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UPDATED: Do Not Cross Me Again. Assassination Attempt By The FBI and U.S. Army Showcased

UPDATED:  My mother later disputed the shots and how many pills I was given.  She said no, you had such and such a number, and said I didn't remember.  She said all I had was one shot and then they gave me benedryl and that's not the whole truth.  I said, "Were you THERE?" She said that's what they told her and I said, "I know exactly how much they gave me and I was there."  I was injected multiple times and forced to take between 10-20 pills a day and they lied in their records and said they were giving me fewer pills than they actually gave me because I wrote it down and compared it.  The entire FBI, Vanderbilt, and U.S. Army lied about what their plans were and what they did to me.  They claimed I was being taken somewhere for an "evaluation" when they were actually taking me as a hostage to be assaulted with toxic overdoses of drugs, without one word from me, and zero evaluation.  The doctors and men at Vanderbilt who surrounded me to hold me hostage and not even do a medical exam first "looked", some of them, "Jewish".  However, it may have been more likely most of them were Catholic, bc many modern Catholics are actually of Jewish ancestry as many were raped into the faith, or kidnapped into it in past times (holocaust times examples).  1 or 2 men there had a jewish "appearance" and was very likely Catholic.  There was a male doctor and 4 male "nurses" that approached.  They did not approach me kindly--they approached me like people who wanted to kill me who hated my guts.  They were livid with rage.  You would have thought I had gone out and raped their kids, by the way they acted torwards me.  It was personal for them. 

I was taken without any prior exam at Vanderbilt, to a police holding facility within 5 minutes.  I was quiet, and not disruptive and had walked in like a lamb to the slaughter, innocently and thinking I was going to have the blood draw and an X-ray of my knee and then the FBI were going to investigate hate crime, as they lied and said they would do.  I had no motive or reason to be upset.  I went in calmly.  Within 5 minutes, I was strapped down by a bunch of men who hated me and were full of rage.  I was told I was "going someplace" for "an evaluation" and instead, I was taken by a police officer to a remote facility where, immeidately upon arrival, a U.S. Army employee who was in Army reserves and worked there, ordered me to be injected.  I was injected with two toxic drugs, and one of them was not "benedryl".  It was Haldol and something else and I blacked out and hit my head when I fell over, according to someone who witnessed it.  I was then forced to take up to 20 pills per day.  Most of the pills were very small and they were white and yellow and possibly one was orange colored.  I wrote down all of the information every day, of what they looked like and the shape and inscriptions on them.  I was cheeking them so I had them to look at and write info about.  Then they forced me to take all of them at once when they found out I wasn't taking them.  I was in a state of toxic overdose the entire time I was there, and I almost died.  They refused to take any blood samples of "before" and only wanted a sample later, after I wasn't killed.  Then they injected me again and forced me to go before a panel of scientists and federal doctors.  I was in toxic overdose.  So they said to the group they would try "benedryl" and "let's see if that works" after one doctor said, "take her out and give her something".  I was brought back in so all the doctors could see how I acted after one shot of "benedryl" which may not have even been benedryl.  They said to give me more. 

This was done when I had "antihistamines" listed as causing allergic reactions, and this has been on my medical records since 2005.  It is the only thing I have ever listed as something to not give me, which causes a reaction, and I have had doctors attempt to create problems by injecting me with it anyway, and they did this to me there as well.  I listed "corn" as a "possible allergen" but antihistamines as the only thing I have a bad reaction to, to not give to me.  I have had doctors try to force it on me anyway, even though some have respected this and put a lable around my wrist to warn against administration of antihistamines.  I have never forgotten to write this on a patient form or to notify a hospital or doctor about this.  The doctor who ordered me to have benedryl was the one with the records the FBI gave him.  He waved his hand and said "take her out and give her some benedryl" or something like that, or told Dr. Saw-Haw to "take care of it" and then they injected me with a drug the FBI already knew I was allergic to and was listed as causing bad reactions.  Then the doctor told him to give me more and I received another shot of it. 

