Thursday, April 4, 2013

U.S. Military Continues Torture, Shuts Down Electricity & Attempts to Control Fertility

The U.S. has continued torturing me.

They also shut down my refrigerator and freezer when there isn't anything wrong with it.  They did this several days ago, and they've done it before, and then turned it back on, for no reason.

Then it came on again, a day or so ago and then was shut off.

They've also electrocuted me at my own door, multiple times, making it like an electric fence, so that on rainy days I can't get into my house.

I can't stand this town. 

I can't even get an honest answer from these "folks" about whether or not they have Yukon gold or gold potatoes or not.  I called first, and they lied to me. 

So I went to the other store, and got these other ones that didn't even look the same and it turns out the other store had the kind I wanted to begin with.  Then they had their toilet overflowing on me as well, and I get home to have my mother say to me, "You're 40 years old."

What does that have to do with anything?  I am not 40 either, I'm 38, and this is turning into a sick and disgusting game over my fertility and trying to prevent me from having kids.

There is nothing wrong with my fertility or my periods.  The only time something has been wrong is when I lived with Alvaro Pardo and when I worked at The Post Pub.

If I find out any form of medication they gave me, or anything they did, affected my fertility in any way, they are dead meat.

I have protected my fertility and not gone on birth control, my entire life, for the sole reason of protecting my fertility.  So if I should ever find out anything is being done to try to change that, or was done then without my permission and consent, they are dead.

What happened to North Korea's threats anyway?  I WANT Korea to nuke this country.  This country has committed aggregious crimes against me and my son and it needs to pay for what it's done.

The last 2 days the U.S. concentrated torture to my lower back and abdomen again, which they did when my son and I were being tortured.  They did this all night one night, not last night, but the night before.  Basically, the same night I did homework and the Jewish professor wanted to tell me, for this class I have in Jewish history, that my name means "amulet" in modern Hebrew.

So that night, the U.S. military thought it would be funny to try to fry my eggs, out of a sick joke over my name as "omelet".  There is no reason this country would suddenly decide to torture me in this way, to my lower stomach, and at that time, except for that reason.

This country has destroyed my family and everything I have ever tried to do.

They fried me the entire night and then I turned off the laptop and it quit.  But they are doing that right now, and since I got back and started this blog post, and they did this to me yesterday too.

So what exactly is the point?  They want to attempt to "fry" me so I don't have periods?  Because that's not happening.  They drug me and medicate me for that.  It is what they did to me in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is responsible for drugging me and putting me on birth control without my consent, after I went with Pentagon leader James Cartright to his hotel next to The White House.  So then the U.S. thought they should put me on "birth control" and not tell me about it.  "Just in case".  Just in case something "happened" with some kind of D.C. leader or federal employee, this country drugged me.  I was being given some kind of birth control the entire time I worked at The Post Pub.

Then, it happened again with Alvaro Pardo and who did he work for?  The United States FBI.

So first I got medicated, without my consent and without any mental health diagnosis, for the sheer purpose of preventing a pregnancy between me and a U.S. national leader or federal employee (just in case).  That happened at my workplace in Washington D.C., at, as I've said, The Post Pub.

I was told all employees get a "free meal" each day they work there and I was drugged.  No wonder Chris Dabney and Nicki were making their own food in the back, and not allowing anyone else to touch it.  I know for a fact Nicki did this, and Chris did, which made me wonder who they were working for or I guess, which one of them knew I was being medicated without my consent.  I quit having a period, down from my normal periods to a light 1 day period, if that, when I worked there, because of what they were giving me.  I realized something was wrong, and quit eating there and went across the street to a deli to buy packaged food instead and oh! all of a sudden my period was normal again.  Nicki was the "government psychologist".  She was passing out "samples" to try, and aside from her there was someone cooking my food.  I didn't eat anywhere else because I couldn't afford it at first. 

My pregnancy then was a choice.  I didn't prevent it from happening and neither did Chris, who knowingly had sex with me without a condom even if he always used one with others.  I was not trying to, but it was possible and it happened.

So what does BIG BROTHER U.S. do to me?  they kill my babies.  If I didn't like their non-consensual birth control, given to me in Washington D.C., they'd just kill my unborn children and take care of it that way.

Then, they brought Alvaro around to me, through the FBI, who drugged me again, with birth control.  At first I didn't know, and then after I had the surgery, I did know.  I knew after I had healed, that I should not be bleeding except for when I had my periods.  So all of a sudden, Alvaro keeps telling me to go on oral birth control and when will I?  He didn't want to wait, while he was trying to set me up to go to jail, and he didn't want a kid out of it either, so the U.S. FBI took matters into their own hands and illegally medicated me again, with oral birth control.

Which is against my beliefs, my personal values, religion, and everything I have ever protected myself from.  This country violated that, but like that mattered when they have violated every single other thing there is to possibly violate.

When Alvaro left, when I told him to move out of the same house after he cheated on me, exposing me to health risks courtesy of the FBI,  all of a sudden, my period was back, totally normal, and remained that way.

That was when I knew, Alvaro Pardo had been drugging and medicating me through my food.  When I was with him, he brought me my food, or made it.  I never did.  He did the cooking, and not once did I make my own food, when most of the time I had health problems until they did the surgery.  So he continued to make my food after that surgery.

He doped me just like The Post Pub.

I had people trying to brush that off, making false claims and trying to excuse it by saying, "you're just in peri-menopause" which was not true and is still not true.  At that time I was 33 and they were trying to tell me I was in menopause???


My periods have been normal my ENTIRE life, except when I was dating United States federal FUCKERS.

So then I want to be a surrogate but the U.S. tries to block me, every single time.  They wanted my eggs, and tried to force them out of me, but they didn't want me to have any kids of my own, or for anyone else that might contribute to getting me out of the shithole this country IS and will be until someone nukes it.

