Tuesday, April 23, 2013

(UPDATED) Breast Milk Health Benefits

Well, I still have breast milk. It's been several years since I breastfed and I've shrunk but I still have it.

I was thinking I may as well produce vegan milk. I already want to be a gestational surrogate and some of those reasons include increased lifespan and bone density and other health benefits. So, it sounds weird, but I guess I could try it.

My reasons would not be for any odd reason, and I'm not nursing someone else's kid or doing anything bizarre...I just guess, if I can, I can, and if it's a health plus, why not? Osteoporosis runs in my family and breast milk production reduces it and increases bone density which is a huge advantage.

I still have the systemic thrush too.

I guess if Dr. Butler had given me the treatment for systemic thrush way back when, maybe the breast milk would have dried up for good. His plan...


Breastfeeding is seriously exhausting. I was really wiped out. But anyway, I guess I could increase it and do it for my own health until I have a contract for gestational surrogacy and then I think I'd have to quit for shots of hormones. Then again, I may still have an edge in the horomone category.

I think I'd pretty much just toss it unless there is a local vegan breast milk bank.

I guess I could just increase my bust size, which wouldn't be terrible, and produce for better bone density since I'm already predisposed to it. Strange but true facts.

I'm pretty sure my horomones and fertility levels are just fine.

They say women can produce breast milk later, after they quit breastfeeding, just by thinking about their own child.

I guess the bond has never been broken
The first time I ever read about, or researched, women who produced breastmilk while they were not pregnant, was in the mid-late 1990s. I had read all these books about people who adopt kids, and some of them talked about nursing the adopted kid. I wondered how in the world that was possible, that a woman who was never pregnant herself could suddenly have breastmilk and nurse.

I did my online, internet research about it sometime between 1996 and 2000. I was talking to the state about having foster kids in 1997 but it wasn't with the idea of nursing or necessarily adopting. But sometime after that, I did a bunch of research online because I was curious to know how it was even possible.

I think I was still going to PCC-Sylvania community college at the time. Maybe I used a PCC computer to look it up...or did at home...I don't remember, but it was when I was at PCC I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, I have been planning to be a gestational surrogate so I've thought about this for a few years. As for breast milk, off and on I noticed I could probably, if I wanted to. So the other day I checked, and after I did, not much but the next day and the day after that my boobs were twice the size (which isn't saying much, but hey, it's exponential for me). In the past I've noticed or checked but no increase and this time, there was, so I just figured, what the heck. I may as well get do it for my increased bone density and other health benefits.

I mean, while I am putting things in order to be a surrogate and everything. I may as well. Why double the size unless it's possible? I think that within one week, I'd have it.

Actually, this is another reason I wondered if Kate Middleton had a kid outside of England, in the U.S. Her boobs at her wedding were not usual size for her, so either she padded, she was pregnant and lost it, or she was lactacting to donate that milk to another kid somewhere else, sending it off in shipments or who knows. She was engaged 9 months before the Beckhams baby was born, then her boobs blew up, and then she was taking a trip to see the baby. Maybe she even nursed it. Who knows.

Because I had already done research on the ability of women to lactate and produce milk while they are not themselves pregnant, it came to mind, of course. It's not like anyone suggested it--it's common sense.

Why have a kid outside of England? Why not. They've always had "pretenders". One over here and one over there.

All you need is a surrogate. She might 2 of them already, before this "public" one, and William does not exactly act like the father with his stand-by. He looks like someone who is chaperoning a woman who is not even carrying his own kid. He had some kind of glow around his wedding, and it turns out, she's not pregnant...vicki is. WOT? Standing next to her with her public pregnancy, he looks like "gay guy doing his duty". So maybe it's Dabney's. Chris Dabneys. Or who knows, some other guys.

Anyway, this enlarged bust showcase for her wedding was another reason I wondered why she then wanted to be there for a birth of a baby that was 9 months after her engagement. It was like she got something nailed and then hurry to the altar and straighten out that part about "girl heirs" and everything first.

That wasn't for the public show. That was done for the private show. How many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches did I eat, and government cheese, over Kate Middleton. Like I've said--my mother was raped to put food on her table.

So where is my son? This country pulls all kinds of magic hat tricks for her, and she's not even a "citizen" but they bend over backwards to ruin my life, and don't allow me and my son to escape, determined to stamp US as "citizens". Maybe her pretender will "repatriate" Kate back the U.S.

We really needed 2 twin semi trucks from Arizona, where Lynda Carter is from, to remind us yesterday of where she comes from.

The other thing this country has done is assassinate my unborn to keep me from having more kids. Then they drugged me with Haldol, assaulted me as they held me without any court process, and injected me repeatedly and forced me to take numerous pills for over 1 week. This was done to me after I went to a fertility clinic for an appointment with a fertility specialist about surrogacy. After the U.S. held me hostage and drugged me, they did this to me again after I said to someone in Coos Bay, I was pregnant.

Well, first I was tortured when I looked into surrogacy again, in 2011. Then I was being drugged after I used a bathroom at a bank and lied to make it quick without tons of explanations and just said, "I'm pregnant" so I was allowed to use the mortage office part of the bank's bathroom. Right after that, I had unbelievable amounts of harassment and hatred. Even this one blond pharmacist at the Fred Meyer pharmacy, and another one, glared at me. I had people hating my guts when they thought I was pregnant. And then I was being fumigated at my own own.

These people were that pissed and upset with the idea of my being pregnant? Why should THEY even care? It's like someone had a running bet or wanted to be sure nothing happened to "steal the limelight" from this bitch Kate. She was possibly even having kids, through surrogates, secretly.. We don't know...but something was "threatening" about MY being pregnant?

It's looking like I have actual rights to the throne. Maybe my son does too and no one wanted me to find out until they squeezed in Kate-kids to bump him down the line. What other crazy reason would a large group of people have for being that upset over the idea of my being pregnant?

It made me look too "normal" again? I mean, what.

Anyway, I don't care. I'm not going to be lactacting bc I care what she's doing. I care about the torture of me and my son and family, and on a practical note, it is not a bad idea to do it for health reasons, considering my genetics. So I will.

I also want assistance from the UNHRC for what they say they provide assistance for! They CLAIM, at the "usane" email address, to offer assistance for displaced, stateless, or refouled persons. I want my son returned to me because his adoption is fraud.

Kate probably went to California to not just see a baby, but pick up her honeymoon check for her profits in the weed industry, that tortured my son.

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