Monday, April 15, 2013

(photos) Where is the Media for Torture: Mom's Eye Droopy, and Mine

My Dad's eyes look totally sunken-in like something was done to him. My Mom's eyes were made worse on Sunday, when they were supposedly at church. She had only one eye with the corner carved out on the inside, and not the other eye, and by Sunday, it was not just one of her eyes anymore. Both of her eyes have the same problem as my Dad's.

Tonight, my Mom's eyes are with one open and the left one droopy, and I have the same thing happening to my eye tonight as well, with the right one open and the left one droopy. I was targeted to my head before it happened, so I know my mother was targeted to her head as well.

What the HELL IS GOING ON with this government?? This is NOT POSSIBLE, if this is an actual...I mean, WHERE THE HELL ARE WE.?

How is it possible my parents are just tortured like "no big deal" and me and my son too? It is very shocking about what happened in Boston, YES! I absolutely agree, just as I also am shocked by shootings and other things. What I cannot understand, is how all of the media attention is on these things, but there is NOT ONE investigative reporter (?) in this entire country that does stories about torture of U.S. citizens by military and NASA technology?

That is when it really starts to feel like,...I don't start to wonder who OWNS the media these days. I mean, it is so globalized and inter-connected, I seriously am wondering who really owns and controls all of the major media?

I understand one part of this--One thing I fully grasp, is how a reporter might be concerned that if it really is "technology" and "unseen weaponry" and satellite or NASA controlled operations, they might be worried the tables would turn against them and that they would be personally targeted and how do they really defend themselves against that? I mean, defend yourself against Darth Vader, i.e., the mask that is over someone in charge of horrific torture of citizens.

The first time I realized the media was all "in it together" was when I called all the major ones with a story about the FBI in 2005. I called all of them. ABC, NBC, CBS...whoever there was to call, I called them. I had a story and yet not one of them did anything about it and a few of the places had people that mocked me (my feeling about it). The way they all shut the door with the same comments made me realize, "Either someone got ahead of me and told someone in particular to take MY calls, or all of this media works together in one large glob." Finally someone said to give my story to a local reporter and once it was published locally, at a smaller paper, the larger networks might pick it up. I thought, "Finally." Okay, that made sense. So I did. And I was promptly put into jail on false arrest the night before the appointment with the reporter. First time in my life I was ever charged with anything and arrested, false or not, and it was false.

When I was out, I tried again and then the same paper wouldn't take it but when I finally got ahold of another woman who wanted to run my story, she was FIRED. Actally, if I remember correctly, she actually OWNED a small paper and the entire paper business was forced out of business, after she agreed to do a story for me. And then she was acting like she couldn't talk to me and nervous and upset.

What the main media is missing, is the actual big picture. They are seeing explosions, and call it "acts of terror" and "shootings" but they are not investigating what is at the root of all of this. It is people rebelling against MK Ultra. It's people fighting back after having their kids and families tortured by electrical and microwave technolgy that causes extreme pain. It's some people who yes, have really gone over the edge in some way, but mainly after decades of excruciating torture. It's not this simplistic "they were bullied as a kid" syndrome. It is about torture of citizens, and the futility they feel in trying to protect themselves and their loved ones in this country. Some of these people are committing suicide over it. They're not killing other people nor do they have any ideas about doing so--they're killing themselves because they have no one to turn to.

If the media redirected their attention to secretive government programs and anti-competition that is being fostered by those programs, to support a plutocracy, they'd be onto something. They might even save thousands of lives. Not only would they be saving lives of those who get blown up because someone from this country or another country has "had enough", they would be saving hundreds or a few thousand who are mercilessly tortured by the U.S. government and the mafias that the U.S. decides to employ to help them.

You can see the difference in my eyes from torture and a break from torture below. I took some of myself for my son earlier, after a run, and then I took a couple tonight after seeing my Mom's eye and that it was like mine right now. While taking some of the photos it quit drooping bc I wasn't being tortured to that part of my head. Then when it was done again, it happened again.

You can tell if you look at the eyelid on my left eye (right of the screen), that it's droopier.

