Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hate Crime: Catholic Assassination Attempts

Of the assassination attempts against me, 90% are by Roman Catholics.  The FBI and Department of Justice persons blocking me from making this report were 100% Roman Catholic or they were in business with Roman Catholics and had a conflict of interest because of it.

1992:  Tony Roos, Robin Bechtold:  Roman Catholics
1995:  Mike Nichols, Erik Lund:  Roman Catholics
2003:  Hispanic man (name in report), Christa Schneider:  Roman Catholics
2003-2004:  Car stalled to create collisions with 3 different cars:  Under leadership of Roman Catholic Leon Panetta and occuring 10 minutes from Tony Roos' workplace
2005:  Targeted use of military technology under Leon Panetta to cause migraines that were disabling as an act of torture and to push me out of court against the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon and Mt. Angel Abbey.  Use of Roman Catholic doctors to defame me and refuse painkillers for treatment of severe pain.
2006-2007:  Torture of Oliver Garrett and myself by Roman Catholics
2008:  Washington D.C. Assassination Attempt led by Roman Catholics
2008:  Murder of my unborn by Roman Catholics.  Excessive bleeding caused as a result of trauma to my stomach at time of murder of my unborn, and because of pill given to me by Roman Catholic doctor.
2009:  Desperate attempt by Roman Catholics to cover for coordinated assassination attempts by trying to force me to marry a Roman Catholic, Alvaro Pardo; held hostage by Pardo and blocked from court (benefited Roman Catholics);  surgery against me out of revenge by Roman Catholic
2009:  Poisoning with arsenic in Tacoma, WA:  Asian Roman Catholic (dragon tatoo on arm)
2009:  Poisoning with arsenic in Seattle, WA: Australian Roman Catholics
2010:  Toxic overdoses of Haldol for over 7 days, intended to kill me:  Roman Catholic ("Muslim" Eastern Indians acted on orders and bribes from Roman Catholics)

The date rapes were not all by Roman Catholics, but 90% of the murder attempts are.

Not only are the persons involved in trying to kill me Roman Catholic, every single one of the attempts has a person that is connected to another Catholic who was part of a different attempt.  The attempts to murder me have come from the same people, in the same Roman Catholic religion, and most of them have jobs as federal employees.

Accordingly, 90% of the individuals paid by the government who kidnapped my son from me were also Roman Catholic or persons in business with these Roman Catholics.  Catholics tried to murder me and then they lied about me, encouraged others to rape me, and took my son from me in an act of further hate crime, motivated by hate and the desire to have another excuse to discredit me for their own cover.

The only reason torture against me quit when I was with Alvaro is because all of this, is being lead by the Roman Catholic Church whose members that have planned murdering me and hate crimes are also working for the U.S. federal government.

Of the Canadians involved in smearing me in Canada, 100% were Roman Catholic.  One may have been Jewish, but to my knowledge, all of the ones who lied about me, forced me to sign false statements, and denied political asylum are baptised members of the Roman Catholic Church.

This same corrupt church went to the extreme of getting Queen Elizabeth to remove a ban against them being on the throne of England.  This is obviously a major problem and something they've worked with Middletons over.  Either that, or Catholics got William to inseminate a Roman Catholic Colombian woman.

The Roman Catholic Church is the only church that has a history of being incapable of tolerating others who not agree with them.  They are the only church that is organized as just one church, with a strata that emulates mafia strata.  The Roman Catholics are the only group, in history, consistent through every single decade, that has persecuted others who do not agree with them, raped, and plotted revenge and how to kill others.  They have never been tolerant.  Of all the tolerance from Protestant rulers, with Catholic subjects, none of Roman Catholic rulers did the same for Protestants.  Their pressure through Tony Blair, to change their status and be accepted in England, is further indication of their ability to spread misinformation and promote their own political agenda while they torture children and use others to torture innocent men, women, and children.

They are an evil and immoral church and they are clearly the main group behind murder attempts of me and the kidnapping of my son from me.  Not only are all of the named persons Roman Catholic, and baptised as such as children, they are all connected to eachother and knew about eachother, proving conspiracy and premeditation.

They acheived success when they lined up Roman Catholic FBI to stand in the way on their behalf, and defame me to their benefit.  They have used drugs, and money, as incitements to others to harm me and my son.  If someone doesn't have a religious motive to hurt us, the Roman Catholics that do have bribed others with business favors, entertainment perks and money.  They made it pay, and they used favors in the drug industry to make it pay.

The Roman Catholic Church is corrupt, and has infiltrated the justice, medical, and legal system, making it impossible for a non-Catholic that disagrees with them to maneuver around it.

This last treatment by PeaceHealth, of interfering with my medical care and calling people up to persuade them not to do labs for me or see me at all, was the last straw.  I had not even looked up their group and I finally said, after 2 days of lies from them, "Your organization is Catholic."   I was able to guess that much by their pattern of behavior, which is criminal and aggregious.  I looked it up and found I was correct.

So that's it.  They don't know the concept of "peace".  They use words and terms as if they understand what virtue is while they rape, torture, and kidnap and try to coordinate murder.  They drive others who are decent people to the brink of frustration to make them look bad, when their group is nothing but hypocritical criminals.

I will never marry a Roman Catholic.  My son will never marry a Roman Catholic.  I don't want one fucking Catholic to lay a finger on my son again.  That includes Rani.

This country is in trouble and has gone downhill because of Catholic corruption.  They bring in their Catholic conspiracies from all kinds of countries and get them to act on their behalf.

The U.S. Army man  who was working at a psych ward, who ordered my assault with drugs in TN was Roman Catholic.  He is the only one I'm not totally positive about, but from what I was later told, he was Catholic.

The OIG officials and Department of Justice officials and FBI who have blocked my attempts to have investigation into hate crime with a religious hate motive, have all been Roman Catholic.

The OIG was Roman Catholic, the Department of Justice head was Roman Catholic, and the FBI director is Catholic even though he goes to the Episcopal church.  Laura Laughlin is Catholic, Don from Palo Alto is Catholic, the Mormon D.C. man was a Mormon in business with Catholics (not just FBI business, but with friends who had other private corporate business connections), and Rick Baken, the FBI neighbor who defamed me, and knows Schneiders, is Roman Catholic.  He and Claudia are NOT "born again christians" anymore than the Schneider family is.  It's to cover for the fact they are all baptized Catholics who know eachother.

I have a right to mention the crimes of the Roman Catholic church.  They do not have a right to premeditate murdering me, over 2 decades.  They have been coordinating murder attempts against me since 1992, and this country has allowed federal employees with conflicts of interest, who are primarily Catholic, to cover for these individuals.

The FBI has literally been involved in some of the assassination attempts against me, because of their employees conflicts of interest and religious fanaticism.  They don't look like "fanatics" when they're laughing with you over a beer--they leave that to the people they hire to crash into your car or hijack your car to crash it and kill you and themselves in the process.

Everything that's been coming to the Catholic church is a long time coming.  They have not been held accountable for any of their conspiracies and use of U.S. government positions to murder and torture others.  They have paid Eastern Indians, atheists, and Jews to rape me and torture my son.  For example, my being set up for date rape by Jonathan, a Jew, was through Christa Schneider, a Roman Catholic.  Where drug deals work, they've used drug deals.  Where bribing an entire economy works, they've bought trade deals in exchange for favors.  Where money works, they've paid money under the table.  Where entertainment promotions work, and private royalties are gained by contract, they've used contracts.

Name your price, a Roman Catholic will pay it.

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