Chris Dabney's roommate was in the room.  It was one of his housemates that I lived with when I lived on 14th Euclid in Washington D.C.  He was in Tennessee, and sitting at that panel.  He was then allowed to observe me later when I was forced into "group" lectures by people they brought in.  They had interns who were being allowed to witness my degradation for sport.  Chris Dabney works for the U.S. federal government and he's Roman Catholic.  His friend that was there was Jewish.  And Chris Dabney works with people like "Brad Uhl" who was with the TN DEA and moved all of a sudden, from Miami, FL area, to the area after I moved there.  If there was a pun or joke in it, aside from giving me antihistamines when it was the only thing I had listed as having a medical reaction and allergy to, it was that Chris also has a friend named Ben.

So I was taken outside of the room again, and given another shot and brought in again.  After that, I blacked out and was taken to my room.  I was first taken to a group room and then my room.  It did not "cure" my reaction to Haldol overdose.  So these doctors and scientists saw me "before", "middle" and "after" doses of drugs.  I still wasn't able to speak and they sent me away.   I was also forced to take a bunch of pills before I saw them, which first triggered a reaction of overdose.  It was forced on me right before I saw the panel.  At that time, the lead doctor said, "Why would the FBI be interested in you?" and then he said, "The FBI seems to have a lot of information about you they want to share with us."  So he was asking me to explain why the FBI was sending them information about me and why should I matter to them, and I was asked to explain this in a state of toxic overdose which made it impossible for me to speak because it twisted and contorted my tongue which prevented me from saying anything.

I was humiliated and degraded, and violently, repeatedly assaulted because of FBI crimes and their massive internal failures to prosecute criminals for hate crimes against me and date rape by their own agents.  While FBI employees raped me in Oregon, they paid and bribed Portland police not to press charges.  One instance was with Sgt. Austria who was immediately promoted from sex crimes unit to a payraise and head of Homocide.

Well of course.  Homocide.  After all, they needed a lackey in Homocide when their agents were guilty of premeditated attempt to murder and gang rape of me.  I mean, lets cover up the sex abuse and rapes and get the man in "homocide" right away in case she mentions Tony Roos and Robin Bechtold's names, or proves the connection with Schneider and Mike Nichols and Bechtold.

It was after I got records, that I found they were lying about how many pills they had been forcing me to take.  Why lie unless you're trying to kill someone.  If it was all on the "up and up", there is no need to falsify medical records.  I developed a large patch of skin near my tailbone that turned brown and scaled and then peeled off  in large amounts of skin.  It was a reaction from the overdoses of drugs for over a week.  It kept peeling for months.  When I was then in Texas at Baylor hospital, where Danielle Schneider went to college, the doctor wrote in the chart she had contacted "patient and/or guardian" to ask about doing "a spinal tap".  She didn't ask me about it, so apparently she contacted my mother and threatened her saying "We could do a spinal tap if you want" and then she added it to my medical record. 

I have had significant problems ever since the FBI did this to me, and the same recurring reaction ever since.  The FBI is guilty of conspiracy.

This email does not give the name of the Dr. I sent it to, bc I never reveal an ID unless someone crosses me deliberately (as Dr. Brigette Fink, and Tammy Wagner, and Gemma did). No one would have ever known Fink's name if they hadn't treated me this badly. So basically, small mistakes or disagreements with people, I never publish. Major incidences of someone trying to screw me over where it affects my health or my son, I will broadcast. I guess Fink wanted the notoriety or she wouldn't have done this. I sent this email to a different OBGYN because I have to find a doctor who is a not an FBI slut. Believe me, I didn't call Fink that, and I called no names, and made no threat, and only had confirmed when asked that I'd be at my appointment. It was therefore, all on her offices, to have offended me deliberately. Since I am writing about specific evidence I have against Canada for refouling me to the U.S., when they knew ahead of time that the FBI and U.S. were planning to retaliate by sending me to a psych ward to discredit me, I thought I would include more of the specifics about how many pills the FBI and U.S. Army forced me to take and how many injections they gave me when they held me hostage for a so-called "evaluation" (that never happened). What happened, is I was taken by a police officer to a federal site where they used doctors and U.S. Army, with advice from the FBI, to violently and repeatedly assault me for over 7 days.

