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UPDATED: Canadian-Wenatchee Assembly of God Sodomist

A man who was teaching "Royal Rangers" for the Assembly of God church in Wenatchee, WA is a pedophile and a sodomist.

Any child who has been around him has been exposed to a pedophile that may have attempted to get access to abusing them.  I am publishing this again, with more information, because if a parent wants to protect their child, they need to know the Wenatchee Assembly of God employed a pedophile who had access to some kind of "knock out" drug that prevented you from remembering anything and just made you extremely groggy and not clear-headed the next day.  I had no alcohol on the night I was drugged. 

I have to make a police report about him but it was delayed because I kept asking Assembly of God for his last name because I didn't remember, and they wouldn't give it to me.

He used a drug with me to commit an act against me that I have refused to do with anyone.  I don't necessarily believe it was with his own private part and may have been done with an object of some kind, but it was done.  I was given a drug that prevented me from remembering anything, and I know of several possibilities of people connected.

I also know he is a Canada man.  He had been regularly commuting between the U.S. and Canada for over 2 years because his girlfriend was Canadian.

I tried to bring it up earlier, on my blog, but I was embarrassed to fully disclose how serious it was.  He is part of the MKUltra scheme because after he did what he did, he took me to retired U.S. military who had senior status.  He also knew Ryan, a U.S. Marine from Boston.

I am positive he is connected to Kate Middleton and I will explain why.  I also know Alvaro Pardo knew who he was and what he was going to do to me and I believe it was filmed.  Another person who I figured out knew about it is Shannon Borg, a Mormon from Seattle who is in the wine industry.  One of the photos Floyd (the pedophile) showed me was of his Canadian girlfriend, with a friend of hers and both of them holding glasses of white wine and wearing white.  He told me his Canadian girlfriend had moved to Northern California or some part of California from Canada, in the time I was forced to stay with him, and he was still in touch with her when I was there.

The reason I believe the act was filmed or recorded, is because I noticed something that happened with Sarah Fergusen's kids, who wore the same color of sleeping bag I was in the next day to church.  When I saw the photo, and based on things Floyd was discussing and what I had discovered on his computer, it looked like they had been shown a live or recorded video of me in my surroundings there.  Because it was after I was sodomized, I believe that act was possibly what was sent to one of them.  It did not occur until his Canadian girlfriend was in California. 

I believe that rather than Fergie getting a preview, or her daughters, it is possible it went directly to Middleton, including Kate Middleton.  The reason why I say this is because she is the one, and her family is the family, that is connected to the people who knew Floyd, who was encouraged to sodomize me.

After what he did, he put a bunch of knives out around the house with the blades extended.  Judge Hotchkiss made an order to block me from documenting abuse of my son and from taking photos and that same day Floyd set out knives around the house that afternoon, I had seen my son in a visit with a section of his face cut out.  Judge Hotchkiss was involved. 

I have never, in my entire life, wanted to be sodomized or have sex that way.  I have said no to even those I ended up being in a relationship with (Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo), even if these relationship were forced to some extent.  Chris Dabney went to the point of telling me he thought Princess Diana had had anal sex and that "reportedly" she liked it.  He had knowledge of her sexual habits and experience.  When I continued to refuse, later at work he then played the song by Meatloaf "I would do anything for Love, but I won't do that" and joked, around me and Nikk, at The Post Pub, that he thought it was about not doing anal sex.  He played this song all the time aftter this, and always made the same comment.

I will try to write more tomorrow but I can't sleep because I've been thinking about this and I thought if I published this now, I might be able to. 
When Floyd first showed me the photo on his cell phone of the two women, they were both wearing white and held wine glasses with white wine in them.  It was kind of a "cheers" posture, towards the person holding the camera (or cell)--him.  I had a bad feeling when I saw the photo because what I read from it, was they were involved in something they knew was wrong and celebrated anyway.  He showed me this after I had first stayed at his house without being assaulted in any way.  It was the same kind of wine and glass that Kate Middleton held a few months later in photos right after she announced she was engaged (where she is wearing a pale green sundress and joking with a brunette man) while holding a glass of white wine.