Something you can also see in this photo is the scar from a cut made into my face when I was a baby or toddler, which is above my left eyebrow. The small straight horizontal line cut, is the same as the line cut next to my mouth on the right side of my face.

So I was cut into, on the left and on the right, like a > < idea, but it's -_

They are both deep cuts, to have left the same kind of scar, and they are precision cuts, as one would make with deliberation, with a very sharp razor or knife point. So, if you are facing me, my cuts show up like this: -_ , or actually, that is how they are on my face, from my right and left. It's the line cut high on my left side of my face and a low cut on the right side of my face. If you face me, it would be _-

I just took a closer look. I actually have pairs of 2 on both sides, in those places. So I was cut twice on both sides of my face, with the cut by my left eye -_ and the cut near my mouth on the right side _-

That's how it is to me. If you are looking at me, it's _- -_

Basically, the reverse order of the cuts on one side of my face are on the other side of my face. The smaller or shorter line cuts are on top of, or above, the longer cuts.

Why would this country cut me?

Why would any country deliberately cut a child before the age of 3 unless there were twins or for some other "MK Ultra" identification? The only thing I can think of, knowing I WAS forced into MK Ultra, is that "M" is made up with 4 straight lines, as is the letter "K". / \

I've had these scars since I was a toddler. I never had any facial injury that added additional scars there, naturally. I cut my eyelid one time, my right one, on the inside of my eyelid crease, and that's the only facial injury I've had.



The above cuts are what you see on my face. Imagine my nose in the middle basically. I just clicked publish and the formatting for this last thing isn't staying how I have it. I added periods to keep the spacing. Basically, Kate Middleton and her entire family know all about it. She is a bona fide bitch. I have zero doubt now about her ability to even hold a knife or razor to someone else's face. She mocks those who have been tortured, and I do not find it even difficult to believe anymore.

When the U.S. kidnapped my son from me, they cut into his face too.

The cuts I've mentioned are ones I had in high school and noticed when putting on make up but I just never thought about it. Now that I've witnessed what the U.S. has done to my son, I look at these scars and realize it was deliberate.

I may have more but I'm going to look tomorrow because I'm tired. There is one next to my eye I've had forever, but I am going to look and remember which ones I had from high school and which match up with the same kind of razor cut.

What was this country doing to me? Cutting me and marking me like some kind of cow? What was that? their MK Ultra idea of how to torture and "condition" me to do what they wanted? I never cut myself, because I'm not a cutter. My parents would never cut me unless someone forced them to at gunpoint. They're not cuts from cat scratches. These are deep scars from incisions with very sharp instruments, like very sharp and thin razors.

Now I finally understand why my Mom didn't want me to use her exfoliating glycolic acid for my face, and she didn't want me to buy it for myself either. She didn't want me to remove the evidence of what had been done to my face, before I realized it was there and how it was there. I don't believe it. In the meantime, since then, her "doctors" have been removing all traces of marks from torture from my mother. At least they've been trying.

I have scars on my hands from cuts from the hijacking by Mike Nichols in 1995. But they are newer scars and you can see the difference. You can also see that they are not deep precision cut scars.

Who the hell has been attacking me MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Did Mike Middleton jump on a plane and fly out to Moses Lake to assault me? Is that what happened? We lived next to an international military airport and he's part of MK Ultra as much as Cameron Ewan is, and the Canadians, in my opinion. What did he do to me.

I found out this "Naturopath" my mother has been forced to see, who does her hormones and makes sure she's still "ovulating", is also an OBGYN. She's a licensed OBGYN, keeping my Mom popping out eggs. This is the same woman Patty Otterbach took my Mom to see when my mother got back to the house looking tortured and trashed after I wrote to the UN the first time. Her name is Jane Birchard and the other dermatologist my mother sees, who just lets chrome sores fester on my Mom's feet but is quick to remove evidence of torture, is Kathleen Brown.

I guess I should mention what Judy Roark's last words were, that I saw, at least, before she died but maybe tomorrow. I accidentally found something. And then she was dead.

I am so tired of this country's issues.

I want my son returned. I want my bank account opened so I can conduct business like a normal person, I don't want to be tortured, and I want my son returned. Is that clear?

Do it.

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