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FBI's "Good Night and Good Luck" & Women Who Coordinated Date Rape

I'm watching "Good Night and Good Luck" for one reason: Christa Schneider was delighted with it.

I never forgot how pleased she was, when talking about this film and how it was the same kind of pleasure she got when taking me with Dick Whittemore's girlfriend's daughter, to have "lavendar martinis".

I've never seen the movie, even though I knew my enemies loved it. They loved it because it was rewarding criminal collusion that lawyers and other used to their advantage, complete with FBI participation while I was in my lawsuits. It's the big "pat for your back".

I looked at the date this movie came out after this line from the movie:

"What's going on in here?"
"What do you mean?"

The date on this movie is 2005--after I was assaulted in 2004 by FBI that were working with Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf. Thst's not to mention "Leo" Panetta and his Army friends who had been trying to kill me, or Amy Roe, who defamed me for the FBI. Or Mike Tancer. Julia Thornton obstructed me when I told her I believed it was connecte to my lawsuits. The FBI were IN the same lawsuits I was in and they lied.

I love how the opening is with a podium that highlights only "KT" first. Or TN and then KT. Then the letters highlighted are "RDA". KT reads. How clever. Next it's TN that's put into the background while RDA is highlighted. So we have "TN" for "Middleton".

Lavendar martinis anyone?

They use a clip from a man talking about "tis but a dainty flower I bring to you--a violet...our love for you is unrevealed." and this is interjected with "Okay, that's enough Leo".

No wonder Alvaro Pardo was so eagerly taking photos of me as a little girl in a violet frame, to pass on to The Bitch Kate. You know, Alvaro Pardo, the FBI man. Just another one of "them".

It's not like we don't know Dick Whittemore and Karin Whittemore are related, or that Karin is from Canada and knows Middletons, or that she's also from NYC where current Agent Fowler is from.

I had not even seen this movie, but it was after Christa Schneider and Dick Whittemore's friend had seen the movie, that they wanted to order "something with more 'bite'" is exactly what Whittemore's friend said: lavendar martinis.

So far, it looks like "The Social Network" was made as a kind of sequel or attachment to this movie "Good Night and Good Luck." It'a another cover for celebrating premeditated rape.

I am 100% positive I am not the only person who knows this. I believe someone figured it out later, after reading a few things I wrote in my blog...descriptions that showed what this movie was alluding to.

No wonder Christa Schneider loved this movie. I always knew it had something to do with me by her demeanor over it. I also had a bad feeling about George Clooney at that specific time in my life. I looked HIM up, on internet searches, but I never saw the movie until now. I knew something was wrong.

People glorifying rape and then using it to promote torture. What great people. This "network". This movie is exactly like "The Social Network" in that it uses a historical event to mask something else that is current event that is far worse and criminal. "Facebook" as a cover for a network that premeditates date rape for legal reasons and "Good Night and Good Luck" a movie using "McCarthy" as a cover for hideous crimes occuring against me and my family at that time, and their use of media to discredit someone who could bring their asses to the levels they belong.

Every single federal agent and conspirator involved should be killed. If the FBI allows their agents to rape me, assault me, and plan assassination attempts, and then poison me, and steal my son as they get away with all of this, through a nasty reporter that is their own employee,...they obstructed me from lawsuits and my right to protect my name. The FBI also obstructed me from my right to the courts to remedy severe damages. If they think they can arbitrarily block me from justice and hearings, by torture and blocking my travel, why should any of them even be given trials over what they've done?

If we lived in Saudi Arabia, and it was an eye for an eye, they would all be dead and none of them would have a moment to continue their crimes against me. Eye for an eye would mean my son is returned to me, and none of these federal employees should even get a fair hearing or be investigated--they should just be killed. I mean, am I the type that would do something like that? No, of course not. But I am talking about, if they had done to them what they've done to me and my son, this is how it would happen. Someone would be trying to kill them, planning collisions, causing their vehicles to shut down, raping them, murdering their unborn, and kidnapping their live children.

Isn't that what this country has been advocating for me? This is what this country has encouraged federal employees to do with me. So show me where the justice system is at all.

I mean, they even have "Lorraine Rose" (part Mary Del Balzo) as a Middleton pawn for premeditating how to rape me. Take the ring off before you go to the 'office'? then the next scene shows the words "See it OW". I had my hymen broken, and said "Ow!" in the appointment and then I was raped a year later. Next scene, the woman is holding up a paper that has Taeks highlighted from the back (as in, Josh Gatov's words, about what my Dad would think to find out a Jew had "taken" his daughter). And a bunch of guys saying they want scotch as they celebrate with posters of "naked daisy" and "James" next to them, when Josh selected dixie cups with daisy flowers before he raped me.

This country is disgusting. I never had my "day in court" because I was being targeted for assassination, and date-raped by federal employees that were in business with steel and some kind of Middleton mafia.

This movie made a point to include names and references of anyone who had anything to do with me. They even have a police officer named "Anderson" making a cameo when I lived with Sharon Anderson and the detective supposedly "investigating" the rape, Det. Gross, worked with Portland police officer Anderson. He shows up to say, "Corporal Anderson is here. There's two of them."

Yeah. Damn straight I had 2 rape complaints: Gatov and Bechtold. Bechtold works for the FBI. Oh lets figure out which FBI employee will trash me and what the rest can do about it.

Grant Heslov, the other writer for this movie, is Jewish. So this is, like "The Social Network", a tag-team effort between a Roman Catholic and a Jewish billionaire. David Fircher is Catholic or aligned this way, and Sorkin is Jewish. Not that it matters, when some involved are Mormon, and Protestant or other, but then it connects to business and politics. Who is paying who and which people think they're climbing the ladder by use of torture.