After I was sodomized, I was too shocked to completely believe it, and went to church with Floyd.  I also went dancing when I met someone he knew named "Kari" from Seattle, but it was a few days before I was drugged and sodomized.  After he had done this to me, the next evening he said why don't you sleep in my bed and I won't touch you, so you don't have to sleep on the floor.  I had been sleeping on the floor the entire time and I declined.  After this, on the next visit, a Wednesday, when I saw my son Oliver at CPS buildings, I saw his face cut up.  Judge Hotchkiss and Anne McIntosh had been careful to get an order from the Judge to block me from taking a photo of the evidence first.  Then when I got to the house after this visit with my son, there were knives laid out everywhere and I left.

I don't know if Floyd was actually a protestant or not.  He said he was, but I wondered how he then knew Ryan, who was an Irish Catholic from Boston, MA, next door.  They knew eachother and exchanged looks several times.  Also, Alvaro had called me when I was at Floyd's house and he was smirking about it.  I could hear his tone of voice and he was telling me I should just stay with him.  This was after I'd told him to fuck off when I was at Ryan's, next door, immediately prior.  I wondered how Alvaro had gone from telling me maybe I shouldn't stay at Ryan's, who was a U.S. Marine (who stole things from my bag and gave it to Mexicans who knew New Mexico contacts I'd made when I was picked up by Mark, the truck-driver with Canada connections from Boston, after I called NM FBI) to telling me, in a smirking tone, that I should stay with "Floyd" after I told him Floyd had a Canadian girlfriend.  I don't mean "stay" in a relationship sense, but to live there, but Alvaro was suggesting I should be his girlfriend and I said I wasn't interested.

Floyd kept referring to a movie that he had set out in front of the others, called "Serendipity" and I said maybe I'd watch it but I never did, or skipped through it.  After I was sodomized by Floyd, and the U.S. federal government gave me housing through "The Recovery Act" it was at Steve May's house, where Shannon Borg later called me and talked about "how serendipitous" it was that I was there, and when I had first met her, after being locked out by Mykal Holt when I told Alvaro to leave, when she met me she called it "serendipity".  She used the word "serendipity" repeatedly.  She is the one who was married to a man born and raised in Canada, who traveled back and forth from Canada, and who had a job in the medical field in Seattle, WA.

Floyd told me he had lived and worked in Canada for 2 years because his girlfriend was there but then he moved recently to the U.S.  After I talked to Alvaro over the phone, Floyd told his Canadian girlfriend was moving to California and she moved there.

After I was scared to leave Floyd's house because of knives being set out all over, I was invited to the Assembly of God church again, by the woman who had a Japanese boyfriend in Seattle, who had approached me to have coffee with her at the time Alvaro was still in town and we lived at Holt's house.  When I showed up, she wasn't there and I was told to wait in the lobby and a Jewish man was walking out with a yamaku on his head and smirking at me, talking loudly.  He saw me and I didn't get a good feeling.  He seemed to think something was funny and was talking about "being clean" and a couple of people who had been there were saying he was an invited speaker whose message was about how to "purify yourself" and "cleanliness" from a Jewish perspective.  I remember I felt, at that point, that it was somehow known by others, from the inuendoes, that I had been sodomized and I didn't know why Assembly of God people would know, although Floyd did take me to see U.S. retired military who went to that church after what he did and then the next thing was the assault of my son within 1 week, and intimidation of me by then having extended knife blades all over the house.

People connected to Floyd, who sodomized me, using a date-rape drug were:

retired military
Canadian government
Canadian girlfriend (Julie, who moved to California)
Alvaro Pardo
"Kari" from Seattle>worked for FBI, from what I was told, along with her regular job
Mike Tancer (indirectly, through Shannon Borg)
Shannon Borg's Canadian husband (indirectly or directly)
Ryan (military and Boston, MA)>connected to Mark (truckdriver from NM and Mexicans there)
Mykal Holt (or her brother, or the place of establishment was used at least)
Kate Middleton
Mexicans and a couple black guys (in the background, when I was going around with Floyd)

I didn't blog about how I confirmed I was being drugged and sexually assaulted until I left Wenatchee and was in Nashville, TN.  After I blogged that now I was positive about it because the same thing was not occuring while I stayed with a bunch of women, I was then being set up to be assaulted with Haldol for over a week and interrogated about FBI.  Shannon Borg contacted me a few weeks before this happened and said she could mail my property and after this was done to me, she and her Canadian husband decided to keep it, and the next time she talked to me or wrote was after Kate Middleton's wedding, and she said, "We don't have it anymore."

Floyd told me he had been accused of being a pedophile before, by a former girlfriend.  He said she just wanted to ruin his reputation and it wasn't true, so I believed him.  He said his Canadian girlfriend supported him.

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