Friday, April 5, 2013

Zaal Z & Me (?)

I got a new edition of Zaal Z, from Belgium. 

I got back from my walk and looked and saw, oh my gosh, there is a "Z" on my cup.  It was a reflection from the light cast off of a bottle of apple cider vinegar.  Right next to the Zaal Z magazine.  So then I took a couple pictures for my son, of me, from today, and then realized, I am even wearing sort of what she's wearing.  I hit my head on the door earlier today when I leaned over to grab my Bible but you can only see it in the photo where I look ugliest.  My eyes are cross-eyed.  I guess I'll put it up because I think I can be both ugly and decent-looking.  Like anyone.  I don't know what's going on with them though.

First I dropped it on the floor and it was next to my Bible, which I had hit my head on the door over leaning over to grab earlier.  I moved it before I left with my Mom to get ice and set it on the igloo cooler and that's where it was when I got back and saw the Z.  Then I noticed, the shrink wrap matched the shape of my Bible there, and was still there next to my Bible.

Last night, the light made a symbol from the pad thai noodles I had, into the top chinese shape (from sunluck).  I thought that was a little coincidental but this other thing was even weirder.

My place is a mess, but I have a small space and I need to clean.  The "Z" is up above the magazine, behind the bottle.  I have a closer one.

This is the close-up.
I noticed the blanket in the back later, but it was like that.  I didn't move anything around.  I don't know if I'll put the ugly one up.  Anyway, you can't see it here, but it's a small red line in the middle (sort of off-center middle) of my forehead.

Here are the other ones, without the lamp on in front of me, and just the one behind me.  It isn't as dark as the camera captures but it makes my shirt look like a robe like in the Zaal Z.
 Here's another.

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