Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's Death An Occasion To Call Me Nuts (Chemical Department)

I am being called mentally ill after Margaret Thatcher died.

This now has me wondering what Margaret Thatcher knew that she was killed over, or her stroke was triggered over, that could have helped me and my son.


I just read her degree and studies were in chemicals.

So where I live with the U.S. Pentagon using drugs on me without my consent, and medications, and fumigating my house with odd smelling fumes that have a chemical smell and knock me out, she might have been someone who knew who it was.

The U.S. military has an entire department devoted to "research" and use of chemicals on citizens.  Since I have lived here, in this town, they have poisoned me with some kind of chemical fume several times, which knocked me out, affected my periods, and made me ill.

Margaret Thatcher's occupation was chemistry.  She was a chemist.  That was before she was Prime Minister.

There is no way she didn't know something about MK Ultra when her work involved both chemistry and then government at that level.  So, now that she's older, it's not hard to kill her by triggering a stroke.

I went to the news to find out what had happened today, what great "event" precipitated my being told, with sudden new clarity, that I might see my son again but "look up" "paranoid personality disorder" as if someone had some kind of "bright idea" to attempt to re-arrange facts to suggest there was "hope at the end of the tunnel" now that Thatcher is dead and someone's secret is safe.

Why else did I go directly back to my house to look up the news.


Because I knew "something is up."  Who died, basically, and gave some group confidence that their secret was safe and they could go on with their lies about me.

Who died?

Oh.  Margaret.  And oh!  I find she was a chemist.  Right-o.  So now that The Great Chemist is dead, I am most certaintly "nuts" but lets be calm now, collected, and ease comfortably into the old routine of lying and, this time, we can feel sure our secret is safe.

If I had not instinctly known something major happened in the world that affected me, I wouldn't have gone to the news.  My mother made no suggestion of the sort.  She was suddenly telling me maybe I could see my son if I "straighten up".  ??

I am his mother.  If I "straighten up"?

I said, "What do you mean, if I straighten up?"  I have been forced out of seeing him, hearing from him, and he was kidnapped from me by this country.  This government is corrupt.  I was told, "I want you to look up something...." and then so on.

As if they've had enough time to drug me now, and experiment with varying levels of torture as they drug me, they imagine they can attempt to "diagnose" me after what?  Just assassination attempts over MK Ultra, that's all.  I was told "Soon he'll be old enough he can see you if he wants to."  When he's 15?

Right, he's being brainwashed, and has been tortured, and I'm his mother and the one who has the legal right to raise him and had the right to leave the country with him, for good, and I'm being told I can see him, maybe, in a decade.  Oh, but if I accept "paranoid disorder" maybe the FBI and those involved in trying to murder me will feel I've "straightened up".

Trying to murder me gives motive for lying about me and wanting others to think I'm mentally ill.  This country has individuals connected to government and to Canadian government, who have tried to murder me, and in at least 3 of those attempts to murder me, it is all of the same people involved.

That leads to MORE than "reasonable suspicion", not "paranoia".

One assassination attempt?  it would not be hard to trace who is involved.  Two assassination attempts?  hmmm...looking...not looking very good.  THREE assassination attempts involving people who all know eachother, directly or indirectly?

That is conspiracy to murder.

A fairly "sizable" reason for a government group in the U.S. to want to defame me, and use newspapers to create misinformation about me and ruin my lawsuits that protected me.

Some of the attempts to kill me, I can't even name the people because the huge boulder was in the middle of the road, and who put it there, next to the military-stocked town of Leavenworth?  Who knows.

I CAN, however, name the people involved in several attacks against me and they know eachother.  That is pretty bad.  I also know who I was around when I was being medicated without my consent, even if that's secondary.  The women involved in giving me a poisoned cigarette are also U.S. government employees, connected to those involved in trying to assassinate me previously, and these people also had contacts with the persons from Vanderbilt and Middle TN mental health where I was held hostage and tortured, and then put on display for U.S. government officials.

I'd like to know what Margaret Thatcher was working on prior to her "stroke".

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