In that time, I was injected with a massive dose of Haldol and then given other shots with other syringes. I blacked out and was unconscious. Then they forced me to take over 20 pills every day, most of them were tablet forms of Haldol. They then called in government scientists and FBI and injected me with Haldol first to appear in front of them. I was displayed in a condition of toxic overdose, for their own "observation" and then they took me out to inject me with other things and took me back to be displayed again. Then they did it again. I was given another injection and shown to the panel of scientists and doctors and FBI. I received a total of 3-4 injections in that one time of being used as a human guinea pig for the U.S. government. I blacked out again but I don't know if I was unconscious. After this I was told to go before a Judge who would decide if I should be put in a mental institute or not. He said no, I was not insane. This is one of several things the U.S. and FBI did to me, after Canada knowingly refouled me and my son to the U.S. after I asked for political asylum. I have not been the same since and I have had Haldol-specific reactions ever since they did this to me. It was not like one shot and then a few pills. They were trying to kill me. I know they were first trying to kill me, instead of parading me around scientists, because they lied in their records about how many pills they were forcing me to take.

I'm tired of U.S. FBI-connected and Pardo-connected people insulting me or trying to punish me for not marrying an asshole. He was using me the entire time, and lying to me. He also wasn't in the dark about the marriage license because he knew I had it voided, on the same day and he CHOSE to pretend I had not voided it. He already knew, which also means he knew by the time I was having a surgery and he wanted to ditch out after the surgery was done. Anything he chose to do, he brought upon himself. During the time he was around me he tried to obstruct me from going to court, slept around on me, and used me for his own psychic predictions project. I didn't know it at the time, but he was one of "them"--the government workers who do psychic work. He wasn't making his predictions for me, so who was he doing it for? Let's remember who he told he worked for: The FBI. He used me for exploitation purposes only, and to show off his psychic abilities with the U.S. government. He was also medicating me while I was with him and many people in the U.S. knew about it.

My being held hostage in TN, was after I went to FBI offices there for assistance. Instead of assistance, they set me up to be killed. The FBI and DEA (100% corrupt and lining his own pockets) lured me to go to the hospital first, saying they would then take my report, after I was tested for poisoning. Diane Harsha told me D.C. FBI told her I maybe just had a bleeding condition, and it wasn't poisoning--that it was from something else. So she told me to go to Vanderbilt and THEN the FBI would be responsive.

The FBI is date-rapists wet dream. I'm starting to think 80% of their employees are rapists, who raped women who were incapacitated in college, or on the job, or in high school, and they've never gotten over the thrill of defending another FBI employee that has become part of their rapist circle. They include FBI women to help them set other women up too. The FBI has both men and women who coordinate to premeditate raping others. So between that, and covering for Pentagon-connected attempts to assassinate me, the FBI had a motive to try to kill me by an overdose in TN. What was the excuse going to be?

How about this one: "She told us she'd been poisoned so we didn't do it."
This is why the doctors at Vanderbilt refused to take a CBC or blood sample from me there first.
If the FBI/doctors didn't check my blood before I was sent for a premeditated assassination attempt, they could inject me with whatever they wanted and force me to take pills and if I died from an overdose they could blame it on "she said she was poisoned before she got here". If someone did a lab and found something suspicious or cause of my death, they could still blame it on someone else, because Vanderbilt deliberately left the door open by not taking a blood sample from me first.

No blood was drawn from me until 4-5 days into my being forced to take pills. By that time the panel of scientists was about to arrive. So I was then turned into a lab experiment for their observation, and overdosed in front of them, injected and paraded around, and then injected again and paraded around. Aside from blacking out and being almost comotose while awake, and losing all of my energy and some of my mind from their overdoses, a huge patch of skin showed up by my tailbone that scaled, turned brown, and peeled off. I had this peeling skin, after all of the overdosing, for months later. Then it went away and then intermittently, it has turned up again. In the last 2 months, since I announced I was going to be a surrogate again, and started running everyday, I was knocked out by some medication and the same brown patch of peeling skin showed up next to my tailbone. It happened last month, and then 30 days later, it happened again.

