Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Mom's Babysitters (Updated)

I'd like to know who my Mom's babysitters were.

I had assumed she always stayed home with Granny until she went to school in Cashmere but today when I asked about MY babysitters, she said, "I don't remember".

I said, "How can you not remember who my babysitters were?" and she said, "It's been 38 years...I don't know. I don't remember." I kept asking and she said, "I don't even remember who MY babysitters were."

I said, "You had babysitters?" and she said, "Yes. Do you really think Granny and Grandpa never went out?" I said, "I guess that's what I thought."

I have known my Mom was abused as an MK Ultra kid, but I didn't know when or how exactly. Maybe in a secretive church meeting--maybe at school when she was older and no one told. But no, she had babysitters.

I said, "Do you remember Melanie?"

Melanie was one of our babysitters. My Mom said "no" and that's when I said, "How can you not remember Melanie?" I asked if she remembered the man who babysat us later, when we were older. I asked if she remembered the woman who tried to hypnotize us. When we were older we had a couple of "after-school" babysitters but it was different. One was Egyptian. The Egyptian one was Sheriff Farags mother, and he was in my 1st grade class. She babysat us in 1st and 2nd grade (I think that's correct). She didn't do anything like cut me or anything like that. Mostly I watched t.v. there: Bewitched and I Love Jeannie. I had a very sad feeling the entire time I was there though, and now I realize it was probably because something bad was happening to my parents. I had the same feeling at a different babysitter's house, "Stevie and Paul's" house. It was the same t.v. thing there but it was Little House on the Prairie. I had the worst feeling ever while watching that show there at their house and I have no idea what my parents were doing instead of watching us because it's not when my mother was working at a bank. Just horrible depressing feelings. My brother played with the Egyptian kids (Shariff or another one?) and then I didn't have anyone to play with so I watched t.v. Same thing at the Davis's house, my brother played with Stevie or Paul and I had no one to play with. I really hated being babysat. I loved being at my own house even if there was no one to play with, and there was no sad feeling, usually, except for sometimes at night. Sometimes I would start crying and didn't even know why and I was told, "It's just nighttime and you're tired."

With my earlier babysitters, it was the MK Ultra Squad. They were bringing over bags full of 'items', and one was hypnotizing us or trying to get us to self-hypnotize, a man was having me sit on his lap in the rocking chair, and the Springers were tying us up and enacting forced poisoning and medication ideas, and leading us around the house with a blindfold on, to run us into furniture. Some of it was "fun" but I can look back and know, "That is definitely not normal." Melanie had 2 different purses, maybe more, but I remember 2 of them. I also know she took photos of us. Melanie took a LOT of photos of me and my brother. I think she took a hair sample from me too. She also had some kind of a doctor kit. I vaguely remember her bringing over a stethescope. She listened to my heart and my brother's heart. It wasn't a kid's pretend one--it was a real one. The last thing she did, before we never saw her again, was take photos of me and my brother. Sometimes my Dad had to leave and drive to go pick her up and take her home and then I think she was driving herself at some point. None of the other babysitters, that I remember, had stethescopes, but she had one. I remember her bringing it to all of the visits and then when we had another babysitter, I asked where the stethescope was. I liked playing with it and used it on her and my brother and myself and listened to my own heart. She wasn't our doctor, she was a babysitter. Possibly once we had our blood pressure checked too but I might be imagining that part. I definitely remember the steth.

Later, when I went to a doctor's appointment, they had one hanging up and I automatically reached for it and listened to my own heart with it. The doctor walked in and was seriously upset. They didn't want me touching their stethescopes, even though they were all probably part of the same MK Ultra chain gang and had just decided I was not supposed to remember some of these things.

I don't remember what her last name was and I used to know. She must have been related to a doctor or something to have a professional stethoscope.

Now that I think about it, it's almost like I was trained to feel like going to the doctor later was like seeing my "babysitter", a "nice" person or something. The other thing that comes to mind, just tonight, for some reason, and it's probably not to do with Melanie, but I think she had a black gun. Like one that fit into a purse. A smaller revolver type. I don't know why I thought of this but I'd have to wait and see if it actually has to do with her or not. The steth, definitely. The blood pressure thing, I am pretty sure, at least a few times. The gun? I can't say so yet but it comes to mind.

The other thing she did, which I remember without any doubt, is she came over and took off her bra. She pulled it through the sleeves of the arms of what she wore, but she'd come over to babysit, and take off her bra right away. I thought it was because it was uncomfortable but who knows what MK Ultra used it for, I mean, why they wanted her to do this. Then, in high school, I was told the main bathroom at the Bechtolds wasn't working and to use a different one, in Janet and George Bechtolds bedroom, or maybe I thought it was that way, and Janet had this enormous bra just sitting out, in full display across her bed. It was very "Melanie".

I seriously wonder who all of my babysitters were because it would definitely be "enlightening". I also would like to know who my Mom's babysitters were. Something really horrific must have been going on. That whole town and area has a lot to hide.

The federal government knows I had a right to leave with my son. They are so guilty, and so complicit in crimes,...I have no idea how they continue to get away with it. Then, after they torture and abuse you, they try to kill you or get you to kill yourself.

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