Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fashion Likes

I'm looking up fashion today.  I like a variety of what I see, but this caught my attention because of the way she's pulling it off.  This is from Vogues' Cannes slides.  The shoes are great with this too.  A lot of the Cannes were not bad.  Also liking the constructed modern hand bags with geo buckles and straps out.  I also like prints, fun prints, skinny dark jeans, and the vintage come backs.  I've always liked vintage.

Anyway, this dress could look so seriously wrong done incorrectly, or on the wrong body and with wrong shoes and everything, but I like how she pulls it off.  This is not a dress for big boobs and fat calves.  I mean, if you want stodgy, put thick ankles and calves in this.  In flats.

Oh helloo camera there.  I like you too.  Nice lenses.

I like how your ruffles on top compliment your perfectly square lines.  Did you two drive together?


It's Chanel.

I like many different things but this one stood out to me for some reason. I might put more up later, but this is for now.   ....Is that a SPIDER on her foot???  I like the guy in the back too, with his expression. 

I guess I still like some of the same things.  I had an ensemble similiar to this, the lines, in the early 90s.  It was an empire collar square kind of top with an asian design on it, in red, black, and gold.  Maybe it was just red and black.  I don't think it had gold or was light.  The sleeves and neckline was similiar, and the top was short, to show the wide black belt beneath it, which went with smooth, straight line flowing black pants.  The shirt was cropped enough that if you raised your arms, it showed your tummy, but the pants came up so that the belt was solidly across the midrife. It was a stiff material, so it held itself out from the waist, propped out by the bust at the top. It was a tapestry-thick kind of material and the pants were 100% smoother polyester and long, so I wore black heels with them.  I also wore a single bracelet with it or no jewelry except for 1-2 thin solid gold bangles.  On my right wrist.  I didn't like wearing earrings with it and a necklace would distract from the design.  There was enough design close to the neck.  I got it after 1995 because I was growing out my hair after it was shaved on one side from the hijacking of my car by Mike Nichols.  He rolled it to kill me (all of us, it didn't matter--it was an assassination attempt) and bc of my head injury they shaved one side of my head, the left side.  So I had long hair on the right side and eventually cut it to a chin-length bob which is how long it was when I got my Asian ensemble.

So it's the same thing, just in a dress, and I like it.

That camera could double as a handbag I think.  Just put the design into a smaller shape.

Anyway, I do like new things and new fashion ideas, but I still have some lines I like that I guess I'm still drawn to.

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