Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twin Bobs say "Get Out of Here"

Something must be going down because my Dad said today, "Get out of here!" and got upset because of things I've been talking about.  He said, "And then you want to act like nothing is wrong, and expect things to be fine."  So I said, "I've been lied to every day of my life, and you (and others) act like nothing is wrong, and it's the same thing."

I saw both Bobs today.  First it was the one Bob and then it was the bigger one.  The smaller one (not by much, just a slightly different face) has really recessed and indented eyes from torture right now.  His voice is fine--he's not sick.  The other one, the bigger Bob, had red eyes but not indented like from surgery or torture today, but his voice was all scratchy and hoarse.  He is sick.  I know he's not faking being sick because I was starting to get sick too and had a sore throat and had to gargle with salt.  But he is sick.

So I saw both of them.

I went to the house to take a longer shower because my place has a much smaller water heater.  So I walked in and saw Bob and we talked.  My Mom said make it quick! and I went into the bathroom locked the door and took a shower.  Then the one Bob walked by saying "Hurry up!" or something like that and then I heard steps going upstairs.  When I got out, and went to the living room, it was the other Bob.  Or I think so.  The face and eyes were different and not as recessed and small.  And when he opened his mouth to talk, his voice was scratchy from being sick.  I thought it was maybe the other Bob before he even talked though.

And I found out my Mom was on a walk.

I feel my Dad agrees with me, because he didn't look disappointed when I said, "I've been lied to every day and expected to act natural, ..."  We have all been lied to, by the man, in every way.


So anyway, did anyone know I was given a set of Bobsey Twins books when I was a kid?  Oh no reason.  Just twins.  and twins.  and more twins.

The Bobbsey Twins books are about 2 sets of twins.  Which is what I have in my family.  2 Dicksies (or 3 I've sometimes thought) and 2 Bobs.  Both are identical twin sets but they have some small differences about them.

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