Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chris Dabney's Housemate Observes My Being Tortured

I added to my post about "don't cross me".

In the additions and clarification of how I was assaulted and injected with drugs, I mention the fact that one of Chris Dabney's housemates, who I had also lived with, was present on the panel of scientists and doctors that watched what was done to me.

He is from Washington D.C.

Which is where, supposedly, Nashville FBI said they were getting their orders from.  The Washington D.C. Headquarters.

So I know he knows what happened.  So when my mother says to me, "They told me they only injected you one time and then they gave you benedryl" I can say no, they injected me with a toxic dose of Haldol and another drug when I first arrived before anyone saw me or talked to me.  The first day, within the first hour, right after they took my belongings from me and "checked" me in.  I asked to call a lawyer or my parents and the man ordered me to be injected.  I blacked out, and witnesses saw me hit my head after they said I put into a chair in front of everyone.

I was then being forced to take 10+ pills every day, in toxic levels, of more Haldol and other drugs.  I was given an overdose again, right before I was told to go in front of a panel of doctors who wanted to see me. 

I couldn't speak because of the drug reaction and I was asked about the FBI.  "What do you know about the FBI" they said, knowing I couldn't say anything.  Then the doctor there said, after I was forced to attempt to talk to them for 10 minutes or more, "Give her some benedryl" and to take care of it.  So Dr. Saw Haw gave me an injection he said was benedryl, when the FBI knew antihistamines are the only thing I have a medical allergy to.  I was made to appear before the doctors again and I noticed who one of them was at the start.  They asked me questions and I couldn't speak still so they took me out to be injected again at that doctor's orders and then to speak and then they said just take her away. 

I blacked out again and then I was led to a group room where I was in toxic overdose and then to my room.

They tried to kill me for almost 7 days and then after that meeting, when I saw that one doctor, they quit drugging me.

They all knew it was too late.  It was done deliberately, because I had asked for political asylum from a country that is damned by God, from FBI who were raping me and trying to kill me and protecting military that were trying to kill me.

The FBI knew I was targeted by Catholic hate crime and they set me up to be further raped by more Catholics.  Then, exactly as Canada already knew they were going to do, they lied and defamed me to make me sound like I was mentally ill.  Canada knowingly refouled me and my son to the U.S. and everything they thought would happen, happened.  I was defamed, tortured, my son was kidnapped from me, and the U.S. government violently assaulted me with drugs and medications and made a sport and spectacle out of me.

For love.

The U.S. raped me because they loved me.

Then they encouraged others to cut my son's face, pour perm solution down his throat, spank him, beat him, and torture him. 

Because the U.S. loves Oliver Garrett.  That's their motive.  Love.

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