Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Pregnant, But I Will Be

I'm not overweight or pregnant, if it appeared that way from my last photo. I had a coat bunched around me.

This is one I took last year and I look the same. It was taken before the London "Olympics". But of course no one is getting into my laptop or computer or took all of the photos off of my other computer and crashed it so I got stuck with a crappy camera.

I am 100% positive the reason that computer was crashed was because of Kate Middleton and fears I was "blocking" her "light".

Her budlight. Of course. What else.

Why else would anyone go out of their way to do this and then do their utmost to make me as ugly as humanly possible and as nuts-sounding as humanly possible?

There were people, even MEN, who were pissed that I looked "too good" because it was "ruining" the schemes they'd worked for so long. At first, when I was younger, I thought my problems were with just a few jealous women here or there, though I've always been feminist and love women and have usually been a goof around them, and not jealous, and supportive of all types. But then, I realized, I can't believe it. There are literally peevish men. Men who resented me and hated me for getting in their way somehow or "ruining" something or being a threat of ruining something.

That is the MOST shocking. When men work to strip a woman and degrade her to make her insignificant. It's sort of expected that women might feel competitive or take tips from eachother--but when men get involved...there is almost nothing worse than hatred from a man who wants his "pet" to win something. You can find, in history, entire mafias and gangsters and governments with men who will kill and rape others for one woman and what ideologies she represents for them and their group and the person or "famiglia" they want her aligned with.

When I wonder why some men would do this to me, and I'm not saying the above photo is anything special--it's not. But when I wonder why some group of men wants to degrade me and my family, and then works to have me ugly as possible, and tortured to sound nuts and personality-ugly, and socially unacceptable, and fatter and untoned, I think, well, at this age, what are they afraid of?

I'm almost 40 and this group has ruined my entire life. They have ruined my career opportunities and my life savings plans. They have ruined and stolen intellectual property from me and tried to kill me. So at this point, to make me as ugly as possible, looks like a reaction to not having access to rape me anymore, and to having a fear that if I end up with "money"...$$$$...and it isn't from my lack of career, it would only come from a ...$$$ man $$$.

So the fear is that if a man felt compelled to give me money for any reason, I would use it against criminals that have tried to control me. Oh yeah, and I'd kill them. Hasta la vista baby. This is the same fear over whether I am a surrogate or not, and have compensation for it or move to another area--it's all about control and making sure people they have tortured and tried to kill, don't kill them through their husband's mafia, prosecute them with private attorney's, or move to a better place and get ahead and quash their disgusting and pathetic "rebellion". Funny how a "rebellion" ends up involving almost the entire Department of Justice which has turned into a corrupt government militia that endorses torture and rape of citizens.

So when men pass by, looking disgruntled or mad, or upset if I look in shape or pretty on that day, it's over this. Money. In Nashville, TN women were literally stealing make up from me. Before that, my clothes were stolen from me and I was forced, by Washington D.C., to sleep outside.

The U.S. couldn't kill me through Alvaro, so they trashed me again. It would have worked out, they thought, to have put me in prison through him or execution of me (Paredon), but they didn't get what they wanted and the FBI knew they had a BIG PROBLEMO. So if I don't get hung up on an entrapment scheme or blackmailed into working with them, they knew I had all of this potential "The Department of Justice has conspired to kill me" shit against them.

So sure, throw me a few peanuts now and then, but make sure she stays "ugly looking", tamper with the cameras of any device I am suspected of potentially buying (which was done with laptop and videocam), torture the hell out of her so she sounds nuts, make her socially unacceptable, and keep her poor and aged looking. Ruin every single thing she has that is an asset because SHE refused to be a CIA "asset" for Assholes. Who have only been trying to murder me, that's all, and kidnapped my son.

So how does this MK Ultra thing work? The U.S., Canada, and UK work together in some select group, torturing and using kids and then someone decides which kids they're going to put in jail or bump off and which MK Ultra kids they want marrying eachother? Who makes that call?

They have a little international MK Ultra "pow-wow" over it?

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