So I asked this "Dr. Fink" to test me for Haldol and this doctor is apparently a slut for the FBI. Before I mentioned being tested for Haldol, and residual or "non-residual" traces of it, Fink said to call Peace Health and ARUP (University of Utah) labs and see if they processed the tests I wanted done. They were all very congenial about having my blood drawn with the idea of testing for hemophilia A. They did not feel as comfortable after I asked ARUP how much the test for Haldol was. I asked how much it was, the code, and how sensitive it was. I was told it tests from 0.5 NG/ML.

Peace Health was trying to obstruct me from having a hemophilia test only after I mentioned the Haldol test to ARUP. I didn't bring it up with anyone from Peace Health. Peace Health labs changed their cooperative tone after I had a conversation with ARUP (not Peace Health, but University of Utah) about getting a test for Haldol. All of a sudden, the FBI is sending me an email and Dr. Fink is cancelling my visit and lying about why it was cancelled. They didn't want me to be tested for Haldol.

OBGYN? no problem! Need to get cleared to have a baby? no problem. Hemophilia test? no problem. Haldol? All visits cancelled because now they understand they are not just going to test my blood for Haldol for their own interests--I am requesting a fucking copy bitch. Of course, blood draw. Great. Get enough for hem A. and their private scan of my blood serum levels. But the minute I say I'll pay $35 for the results myself, they are pussies panting for more FBI snatch. Now suddenly, my life-threatening blood disorder and follow-up for a surgery that was never followed up on, and which was had because of murder of my unborn child, is cancelled.

Real nice bitches. Tammy Wagner. Dr. Brigette Fink. "Gemma". Oh yeah, and the "Hamilton" guy who works with Fink. They need more Fowler dick and Laughlin snatch in their offices. So they screwed over both me and my son, when my son's health is also at stake. I was absolutely nice, polite, and said nothing mean to their faces or over the phone or by email. But on this blog, I say what I want, and they deserve what is said.

I tried calling an OBGYN locally and was told "not for a month". Right. Hopefully the Haldol isn't as noticeable then? Either it's residual toxic overdose reactions, from 2 years ago, or I'm still being drugged without my consent.

The FBI has tried to kill me by vehicular homocide, had employees premeditate rape against me, refused to process rape kits, try to kill me with toxic Haldol overdose, and then used me for more research in Knoxville, and now they try to use assholes who know their criminal friends to keep me from having labwork done that no insurance company is holding me up over--it's U.S. government rats with most of their asses in the Catholic church and Catholic-owned "labs". Peace Health is owned by Catholics and they were the ones lying three times and making phone calls for their own interests.

Here is the proof the Catholics are Rot:

About PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth is a Washington-based not-for-profit Catholic health care system with medical centers, critical access hospitals, medical groups and laboratories in Alaska, Washington and Oregon with approximately 15,000 caregivers (employees). Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, PeaceHealth has provided health care services to Northwest communities for more than a century. PeaceHealth consistently receives national recognition for innovations in patient-centered care, patient safety and healthcare technology and cost efficiency. For more information about PeaceHealth, visit

The Catholics are still determined to keep their "legal edge" by making sure I stay slandered, without medical care or tests, and drugged. That's what they used their man Alvaro Pardo for. Drugging me.

Louis Freeh is not only a former FBI Director, he is a Roman Catholic that ran drug rings and protects federal agents who worked for him and for the Vatican. Mueller is no better. Episcopal and Catholic are the same thing. This Catholic group, PeaceHealth, even lied to me about hemophilia tests and told me first they didn't do them. Why should they care?

Oh YEAH! It's just evidence against some of the Catholics that put arsenic in my soup in Tacoma, WA. I happened to bleed more than usual because of my bleeding disorder. Who hired Alvaro Pardo? The VATICAN. What was he supposed to be? the Catholic "solution". If I married their FBI-Dept of State man, maybe the Catholic assholes who had been trying to kill me through Tony Roos (Catholic), Bechtolds (Catholic), Mike Nichols (Catholic), Schneider (Catholic), and some of the "ju-ju" would let me raise my own son. For maybe 2 years until they lied about me, got Pardo to say I was nuts and that he was the guardian of my son all of a sudden. All of the Catholics could then raise him as one of them, to spite me.

