Monday, April 22, 2013

I Was Raped By Mike Tancer

I was raped by Mike Tancer.

He works for the FBI and he also knew someone in the steel industry. He is, or was, friends with John Kerry's son-in-law.

I have alluded to this before but I wanted to see if I could get more information first. The first night he crossed the line, but didn't rape me and the second time, he drugged me and took me to his house knowing I was incapacitated and raped me.

I believe he is connected to the Maiers family as well.

The Barbara and Pamp Maiers family.

When I first told Stephanie I went out with someone named Mike Tancer, she already knew who he was. She is a chef and she was applying to a wine school in N. California at that time because her main and newer interest was wines. She told me who he worked for and who his family was without looking it up--they already knew him.

Because of his connections in U.S. government, I believe Diane Harsha and D.C. FBI were having me assaulted with Haldol by Eastern Indians for him as much as their other employees who raped me, who are all connected by premeditated date rape, drugs, the steel industry, and government jobs.

I also think he knew Robin Bechtold but that was possibly through the Maiers, through Campbell, an Australian man Stephanie was marrying who may have already known Robin (who had contacts in Australia). I might have thought the connection was FBI, and they are both federal employees, but the contact was possibly Maiers.

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