Wednesday, April 3, 2013

John D. Boyers & Virginia Tech Celebrate Rape & Assassination Attempts

I have further proof about people who knew who was involved in raping me and arranging assassination attempts.

I am taking a class, GEO 106, which is geography and the materials are created by a Professor from Virginia Tech, who is named John D. Boyers.

The first time I saw the character he'd created, I knew it was at least partly to celebrate Josh Gatov, the person who raped me in 1998.  Josh wore a bizarre pair of tight plaid pants when it wasn't in fashion, to the ENNL (internatiaonl language center for PSU) after he raped me.  In that center, were several world maps that were up on the walls.

This instructor, John D. Boyers, began his career in 1998 and decided to have 2 different classes, one about geography, and another about "wine".  On his site he features red wine, next to an icon of a face of the "Plaid Avenger" who is made to look like Josh Gatov.  He held geography in 1998 and the geography of wine in 1999, after I was raped.

If you go to his reference letters, he has selected "Tony Wolf" as someone who gives him a referal.  Tony Roos is one of the individuals I saw, who attempted to assassinate me in 1992, through a kind of wolf pack tactic in running me off of the road.  This Tony Wolf specializes in "geotactical sciences" such as GPS tracking, and "remote technology" which is what has been used to torture me and my son with in this country.  Actually, it looks like he's a partner with Tony Wolf and "Katie Pritchard" and then the letters are from a James Campbell, who does remote sensing and geoscience, and lectures in Canada, a Kirsten de Beours, and Rudolf McClain.

This is all government.  The only reason they'd cover for Josh is because he worked for them.

Here is his website:

Nowhere to be found, anywhere online, so far, is any information about John D. Boyers and where he's really from, where he was born, and what state he's originally connected to, nor is there any information about his family.

They made him a head instructor in 2006, the same year my son and I were tortured.

I just found something else.  He was based in Seattle, Washington when he worked for the U.S. Coast Guard.  From his linkedin profile, posted by himself:
Navigator (Quartermaster)

United States Coast Guard

Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry
January 1989November 1991 (2 years 11 months)
Proudly served in the US Coast Guard aboard the USCGC Polar Sea, which is an icebreaker stationed in Seattle, WA. Basic seaman and quartermaster duties while circumnavigating North America, transiting through the Panama Canal and the Northwest Passage of Canada, resupplying air bases in northern Greenland, conducting research in the North Atlantic between Greenland and Iceland, and even ported up in Germany just in time to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall come down. Interesting times.

So basically, this man has military and government ties to the region I lived in, which means he also had proximity to Josh Gatov & Friends which is seeming to include the Maiers family by now.  He was based in Seattle, WA when I lived in Moses Lake, WA and then when I lived in Sherwood, Oregon.  He obviously made connections with people who later tried to kill me and rape me, and then celebrated their efforts with colleagues in Virginia.

Oh Virginia.  Bad luck to you.

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