It doesn't matter what I do, or how I forgive them, they are STILL obstructing justice because they have committed too many crimes against me and my son to ever EVER redeem themselves.

If Mormons are involved, where they ARE, it's through government-drug business with Catholics and intermarriage. The Jews involved are just in it for the elevation of their Middleton Machas. Helen and Jonathan? Knew Catholic Schneider. Josh Gatov? Schneider and...Maiers? Well I don't know....let's see. Lorraine is from England and knows Middleton knows Karin Whittemore knows Whittemore knows Bechtold, Josh Gatov knows Bechtold knows Maiers and Josh Rose knows ? Gatov or Lewis-Rose did, knows Goodman knows Amy Roe knows FBI knows Chris Dabney knows Mark from New Mexico, knows Laughlin, ...and Mike, yeah, Mike Tancer and Raul, knows Middleton. What fun. So then Mike Tancer, who knows Heintz who is married to Kerry, is now buddies with the chief of Department of State which employs Roos as ambassadors to Japan. Nice perks for perps.

Why is it so important for some of these government-connected doctors, CPS, housing people, anyone that has any position with govt, to punish me as if I did something wrong or misled Alvaro or cost them? He is the one who misled everyone so go take up with your Colombian pals. Don't try to trick me or fool others into believing you're all doing something for him as a favor, as if you're practicing a group form of "justice" or revenge. He KNEW I voided that marriage license you assholes. He knew I voided it, and he played pretend that he didn't know. So the only fucking reason any of you slimeballs have for trying to punish me with a false assertion that I lead him on, or stood him up, or didn't follow through, is because some of YOU lost out when you trusted the FBI to wipe your crotch for you.

What it means, is some of YOU don't want anyone to think or realize that there may have been a motive for revenge or to do harm to me, from that point forward by the U.S. government. Which means, since I had a surgery later, of course, they could make me "pay" if they wanted to, out of revenge for voided a license. It means if I find out anything weird happened, you don't want me to know all of you already knew, which is why no one was happy at the engagement party and I was given a box of silverware with a fork prominently displayed as the only gift, from one of Alvaro's lovers. It means she wanted to say, "Here's how you eat a heart. With silverware."

And how about it I find out Alvaro stood by while a doctor in Maryland put a metal stent in my heart out of revenge for voiding a license?

It suddenly makes a group of people look like criminals who planned on my suffering.

It means they were also already torturing my son again by the time I had that surgery, because the information was shared. It means Alvaro Pardo took a secretive delight in medicating me without my consent or knowledge because he rationalized, "She didn't tell me she voided the marriage license".

So really. Those white folks that you are, you know who you are, the dumb ones who want to feel special by community hazing and harassment, or bullying of can pretty much let your breath out now because your pretense is going NOWHERE. All of the CPS and federal government psychologists who decided to "punish" me, by making appointments with me and holding them and then cancelling them last minute, at least 12 of them...what exactly were you trying to acccomplish bitches? Was that your idea of "making her pay" and "doing to her what she did to Alvaro?" Well, your "karma" game was pretty screwed up because you either believed a flat out lie, and assumed Alvaro-FBI-Man was a "victim", or you were just trying to make it appear "cool" to group harass me as if I was to blame for something when it was never a secret to Alvaro. So you basically stalled me from getting my son back, and tried to make it into tit for tat, when Alvaro's friends were holding me hostage, drugging me, and sticking metal knives into my body when I was unconscious. Yeah, the nice "FBI people", and the nice "Department of State" people. Boy. You really got me. You REALLY got karma right didn't you? Here's a suggestion...don't try to practice Eastern Indian ideas of karma when you don't know what it is bitches. What happens, is you just got yourselves in a position for a reflex action by someone else. Then the same thing was done by Wenatchee police and housing people, who acted like little girls, telling me they'd rent to me and then, OHP! NOT. Yeah, I'll rent to you. Just JOKING. Sure, come look at the place, and we'll sign. NOT. Make me think it will work out and then pull out the rug right?

