Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Collusion to Kill Me in 1991-1992: Roos, Bechtold, Rasmussen

I don't feel like writing another explanation, but I'll add to this later, which is a copy of what I sent someone by email to describe who was praising Tony Roos for trying to kill me.

It really has nothing to do with my "feelings". An international bet for money was made against me, to rape me, in 1991, or take my virginity by other means. It involved money and more than one country and was publicised in a major newspaper that was then used to bring greater attention to the message. I didn't feel made fun of in high school--he said it in a teasing way. After a bet to rape me, I was run off of the road in an assassination attempt meant to kill me. Several of the students changed their demeanor after this occured and I wasn't harmed. I had always thought it had something to do with resentment over my being named "Homecoming Queen", but it had nothing to do with that. People were trying to kill me and many of the students there already had government connections. I certaintly wasn't a 17 year old that got included into government early, but it happens. Don't tell me it doesn't, in probably every country. How they prepare someone for that at a young age, I don't know, but they do. I wasn't black-mailable enough and I didn't keep secrets most of the time. I blabbed to people:  "Guess where WE'RE going!!!!"
After the first assassination attempt, one of persons involved, once they thought I didn't know who it was, became a celebrated person at the school. They started chanting his name even. "RUUUUUUUUUUSE!" or ROOOOOooooooS! whenever he was around. He used to show up and Robin Bechtold would start laughing and they'd slap hands, high five, together. Geoff Rasmussen did the same, as did other guys. Tony Roos had nothing important in school. He had no special talent and had done nothing of significance aside from participating in trying to kill me. He went on to acquire positions working with the U.S. Army and Australia, in "transportation".
2 more assassination attempts against me followed, and they involved the same people. There was even more after that.
So believe me, it has nothing to do with my "feelings". I bring up the fact that I was called "Mother Garrett" because it proves I was a virgin before I was raped 6 years later. There was no one I was with in any intimate way until then, not even to hold hands with. The U.S. also covered that up.

Basically, first he kept a distance from me, in school, watching me from farther off in the cafeteria. After I acted, long enough, like his presence didn't bother me and had no reaction, he got bolder and confident that I didn't know. Then he was being suddenly drawn into a circle of people who made a point to congratulate him and praise him for his efforts at having tried to kill me.

No one knew I was leaving Becthold's house that night except my family and Robin's family. For someone to arrange to have him get that close, after I left the house, took planning ahead of time. Both Robin and Geoff were some of the guys that I noticed who were most suddenly appreciate of Roos. They slapped his hands, gave high handshakes to eachother by clasping the hand and wrist, and I had thought it was really odd how Tony Roos was suddenly a "popular" person.

It was also that same year that I started buying maple bars that were made or brought in, and sold by the school cafeteria, at lunch.  I remember they had a weird sedative effect and there was nothing else I ate that did this.  I was yawning and about to fall asleep in classes after lunch, feeling excessively tired.  It was only after I had a maple bar there and I never had this reaction to anything I had at my house.

After the assassination attempt was also when I was being targeted at the school, with technology that caused seizure-like symptoms.  And my locker was being broken into and someone at the school was stealing my clothing.  One of the skirts I wore, that I later found in a photo with Kate Middleton wearing it, was stolen from the school.  I had a necklace stolen, and other items too, but I specifically remember the skirt, because I really loved that skirt, and the necklace.  I literally saw a copy of the exact same skirt, or that skirt, being worn by Middleton.

It is very probable too, that Tony Roos also had a connection to the Middleton family, and in fact, there were Middletons living in that town.  I don't know what the relation was, if any, but aside from getting praised by Geoff, Robin, and Lenny, Tony's family may have known Middletons.  Geoff was one of the biggest supporters of Tony later, I remember.

I also remember Jessica, and I can't remember her last name, but she got really moody and secretive and weird around me at that time.


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