  It's not a cord cut.  It is like the cord was cut at birth,  I had a belly button, and then later someone decided to make a very incision across it, which scarred.  I know something bad happened too, because I remember as a kid later if I touched it, it hurt so I never looked underneath a part until I was in college, before I was raped.  I mean, I never really examined it until later and had an aversion and I noticed that it was painful and hurt there but I didn't see the scar.  I was never looking for scars on my body.

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