Saturday, April 27, 2013

UPDATED: Killing Judge Hotchkiss

UPDATED:  I'm updating this because of a couple of questions I had about it and to be clear, no, I'm not saying I would kill someone.  That's not what I'm saying.  What I'm saying is, how easy is it for someone to kill a Judge, when a Judge can torture and sponsor torture of a child?  So, when the U.S. makes it this easy for a number of individuals to harm my son, and when I discover evidence of being cut and traumatized for MKUltra (CIA and Army) on my body, going back to when I was a kid and after, why would someone make it hard for those who take lives, to defend themselves.

I want to know how easy it would be to kill Judge Dennis Hotchkiss.  He deserves to die for what he has done to my son, Oliver Garrett.  I wouldn't do it and I have never wanted to kill anyone, but I would like to know, how easy would it be for someone else to kill him, and why is he still alive when he is a felon, a pedophile, and participates in collusion to torture a minor, and traffick a child.  Dennis Hotchkiss went to high school with my Dad, so he knows all about the military and government work and what my Dad can do.  He assumed he'd step over my authority and throw it to the government.  I want to know why he is still alive.

He is responsible for torturing my son, and for concealing evidence of torture to my son.  He is also involved with the military as well as the mafia and is (or was) part of a motorcycle gang.

Please see my previous post about all of the scars from cuts that I have found on my own body, and the kind of games this country played with it, as I went through school.  Government shit.

I was forced to witness the repeated assault and torture of my son Oliver, and I brought it to the attention of Judge Hotchkiss, who was already a fucking witness.  Judge Hotchkiss ordered me to keep evidence of torture of my son out of the public record.  He obstructed justice, and facilitated the abuse, sexual and otherwise, of a minor.  He is also responsible for the illegal trafficking of a minor from outside of the country.

He also knew Alvaro Pardo ahead of his arrival in Wenatchee, which means Judge Hotchkiss is involved with the FBI.

I believe the Catholic friends I saw him leaving "Red Robin" with one day, who made a point of drawing huge Catholic church medallions out of the insides of their shirts to display to me when they saw me, are connected to Pamp Maiers Jr.s Roman Catholic wife.

Judge Hotchkiss went to Soap Lake High School, with my Dad.  My Grandfather probably wiped the snot from his nose.  He knows Christa Schneider's family.  Christa suddenly wanted to "study" at "Denny's" after I told her I was going to move to Washington State or commute back and forth. 

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