"ALCOA" is like "STELCO"

The directors from these movies are David Fircher: California, Oregon, Colorado
Sorkin: New York, California
Clooney: Kentucky, Ohio, California
Heslov: California

That's not including their wives and lovers, who are influences. Women have been part of conspiracy to premeditate my being date-raped. I think they've done it because they felt it was revenge and made me look trashy, protected boyfriends or business interests, and made themselves feel better about themselves bc they didn't like pretty, intelligent, "virgins" standing next to them for comparison. Women who I know were part of setting me up were:

Christa Schneider.
Nicki (from Washington D.C. post pub),
Helen (Jonathan's sister from Portland, Oregon. Sounds sick, but it's true. Where the woman in this "Good Night and Good Luck" movie says, "name another wife who tells you to take off your wedding ring before going to the office", Helen's mantra would be, "name another sister who tells you to date rape a woman and here are a bunch of condoms for you too"),
Francie (Wenatchee, WA) and some female Wenatchee cops.

The above are all women who were immediately on-site or with me when I trusted them and they waited until I was incapacitated and then encouraged men to rape me. Other women who are involved possibly coached or encouraged things or witnessed my being intoxicated, but it wasn't as though they were my "buddy" (so to speak) for the night, for looking out for eachother, or people I trusted, or people who I saw deliberately calling up someone on the spot to do harm. I'm sure others are involved, but it was like being a lamb led to the slaughter as with the women listed above. Only in a couple of date rapes were women not directly involved. If I had a reason to already trust a man, there was no woman present to facilitate the rape because they relied on my trusting the man. Where I didn't know someone ahead of time or didn't have trust developed, and was with women I thought I could trust, that's when they were waiting for the kill, and then moving out as they called the date rapist in. I wasn't having one-night stands--I was being raped. For example, I went out with Josh Gatov because I thought I could trust him with boundaries because I worked with him. When I asked Robin Bechtold to take me home after I drank at a high school reunion, it was because I thought I could trust him not to take advantage of me when I was incapacitated, and I knew him. Otherwise, I never went out alone. When I went out with FBI alone, it was under the pretext that it was business and I thought I could trust them because they were "FBI". Any other time I went out, it was to meet a woman who I thought was trustworthy, or going with a woman, or drinking with a woman, who I never imagined would set me up to be incapacitated so that a man could rape me. I never had a "drinking problem"--I had a federal date-rape problem and that is something that I do not accept responsibility for. The FBI needs to take responsibility for their own conduct as do other employees of other federal or government departments.

I hope that I don't find out Brian H. was connected to any of the others. I say this because I was distraught after being raped and I would hate to find out he made a videotape or did anything weird aside from showing up with a hole poked into his jeans once, and having Christina Ricci posters all over his room. If I found out he was connected to Robin Bechtold or Mike Nichols or government or someone who already knew me it would be pretty bad. It would mean not once in my life was I around someone who was NOT connected to government.

I looked up Christina Ricci and think it's a little strange that she was the main star in "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in 1999. This book was showing up with Mike Tancer in his apartment and I guess she was a John Kerry supporter in 2004. The other thing I notice, is she did a movie by someone named "Don Roos" very recently when it was a Tony Roos who was trying to kill me in 1992.

When I look back on it now, I think there is a very high probability that he knew Robin Bechtold and people connected to Robin. His coworkers at the Shell station were Irish-American and Brian went out of his way to comment on my "reading". He didn't rape me, but I believe he is connected to others that did. I think this because of the way he had this hole in his jeans, sort of a pattern of some things Robin and others connected to him were doing, and potentially with his gift of cross earrings. I am not sure, but I didn't wear crosses then, even though I had worn a large beaded cross necklace (bought in PA in 1993) at CTR in 1997, and then the only other cross thing was Shannon Adams and Alicia Peters sign on a tree with my name on it after Tony Roos tried to kill me in 1992.

Also, once I saw him and Beau Blixseth (later) in the same area on the same day and Beau hadn't wanted me to notice. He was parked in the same shopping center lot as Brian H. and then he left to go to Wendy's and bought something and parked there and ate. He had this look of hate (my interpretation) when I inadvertently looked up and saw him. Brian was leaving a store (Ross Dress for Less) with a bunch of shopping bags. (in Tigard, Oregon). I didn't see them together though--I just thought it was surprising to see them both at the same in the same area in that Tigard mall area. I also saw Blixseth going to Bullivant Houser Bailey offices one day.

At 53 minutes or so into this movie, it has audio about, "....who was working for the FBI" and then it shows a man briefly with his middle finger out, a rolled up paper in front of him, and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. That paper almost reminds me of I don't know...a "hole"? I notice the man who has the "hole" out in front, even if it's from another side and notebook, is the middle man.

Robin flipped me off while trying to chase me down, knew people that knew Mike Nichols who rolled my car, and when he went out with me he always bought Ben and Jerry's chcolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Many times (12+). It was his ritual. It's like all these people watched this movie in 2005, thought it was great, including the FBI, and then they went about their lives as my son and I were tortured, forced out of housing, and ruined. This movie is like one big inside joke for the FBI and lawyers and everything about their conference table and watching film matches "The Social Network" later, except then it's a legal table and lawyers and computers. Same people and same story, but oh! anniversary editions of course. One for 2005 and then one for 2010. 2005 was the end of my life as I knew it and 2010 was a magnificent milestone for the FBI. All of that hard work paid off.

UPDATED 4/20/13 This is to be updated. I watched the rest of the movie today and have more to comment on, from the movie. If I don't work on it tonight, perhaps tomorrow.

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