Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reporter Amy Roe Works For FBI

Amy Roe, the reporter who defamed me and got away with it, works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This is one reason why the Department of Justice was involved in obstructing my lawsuits and protecting her. It is also why the FBI repeatedly used her article and defamation about me, for their own headquarters and field offices.

On three occasions, the FBI officially used their employee Amy Roe's defamation about me to further their own interests and for anti-competition reasons.

I do not believe Amy Roe shares her employment with the FBI with others; she has been working for them as an "undercover agent" as she writes for various publications online and in print.

This is a major reason why the FBI has positioned themselves against me. They used her to create a defamatory article about me because it discredited other reports I was making. Then they protected her and obstructed me from my cases to cause me to lose.

After this, they used the article she wrote, for their own interests, dozens of times, in an official capacity.

She is connected to England (Roe is) and to the Middleton family as well, though I do not know this was her primary and first motive for smearing me.

Additionally, Roes family is from San Fransisco, which is where Robin Bechtold's family is from, and Bechtold also works for the FBI. Roe's grandfather went to Utah State University, which is where Bain corporation is based out of, and he was in the steel industry and worked for Stanford.

The FBI colluded with others to medicate me and have me assaulted with Haldol to prevent me from ever reviving my lawsuits or appealing them, and proving who was connected to whom.

Roes grandfather worked for U.S. Steel for over 20 years. Hugh Hilton was/is part of U.S. Steel, and he lives in Colorado and went to University of Colorado, and University of Michigan ( ), which is where Beau Blixseth went to college, before he transfered to my college in Portland and went out with me. He told me he was Paris Hilton's first boyfriend. Beau knew the Christa Schneider family and he approached me after finding out about me from her, and her family is from California and her Dad worked for the U.S. federal government.

Here a link showing Hugh Hilton's connection to U.S. Steel:

Here is another link explaining who U.S. Steel ("Stelco") does business with (Japan, England):

U.S. Steel (Stelco) is a merger between Great Britain and The United States and then they outsourced to Japan. (Hello Kitty.)
The Canadian branch of Stelco (U.S. Steel) right now is in Ontario, Canada. This is where Mike Nichols was born.

This describes Stelco and it's subsidiaries.

If you drive from Cardno (in "Abbotsford", Melbourne, Australia) to Stelco Chemicals ("Rowville") in Australia it's 20 minutes.

The Cardno that Tony Roos works at in Portland, and was employed with for the 2003 assassination attempt, is 14 minutes or less from where I was living at that time. It would take 20 minutes to get from Cardno to the Safeway I was driving to (15570 SW Pac. Hwy, Tigard, Oregon), and it took me 10-15 minutes to get to that Safeway, with stop lights and traffic.

Cardo/Portland, Oregon address:  5415 SW Westgate Dr, Portland, Oregon

The man who hit me was approaching from Portland direction, or Cardno direction, after Christa asked where I was going and what time. As I was looking up the road to see what was around in the area, I noticed a Gail Nakata, a Japanese-American dentist (related to Judge Alicia Nakata?) who is 8 miles from that Safeway.

It's 7 miles between Nakata and Tony Roos, and a 10 minute drive. (Hello Kitty)

I have to check on something because it says U.S. Steel is a competitor to Canadian Steel but that's not what I read earlier so I'll have to check.  Regardless, it shows Hilton and people who knew the family are in steel, which connects to Roe, whose greatfather was in steel, and at the time of my defamation I believe Paris Hilton was dating a Greek steel guy, and then Mike Tancer took me out and introduced me to a woman whose family was in the steel business.  That's not to mention Tony Roos who was one person involved in trying to kill me in 1992, who then worked for the U.S. Army and then Cardo (which deals with steel).

Don't you love the irony about how Tony tried to kill me with some kind of a Ford truck and then kids were mimicing his effort by doing the same at Mt. Angel Abbey when I later protested, running over my signs for the Abbot there...then Amy Roe defames's great isn't it?  this 20 minute drive from Cardno, who employs Roos, on Abbotsford in Australia, to Stelco Chemicals on "Rowville" in Australia.  I mean, who poisoned my son?  Then the Rooses become ambassadors in Japan, and we find out Japan has been in business with "steel" all along.

Then who is encouraging this?  The FBI.


I dunno.  VIP passes for entertainment?

That is what it boils down to.

It might get even MORE exciting when we find out who the assassins were in D.C. in 2008.

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