Saturday, April 27, 2013

FBI cuts up kid: More Cuts Found (Feet, hands, face) and Kate Middleton's Getaway Car

I have discovered more scars from precision cuts, most of them in straight lines, between 1-2 inches long. 

They are all over the top of my feet and the back of my heel.

One is shaped like a J and I found a J shape on my hand too.  J or check shaped, like when you check a box, on my hand. 

I have puncture dots made into the other pad of my right hand.  They are raised round 'dot' scars from some kind of puncturing.

The cuts on my feet are not from any auto accident I've had, because my feet were never harmed.  I also don't shave on my feet and never cut myself there.  They are pretty bad scars, and long ones.

So my hands, my face, my feet, the back of my heel, and my wrists were being cut before the age of 5 at least, whenever the U.S. hoped I couldn't remember to keep it safe for THEM, for their fucking MK Ultra program that they never quit.

I definitely see a line where I photographed, and then this morning I could see more of it, what looks like an addition detour going like a J and another like an L but I am still checking in different lighting to be sure.

There are so many small "dot" scars on my left hand, where the pad of my hand is, I don't know if it's from someone puncturing a design into my hand, dot by dot, or if it's dots like that from bubbling up from some kind of an acid that was poured there or rubbed in, but I don't think it would heal in raised dots.

Here's the sick thing.  In 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade (I think it was 1st grade, 1984) they had the whole class do a project with metal tin pie plates.  We had to turn the pie plates over, and use a tiny nail, and hit it with a hammer to make a design into the pie tin with raised 'dots'.  It was called a "sampler".  Each kid got to decide what design they made by puncturing holes into the pie tin.  I chose to make a design of a house and the words:

Home Sweet Home.

Get me the fuck out of this god damned country. 

At the same time we were all told to hammer holes into pie tins, the teacher was reading us the story of Helen Keller, who was "blind" and had to have "help" from "Anne Sullivan" to "read".  So then they brought in a sample of "braille" and had the kids pass it from one desk to the next, so we could all feel "the dots".

What I am describing is being repeated with my son Oliver, ever since the United States assumed guardianship of him by illegally kidnapping him from me to use him in their disgusting programs where they torture kids.  They then made sure the Avilas were willing to allow them to continue what they were doing, and believe me, CPS there was 100% involved in participation and in the cover up,

as was Judge Hotchkiss who is a fuck that deserves to be killed for what he's done.

This cut on my right hand, the part you can't see as much, extends from a line, as I showed in my photograph, to what looks like an upside down M or anchor JL.  That is on the palm of my hand.  A "palm tree"


Which is maybe why some people thought it was funny "Jill" from "Americorp" (U.S. feds) wanted to get close to me in 2009.  Everything is a joke.  Well it looks a little more like an M for Middleton.

Look at how they designed their wedding "getaway" car, and the plates for it:,,20395222_20485935,00.html
Accessed 4/27/2013

I hope she ends up in jail.  Where she belongs.  With her pedophile friends.

Tonight I also found a small upside down heart shape scar on the back of my ankle, like the hearts of her little license placard for this car.  It looks like a triangle and then when I looked closer I saw it is a heart shape cut.  I found that one on the back of my left ankle. 

She is going down.  Which one of her fuckers examined me or cut me so they knew?  to tell her?

I was just now curious about something so I checked.  I have a scar from a cut across my belly button too.  It extends from the belly button onto my stomach skin.  Which could have, of course, happened when I was delivered at birth, but it looks like something else.  I don't think they cut the stomach when they are simply cutting off the cord.  I never got any stretch marks on my stomach from pregnancy so it's all "original", just like the scars from cuts to my face, back of ankle, feet, and palms of hands.  In all the attempts to kill me, collide with my car, crash my car, and cause injuries, no injury occured on these places so they are exactly as they scarred before I was age 5 or an age to remember.  It is possible a few happened later too, but I don't remember.  I know I was cut and I have scars all over to prove it.

The FBI hid this, from me, a victim, to pump up the Middletons.  This is totally sick.  When I saw what was being done to my son, I was in a state of shock and couldn't believe it.  But I still didn't realize what they were doing to my son they had done to me first.  This country is corrupt, the Middletons are involved and corrupt.  I love how Kate likes to suddenly issue "statements" about supporting hospitals for kids, whenever I call her on her criminal activity.  I've found out in the past, at the same time, she's having someone who knows her assault my son or poison him.

Okay.  All of these cuts with razors and knives, are exactly why the Portland Police and FBI knew I had been raped by Josh Gatov and scared of him because of his knife purchase.  And he would not have bought a knife, in front of me that night, if he had not already had a plan in mind and known how this would intimidate me.
Detective Brian Gross is a liar and he is probably also a killer.  I would not doubt, ever, that he has abused his position to kill someone with the excuse that he is the authority.  He was also partner with a cop with the last name Anderson and I had recently had a roommate named Sharon Anderson.  I don't know if they are related or not, but my clothing was stolen from her house by her California friends.  I also had a teacher who read spy novels in 5th grade, "Mr. Anderson", who made fun of me and helped set me up for a public display of humiliation where I was told to go onstage for an "award", in front of school kids and teachers, and pushed into a box of ice water, as he stood by, laughing at me.  He said then, when he later approached me:   "Now we're even."
I have found another one near my shin but off to the side of the front of my leg, at a diagonal and it is straight, a thin line, and is about 2 inches long on my right leg.

I am covered with scars from cuts by what appears to be razors.  Possibly a knife here or there, but mostly razors.

I think this may be why my Mom cut herself with her shaving razors, deliberately, and let me see her bleed, so that later I might look or notice.  I have never cut myself, ever.  I am not into self-inflicting pain and it's probably because I am subconsciously traumatized from being repeatedly cut all over my body.

Probably "not to tell".  Not to tell on the federal employees who were raping me.  And the UK and Canadian MK Ultra people who were involved in raping me.

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