Monday, April 22, 2013

UPDATED: License Plates from My Mom's Walk (torture)

My Mom went on a walk and was tortured at one point while walking along the freeway.

I didn't get the number of the SUV with the man driving when it happened, though I remember his face. I did get the number of the woman following next.

318 EVO (oregon) blond woman and men--these were laughing, sort of mocking, after some kind of compression to the eyes occured around the time another man passed in an older SUV
UPDATE:  same woman was stalking my mother months ago and really bad news.  I don't know who she's connected to, but her car belies her connections.  On freeway passing coquille

Also, then came up two semi trucks, exactly alike and the plates were dark red or maroon with reflective white letters and numbers. The first one went by too fast, and the one with it was YAFF334, New Mexico I believe, or Arizona? I don't know which state has that color of plate but I'm 100% positive about the number.
UPDATED: they were solid white trucks with some red and black trim.  The plates are Arizona as I checked and it's Arizona that has maroonn with reflective white lettering.  On freeway, passing coquille

Right after the "twin" semis, was a man driving with plates from Oregon that were SAFDIR. middle age man
UPDATED:  brown hair, laughing.  On freeway, passing coquille

Also following was a minicooper with plates 506 CUC. middle age man with brown hair
UPDATED:  on this one, if it is not 506 that is a large white minicooper station wagon type, it was 607 CUC.  So whichever one checks out as a white minicooper is the one.  Trying to speed up and off as he was passing.  On freeway going by coquille

Some of the women following around or approaching were:

07056 :    30s brunette woman
UPDATED:  hair pulled back, no bangs, generally attractive.    Saw her driving on central, torwards U.S. Bank at the intersection where 216 FYV was.  Fairly nervous that I noted her plates, and I've seen her before.

216 FYV :  30s brunette woman (had about 3 other women around her own age sort of following around with her in other vehicles).  UPDATED In town at intersection of Central next to Farrs and US Bank.  All of the women in other cars grouped together.  Glaring out window at me and mouthing, "No".

347 CBV :   40s woman, heavier set. UPDATED Driving on central from Four Corners direction, not yet reaching town or passing police station.

ZEB 906 :  30s brunette woman.  UPDATED  Driving on central torwards U.S. Bank.

ZWD 083 blond younger man (same one I saw over a year ago when I once saw my Mom walking with Patty and some people were driving past mocking my mother. He was one of them, in that same red car, but had others with him.)  UPDATED: on freeway, passing coquille.

The Chinese or Asian man whose plate is from California, who drives a truck, and the number which I've posted before was parked at the same bar in the parking lot when my mother was first walking out. He now has a superman theme plate over it, an "S" and then the number is, but I might be off with one of the numbers (check my earlier mention about it) 8A2636A. I didn't see him in his truck though...he was indoors.

Also, the owner for the sports club was pulling into his place of business as my Mom was walking by, and waited as they passed.

VQD 188 :  a woman in older SUV, middle age woman.  UPDATED driving on central just past Ivy and near Devil's Kitchen.

and I think 328 BSQ if it's a larger newer white truck with a 30s something man. Positive about the last part but not sure about the first part, though it did start with a 3 for sure. UPDATED driving next to Devil's Kitchen

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