Every single time, EVERY Single Time I have tried to be a surrogate, some federal asshole tries to block it.  This is after they tried to EXTORT eggs out of me, by using a Washington D.C. housing commission to push me out of federally funded housing.  Imagine that.  I found out it came from Washington D.C.  That's who put me on the street, to collude with Seattle and Wenatchee.  Then they told me the only way to get it back, if I didn't live next door to the FBI offices, was to give up my eggs.  My EGGS.

If I was someone in the U.S. with eggs in a freezer, I'd move them out if you care about them, before they get scrambled by N.Korea.

So I don't give up my eggs, and I was interested in surrogacy, not egg donation, but oh no, of course not, because the U.S. has been trying to control my body.  They have no respect for my religious beliefs and no respect for my rights to fertility and to my own reproductive choices.  THIS is the ONLY "communist" country in the world today, except that it's a communist plutocracy.  This country has taken every single thing that was ever bad about true "communism" and adopted it and blended it with a plutocracy.

THIS is a communist plutocracy.   It's welfare for the rich.  Welfare for those who are at the top only.  Reproductive rights for those at the top.  Torture controlled by those at the top who are undoubtedly being paid by rich citizens who don't even have a face in politics at all.  They're just passing the buck.

So I really don't need to be lied to, when I make a phone call to be informed first, about which grocery store in this fucking town I want to go to.  I also don't need U.S. FBI and federal assholes medicating me and putting me on birth control or anything that affects my fertility without my consent.  I want the government to quit torturing me, for sick jokes with themselves, and to leave my son alone.

My son will never serve this country.

Did you catch that?

Oliver Garrett, MY SON, will NEVER serve the United States of America.

I am going to put more of what this country has done to me, and their attempts to assassinate me and who is connected, either tonight or tomorrow.

Stay the FUCK out of my business, and God help N. Korea because I hope they actually do what someone should have done a long time ago, to this nation.  This country nukes me, and nukes my son, but they think I don't have a right to feel they have it coming to them?

These fuckers put me on birth control, without my consent, over Pentagon leader James Cartright, who met with President Obama, every single day.

The U.S. has been torturing me and has not quit.  They slowed it down a little, in the last couple of weeks, after and only after they believed I'd been medicated again.  They quit, for the most part when I brought up Tony Roos too, and then they started trying to throw it back in, for example, with an entire night of torturing me to the point that my stomach enlarged after they did this all night.

They are torturing me, and they are torturing my son, and this country has not quit, when they got out of war with Iraq either.  They kept doing what they've been doing to me since 1995.  They only started that, because they had tried to kill me twice already, using government assholes.

1991:  international incitement to rape me, from Ottowa, Canada, in the guise of an "attack" against Carol Mulroney.  It came from people who knew Mulroneys' were connected to Ewan Cameron, the Scottish psychologist who was torturing people in Canada, and was getting his MONEY from the U.S. CIA through Cornell University.  He got his money from New York.  He was being paid by the CIA for his participation in the Canadian side of MK Ultra and I was a U.S. kid who was abused by the U.S. side.

1992.  Tony Roos:  United States Army.  Connected to Mike Middleton.

and in 1995, it was Mike Nichols:  Canadian citizen, raised by FBI parents in the U.S.

1994.  The IRS refused to process my tax form in order to protect a family that was part of the plutocracy, Brian and Lisa Thebault.

So by 1995, the U.S. has 3 major strikes against them proving criminal conspiracy to ruin my life and I was only 17-21 years old.

They implanted me in Utah in 1995, just in case I "talked".  Then they could take care of me, from the top, by remote torture to destroy me.

Guess who they wanted me to work for?  to monitor me?  Of course, let's bring it back to Cornell University.  I was forced to work for a woman and man who were part of MK Ultra and used me, and had gone to college at Cornell majoring in "Government".  They were paid by Cornell, just like Ewan Cameron.  They also got money from the CIA through other channels of work they had then.  And you really think they didn't know the Middletons?

Yeah, the same Middletons that Tony Roos knew, and Mike Nichols knew, and the U.S. FBI supported.

I was being targetted by the same group that forced me into their shitty program to begin with.  They used my own Dad as one of the programmers, just as Kate Middleton's Dad is a programmer.  They force people to participate, blackmail them, and make outrageous promises.

What kind of promise was made about me?         How many fucking promises did this country break.

I want my son returned you FUCKERS.

My mother got thrown into it, because her DAD is U.S. Army.  They forced my mother into MK Ultra and used her U.S. Army father to get to her, when the entire program, on the U.S. side, was between the U.S. Army and the CIA.  They blackmailed my Grandpa Garrett to get to his kids for the program.  This country kills people and then says to the remaining family members:  "Either you go along or end up like that" or "If you do this, we will make sure x has opportunities you could only dream of."

Who bobbed for that apple?  Kate Middleton.  Welcome to the CIA sweetheart.

The other word some use for MK Ultra is Project Monarch.  I have understood the two programs to be separate from eachother.  From my understanding, it was MK Ultra first, that started with the U.S. Army and CIA and then they had something called "Operation Monarch".  I would say it's much worse than is described here.  This one minimizes the use of psychic gifts, as if it was just an experiment.  It's not.  That's why they like "Katie".

I think someone told Kate it was all about her, "KM" was "MK". 

If my mother acted like there was something wrong with my birth certificate, then maybe there is.  Maybe one set of twins are my parents but not the other, or my Mom is related but not my Dad.  Why would my Mom agree that I was a "Howard" before I was a "Garrett".  I made the suggestion, but she nodded, when I said, "That's why the FBI..." and then she closed the door.

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