Because yer all SO clever. The what.? 100,000 of you against me. Boy what big brains you have if only you put them altogether like that! Love how the grown ups that have professional jobs are so self-confident and professional that they feel they need to have 10:1 odds to win anything for themselves.

Losers need LOTS of HELP. It takes a lot of losers to keep one good woman down. I mean, what's wrong with you people? You don't have families or anything interesting happening in your own personal lives? Then the same thing was done by government employees, over my unemployment.

All of this "punishment" over a perceived "excuse" to act like Nazis because I'm the watchmaker that didn't make a watch for your FBI dog. Your dog knew he didn't have a watch from me, and he followed me anyway. Bitches.

So when we look at who the "victim" is, it might be the person who was at the medical mercy of this disgusting country, which tortured me and my son and lied about us, drugged us, tried to set me up to go to federal prison so I couldn't talk about assassination attempts by Tony Roos, Bechtold, & Buds, or put together the FBI contacts for rapes.

I am the victim. My son is the victim. Your fucking games of "karma" are juvenile and beneath you and if you were fooling yourselves, you were fooled. You never fooled me.


And by the way, take a guess at how the steel industry connections are related. "That's hot".

(PeaceHealth Out)

By the way, I'm really not in the mood for another round of "the pretense karma" game with FBI trying to show up and remind me who they are as my appointment gets cancelled by Blowjob Michelle of the Coos Bay area, i.e, If Fink and Fowler want to fuck, how many fucks can one Fink fake?

If you make an appointment with me, don't trash me over your incompetence and lack of ethics. I don't need more of the FBI gang bang and swinging door from cowards. If you don't want to work with me, say so. If you do, great, I am upfront about what I am looking for. Don't EVER try to insert your shitty gradeschool ideas of group hate crime and harassment into my life again.

The FBI ruined my entire life. Canada knew what they had planned, and they refouled me and my son anyway.
This is the email I sent:

I had an appointment with a doctor that was cancelled after she told me to do a bunch of work for her.

She also agreed to have 2 labs done, in addition to a follow-up after I've had a D&C surgery and she backed out and had her assistent offend me by claiming it was for "threatening behavior" when just 10 minutes earlier the same assistant had called me and asked me, "Do you want to keep the appointment tomorow?" and I said "yes" and that was the end of our conversation.

This doctor was also passing me back and forth with labs and personnel from labs were calling her up without my consent and trying to influence her not to do 2 lab tests for me, even though there is no insurance company involved and I will be paying upfront.

I need to find an OBGYN that is not influenced by peer pressure or government and who has no conflict in working with me. If that is not you, if you know of an independent practioner, please let me know.

I had a D&C and need follow up for this surgery. I also need a lab done to test for hemophilia A, which is something I consulted with a few international genetic specialists about. I was told I have a bleeding disorder in Washington D.C. and it has been life-threatening and I was told to have genetic testing done. This is the first lab. The second one is for Haldol. I was subjected to toxic overdose with multiple injections (several times, with more than one syringe or shot) and forced to take approximately 20 pills each day for 7 days 2 years ago after I refused to marry a man who works for the FBI. He is from Colombia and I signed a marriage license but I had it voided and I believe the retaliation is because of this, because I didn't tell him I voided it for several months, even though he already knew because the FBI told him I had voided the license.

So I have had some huge problems with government, and the Haldol reaction I had has been a huge problem ever since it occured. I want to be tested for any residual Haldol, even though it's not likely, it can be stored in fats indefinitely and I need to find out because of the amount of overdosing that was done.

I passed out multiple times from it, and was put into a state of shock at one point, and forced to appear before a panel of scientists and then injected again in front of them so they could witness before-and-after effects.

Please let me know if you or another doctor can order these 2 tests for me and do an exam. Peace Health, as a lab, lied about 3 different things and was attempting to obstruct me from having the labs done, and even called my doctor privately to discourage her from doing the tests she had already told me she would do.

I will pay upfront with cash.

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